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  1. Wolfers produced only for a state visit this type of orders ? Thank you, Sorin
  2. I'm 90% it is silver with gold insertion. It is an extraordinary piece. I can't find any markings on it. Where do I look for them? The star is 90 mm tall and 70 mm wide. Does that make it a Grand Cross? Thank you, Sorin
  3. Thank you for your fast response. I was quite afraid that it was a fake. Can you tell me more about this Villa Vicosa star (period, class)? Thank you, Sorin
  4. Hello, I'm quite new to this hobby, collecting for 1 year mostly Romanian Orders and Medals. Today I have stumbled upon what I think is a portuguese order of villa vicosa, but the maker is quite unusual, I really don't find a similar one. The makers name is Belgian jeweler G.Wolfers. The patina is there, but can you help me with more information? Thank you in advance, Sorin