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  1. Hello!I have the Option to buy this Officer Cap! Is this an Original Priod Officer Cap? or a good reproduction?
  2. Got this Pouch from an fleamarket! Can someone idendified this Pouch? Thanks for help! Maybe Medical?
  3. RIR80

    2xLegion d´Honnuer

    Yes 1 have gold center,but this decoration looks diffrent then the other one,older usw..maybe from war 1870/71!what do you think?
  4. RIR80

    2xLegion d´Honnuer

    Today i got this 2 Legion Orders from a Fleamarket!Now i need some help from the Experts! Wich Type,and Period are these Legion Orders? I hope 1 is from WW1 Period! Thanks for Help!!!!111
  5. What do You Think, how much is the Price for this Kind of bags
  6. Thanks for Information!its courios,a British WW1 Gasmaskbag find in germany
  7. Hello!My Name is Philipp,Im from Germany! I´m Interessted and collect Imperial Fieldgrey Equipment,Hats,Helmet,and uniform´s! So,this is my first tread and id like to show my newest Fleamarket find from Today, A British SBR Gasmaskbag WW1! Marked Warring&Gillow Ltd 1917 Owner of the Bag was a Major Named E.K.B. Furze! Have anyone here informations about this Major Furze! Thanks RIR80