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  1. linden16

    Medal of Honor, awarded more than once?

    Some relevant pics from the net. Now as for a double award nowadays which is extremely unlikely to ever happen "Department of Defense MANUAL NUMBER 1348.33, Volume 1 November 23, 2010 Incorporating Change 1, October 12, 2011 h. Subsequent Awards. In accordance with sections 6247, 3744, and 8744 of Reference (k), no more than one MOH may be awarded to an individual. However, for each succeeding act that would otherwise justify award of the MOH, the individual receiving the subsequent award is authorized to wear an additional MOH ribbon and/or a “V” device on the MOH suspension ribbon. i. Duplicate Awards. In accordance with sections 3754, 6256, and 8754 of Reference (k), a person awarded the MOH shall, upon written application of that person, be issued, without charge, a duplicate MOH with ribbons and appurtenances for display purposes. Note that the MOH flag is an appurtenance of the MOH. Therefore, MOH recipients are authorized, upon written application, a duplicate MOH flag for display purposes. j. Authorized Devices. “V” Device. A “V” device is worn centered on the suspension ribbon to denote each subsequent award."
  2. linden16

    Purple Heart

    There have most definitely been many tens of thousands made since WW2 take a look at a new issue medal and compare it to a WW2 era medal and the differences will be quite clear.
  3. Thanks very much you guys. I did check Ralf Ganzel's site out but I'm very particular about the medals I buy and when it comes to modern medals I only go for cased and he doesn't seem to have any cased Medals of Merit. Ebay.de I had totally forgot about and seems to be the best bet as I see several of them for sale. WAF I've only ever browsed but I may just have to join over there. Again thanks very much you guys and gals
  4. I don't mean to be a bother but I'm wondering if anyone here might be able to be of some assistance. I've been trying for a while to get a collection of Modern German medals together but have lacked the finances until recently. Now I have the money but have been so far unable to track down a cased Medal of Merit can anyone point me to where I might be able to find one for sale? Regards Will
  5. linden16

    US Medal of Honor

    Emedals has a large selection of MOH's http://www.emedals.com/collectors-gallery/world-nations/united-states/awards-for-valor-meritorious-service
  6. linden16

    unknown Chinese ? medal, please help

    Great group with a rare possibly even unique combination
  7. linden16

    U.S. Civil War Medal

    I'm not a fan personally It looks way too new
  8. I agree it is odd that the US has a medal for Arctic service and we don't. I think part of the problem is that the Government doesn't want to issue more than one service medal (SSM) for service within Canada. Personally I would love to see a Canadian Arctic service medal then one could simply add rotation bars for multiple tours.
  9. I like the numeral's Idea however the problem would be that then if you have 2 bars how do you show which bar the numerals go with? Or are you meaning replace the bars with numerals?
  10. I've personally always thought of the SSM like the old british GSM / CSM where no matter how many times you serve in the same area of operations you only get one bar. Personally I like it like that nice simple and not too cluttered. My two cents
  11. Nice little USMC tribute I like it. Also digging the ARCOM in the early plastic case you have mounted on the wall how did you manage to attach it like that?
  12. linden16

    Couple of German buttonhole ribbons

    Very nice set there I've always been a huge fan of this style of lapel pin they just look so nice