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  1. I have Volume 1-3 of CDs which cover the WWI, China and SWA period. As well as Hessenthal and Schreiber Die Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Reiches.
  2. Thanks.  My address is Bob Schmidt     5984 Highway Y    French Village, MO    63036.   I will send the $ on Monday or so.  We are homebound with a major snow storm right now in the midwest.  I am still collecting medal bars and such.  Sincerely   Bob

  3. http://www.goldenarrowresearch.com/ highly recommend, have been using for years
  4. I have the 1913 and 1918 scanned and on CD if you would like to buy one. PM me if interested.
  5. Pöllman did not have it in 1914 so possibly the wrong guy.
  6. He is not listed in the Ehrenrangliste so I can't determine.
  7. In 1900 and 03 he was at the artillery depot in Fürth. His swords and crown were from WWI, October 9, 1916.