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  1. Ulsterman

    Hanseatic Campaign

    Good question. I think there was a BDOS article on these a decade or so ago. Detlev would know.
  2. Ulsterman

    What is this medal

    The movie of the sort of (very rare) medal:
  3. Ulsterman

    Chinese Medal France 1914-1918

    Very unusual . Unkown so far.
  4. Ulsterman

    Lover's photo of Chinese people's Volunteer Army

    Arent they actors? The woman on the left looks like the star of the Red Star Women's’ Battalion film.
  5. Ulsterman


    That is awesome! the old Chinese Republican flag wasnt around long. How,how did that piece survive the Red Guards?
  6. Ulsterman

    Personal Chinese Medal of 1945

    that is awesome!
  7. Ulsterman

    Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market orderandMedal

    outstanding!! what is the address?
  8. Ulsterman

    What is this medal

    Oh. My. God! That is the holy grail of Korean medal collecting! You are the luckiest collector on the site for 2018! I would cheerfully trade twelve EK1s for that! The value of this medal has skyrocketed since “ Mr Sunshine” aired on KBS/ KBT. Also, one of Asias’ biggest films of last year was about this couples’ daughter- “The Last Princess! “ The last one I saw at auction in the USA went for $2000 and was resold in Seol six weeks later to the Blue House collection for $5000. This is one of the very few independent Korean Empire ( Joeson) medals actually awarded! Estimates are about 1000 were given out- mostly bronze. After the Japanese military intelligence coup d’tat was completed this medal was banned. It is VERY desirable in Korea now!
  9. Ulsterman

    Identification of Ethiopian Medal

    I have looked for years for information about this- including this weekend! So far- nothing!
  10. Is he not holding a police whistle in his left hand?
  11. Ulsterman

    Nassauers at Waterloo / Waterloo Medal

    The Nassau army wasn't all at Waterloo, but everyone in uniform got the medal.
  12. Ulsterman

    Hanseatic Campaign

    I think its good. The Hansa legion actually were issued these in time to wear during the 1815 campaign, where I think they served in France and Paris. It should be real silver. Also, as I recall there were about about 850-880 silver ones awarded and newspapers indicate a few more in later years to veterans. I found an interesting newsparer reference to one stolen in the post from 1848 !
  13. Ulsterman

    German participant of Waterloo 1815

  14. Ulsterman

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    There is a reference to a “ womens’ size” victory medal. Ive always wondered about that but tantalizingly, about a decade ago a group of an Ethiopian nurse complete with high end orders was sold on eBay from Sweden and it included the smaller version. But these ladies pictured in 1970, clearly got the bigger version.
  15. Well, the good news is that I believe as family you can still apply for the medal! In addition I had a neighbor receive his Grandfathers’ Ohio border service medal about 10 years ago after he applied. They had a bunch of them in the state museum warehouse.
  16. Ulsterman

    Cuba Orden Of Merito Vial

    so basically it existed for only 18 months? That’s a beautiful award. Any chance you can do an article on it for the JOMSA?
  17. I believe what you have here is a transitional uniform photo of a Jungsta member around June, 1933-1934. During the year the Stahlhelm was “ coordinated” into the SA Reserve under Roehm, with senior members being retired or shuffled into party jobs or brought back into the Reichsheer etc. so as to politically neutralize the monarchist/ nationalist ( heavily armed) paramilitary, veterans’ association. Someone with more SA knowledge than I can fill you in on the 22/240 collar tab, but there was a year long shortage of brownshirts and other NSDAP party regalia (members had to usually buy their own kit) because of the forced coordination into NSDAP party organizations and because of the more than 1 million “ Maiblumen” new party members who rushed to join the NSDAP after power was consolidated in the May, 1933 elections. What this chap is wearing is a Jungsta uniform with SA insignia.
  18. Ulsterman

    US Dept of State Special Agent's Badge 1917

    That is waaay cool. Do you know what these people did?
  19. Ulsterman

    Vernon Leroy Leonhard - died 14 years ago

    nice. where was he from?
  20. Ulsterman

    Thoughts about this pair?

    Great pair of medals and fantastic research.
  21. Ulsterman

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Oh dear God. That is a magnificent ribbon bar.
  22. Good Luck. You know, I reckon a trip or two to the Bavarian Army Museum would be time well spent. You also could do what a lot of my colleagues are doing- write a shorter, (250 pages) book with a website adjacent for additional information or expansions if topucs- a sort of hybrid. Why you could even attach it to GMIC.