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  1. I have the 1913 and 1918 scanned and on CD if you would like to buy one. PM me if interested.
  2. Pöllman did not have it in 1914 so possibly the wrong guy.
  3. He is not listed in the Ehrenrangliste so I can't determine.
  4. In 1900 and 03 he was at the artillery depot in Fürth. His swords and crown were from WWI, October 9, 1916.
  5. Possibly Major a.D. Johann Pöllmann who had the Swedish Order od Swords 3rd class, Bayern Jubilee, and Ludwig.
  6. The 166th was an Ohio National Guard regiment. Check with the Ohio State Archives. They may have his guard service record.
  7. Good Luck to you. One word of advise. However much time you think it will take to complete the project, double it.
  8. All 100% attributable. They can from Rick L. collection.