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  1. All 100% attributable. They can from Rick L. collection.
  2. Paul C

    I Hate Moving!

    Good one.
  3. My friends dad served in the RN during WWII. Would his service record be available online or somewhere?
  4. Paul C

    US Marine Corp service dress jacket

    You can contact Geoff at Golden Arrow Research and he can pull the Marines service record for you for a fee. There may even be a photograph of him in the record.
  5. Start with NARA as they have some, not all, German Army officer records.
  6. Albert, I published the book after Eric's death and have an extra one for sale. Send me a message and we will work out the details. Paul
  7. Paul C

    Hoarder to Historian

    Do those shoes come in adult sizes?
  8. Paul C

    Responding to Paul C's Post

    If we regret the past we are bound to repeat it....no I go that wrong. If we forget the past we are bound to repeat it. I do have a tendency to screw things up as I get older. I do have some regrets but such is life. No one has led a perfect life. I realize that if I change one things in the past I would not be where I am at right now. I have some complaints but too few to mention and through it all I did it my way. There I go again remembering bits and pieces of other things. Anyway it is a new year on the way and with Gods help 2018 will be better then 2017.
  9. Paul C

    This Blog Could Save Your Life

    It is a beauty.