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  1. The above is correct. Would you post the document?
  2. I have given some thought to my focus of which British Victory Medals I would like to collect. Please let me know if this is possible. I would like to collect Victory medals named to men in the Royal Navy and see if I can get a medal to at least one person who served on every battleship. A few questions: When I see a medal named to a man in the RN what are the online sources to see what ship he served on? Does this collecting focus make sense? I really appreciate all the help and advice from everyone. Last one... In the above post there is a reference to BWM. What is that?
  3. Interesting. Three more questions: If a British soldier was KIA in WWI was his family issued a named Victory Medal? Is there a online list of British WWI KIA? I have seen that award cards. Where and how are they accessed? Thanks again.
  4. I don't think he was in WWII. I am sure he had the EK1.
  5. Does anyone in the US have a Medals Yearbook from 2015 or 16 they would like to sell? I see victory medals for sale under $25. on ebay USA. Is that a good price?
  6. A likely candidate for this bar is H d.R Karl Kellner 5 PB. His awards were: BMV4XKr, BLM3J, BLD2, EK1, BrK2, HT, VAs and the Luipold Maybe someone else can confirm.
  7. Hello All. Many of you have probably seen my posts in the Imperial section. I have sold off all of my collection, but I still have the collecting itch. I am considering getting into collection British medals. I see that many of the campaign medals are reasonable prices under $200. I have two questions: 1. If I want to start collecting the campaign and victory medals what should I do first to educate myself? 2. What is a reasonable price for a WWI Victory medal? Thanks.
  8. It would have been better if the initial post about the book was in the Lounge section.
  9. That was a golden rule of Rick's - when you see a KO w/X or RAO w/X there must be a campaign medal on the bar.
  10. He is a world class A-hole and is working with a California Congressman (no surprise there) to get a law passed that would ban the buying and selling of the Purple Heart. He thinks all collectors are in it for the money. I am up on the U.S. Militaria forum and I can't tell you how many times someone found military decorations in the garbage or the family has sold the medals. There is a collectors market in the U.S. because the families no longer want the medals. Many collectors spend hours trying to research the name on the back of a Purple Heart. Most collectors I know honor, not just the medal and what is represents, but also the man who earned it.
  11. According to my sources Gen. Walter Wallenberg (1857-1945) did not have the above decorations. Additionally he was Prussian.