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  1. Did you ever find a replica or casting of a QVC helmet plate ? I am also searching for even an impression of the crown to make generic victorian plates in resin for a play over here in the US...cheers...Tom


    1. ayedeeyew


      Hi Tom,

      The one I currently use with my late Victorian Met kit is a cast copy by a chap in the UK called Neil Storey. He is the maker of one that Dave Wilkinson was singularly unimpressed by on a recent thread on the subject of these plates. Neils are pretty good for most purposes, but all are cast with the number H171.

      I actually acquired an original from the US only the other day. I'm thinking of looking into how difficult it would be to get a 3D scan done of it and then have (blank) plates done in 3D printer. Unfortunately that will probably take some time, and I'm in no rush to start.

      Worth pointing out that the type of crown used on this plate is generally known as the "Guelphic" crown. The standard QVC being the one with the edges bulging out further over the base (as, confusingly, used on the tunic buttons of the same period).

      Hope his has been of help.


  2. Helping somebody put together victorian era police costumes for a play, need an impression or casting of the queen victoria crown commonly used on the early met helmet plate to make resin generic black helmet plates. Antique real plates are like chickens teeth, and they are on a budget. Hoping someone has a badge with this crown in their collection and can help out. I have a month to make 4 costume helmets up.
  3. Picked up a brass Kings crown emblem, approx. 1 1/2" across, told it was worn on a uniform sleeve. Anybody have any info on it, and did there exist a QVC version also . Cheers...Tom.
  4. Ross Mather.....finally located one of these ball top fittings.......but I now found out a chrome finish version exsisted on another helmet in Great Britain......where I have yet to find out...have you ever heard or seen such a helmet ?
  5. Hi HEBBO, I have posted this picture in another thread, it is from a website called Oz badge. It is mentioned that authorized replicas were made of these in 2009, have you ever seen one of these replicas or heard of them, looking to locate one...being these "A" helmet plates are as "rare as chickens lips " :-)
  6. The red and white City of London armband mentioned earlier must be the one I have, being it was stated they were the only force to have that colour ? One question, seeing as photo reference from old is mostly black and white, does anybody know what the colours on the horizontally stripped armband of the Dublin Metropolitan Police were ?
  7. Excellent collection Sir ! And judging by the size of it I would consider you quite an expert on Australian police items. I spotted a very rare helmet plate on a website called oz badge, an early Queensland helmet plate with a Queen Victoria Crown (squared off version),it mentions there were authorised replicas made in 2009, have you ever seen or come across one ? Heres a pic of the original.....Cheers....Tom.
  8. Sorry...I goofed posting the Pic....
  9. Here's two items I picked up over the years....which at the time I had to have when i spotted them....The first, a bust of City of London pc, the second a set of figures depicting the uniforms of the New York City Police
  10. The acanthus fitting under the ball is unusual as it does not show up very often on police helmets (although in a previous post it is mentioned in an old police helmet catalog under country cork helmet), I have been searching for years for this very fitting (unsuccessfully I might add !!), and have found a version on a picture of a royal marines pith helmet.....heres a photo of the DMP/ Garda ball top fitting by itself, followed by the military acanthus fitting...they are very similar , but not the same.
  11. Is this DMP badge in your collection ? If so can you measure the height and width for me, I spotted one of these on a website in Australia...cheers