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  1. I was going to do an updated reprint of volume 1 but decided against it.
  2. Thanks for joining. I was recently in the same position you are having to dispose of a large collection. While I did have knowledge of the material I knew I could not sell it on my own since I really did not know prices. I suggest a reputable auction house and I used Bene Merenti telephon: (+49) 71 54 / 115 00 11 If the above document is real it is worth a significant amount of money.
  3. I really like it. It speaks of British pride.
  4. I have to stick my two cents in. I would leave it as is, but remove any dirt with a very gentle brush.
  5. Give the name of who you are looking for and what information you seek. The forum members here are very helpful.
  6. It was sold about 3 years ago at the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY.
  7. Of course if I like a Victory Medal and it was in a group I would buy the group.
  8. The above is correct. Would you post the document?
  9. I have given some thought to my focus of which British Victory Medals I would like to collect. Please let me know if this is possible. I would like to collect Victory medals named to men in the Royal Navy and see if I can get a medal to at least one person who served on every battleship. A few questions: When I see a medal named to a man in the RN what are the online sources to see what ship he served on? Does this collecting focus make sense? I really appreciate all the help and advice from everyone. Last one... In the above post there is a reference to BWM. What is that?
  10. Interesting. Three more questions: If a British soldier was KIA in WWI was his family issued a named Victory Medal? Is there a online list of British WWI KIA? I have seen that award cards. Where and how are they accessed? Thanks again.