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  1. Hi team Can I get some expert opinions on this FLL43 marked coastal artillery badge with a repaired catch? Thanks in advance Jason
  2. That one has always been a favourite of mine too!
  3. Gentlemen - some time ago I posted some items relating to my family, and promised to one day photograph a butcher bayonet my paternal grandfather brought home from Palestine. Well, it has finally been unearthed.......
  4. Well, after postal delays and being sick with the flu, here is the ribbon bar I picked up and posted here a couple of weeks ago. Rick was able to identify the owner, so I'll leave that honour to him! cheers Jason
  5. Stunning!! My favourite kind of bar...colonial and Saxon!!
  6. Do you mean this one Matthew? The matching "south German" style ribbon bar came with it. Bought a loooong time ago from the Evil Rick....and vetted by the Good Rick Cheers Jas
  7. Afternoon gents, I was lucky enough to win this old style ribbon bar in Christian's last auction. This may be a long shot, but is an ID possible given the combination? Seems to me it may have belonged to a "court" type. cheers Jas
  8. Thats a great bar Poulton! Why can't I ever find stuff like this....oh that's right I live in Australia
  9. #3, EK2, Oldenburg FAK, war merit medal, hindenburg cross, red cross medal 2nd class, red cross medal 3rd class, Hungarian war medal for noncombatants
  10. #2, warrior merit medal, Hindenburg cross, war merit medal, 25 yr long service, dswa medal, red cross 3rd class, 25 yr faithful service cross
  11. #1, EK2, red cross 3rd class, Landwehr 20 long service cross
  12. Didn't really want to "taint" the thread with Prussian/3rd Reich combinations
  13. #8, Warrior Merit Medal, Hindenburg noncom, Centenary medal, 9yr LS medal, South West Africa medal for combatants - 2 battle clasps missing This one has a nice feature (which I cant show as I dont have a scan of the reverse), stitched between the backing plate and the ribbons is a padded edging made from black felt to protect the bottom of the bar and the ribbon furls from rubbing on the tunic.
  14. #6, Hindenburg for Combatants, Landwehr LS 2nd class, Centenary medal