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  1. This Blog Could Save Your Life

    It is a beauty.
  2. Claudio, The bar is unique enough for a solid ID and if Rick did you can rest assured it is correct.
  3. Since it is most likely and EM bar there is almost zero chance of doing an ID. EMs were not listed in the ranklists or currently published award rolls.
  4. I don't know. I was given the list by someone.
  5. B. date of award F. Unit
  6. Download this. seeoffiziere_Gesamtliste.xls
  7. Who told you they have research potential? If you want to collected pieces that have been traced to the original owner you need to learn what make a piece traceable. Review many of the posts here and when someone says a piece has potential ask why. The above two are possible but not likely.
  8. If you could get an approximate date of when the PCO was awarded to the officer then a look through the Ordens Almanac should turn up some prospects.
  9. Below are a photo and a description of a tanker uniform from Research Rick's collection. I would like to get a value so I can sell it. The boots and belt are not with it. Any help is appreciated. The condition is without damage.
  10. Thanks for moving this post. Now the people who could give a value will not see it. You could have at least given me a heads up before moving it!
  11. Start by looking through the 1918 Navy Ranklist.
  12. Aisle C, Row 4, Crate 12.

    Very nice arrangement. Did you biuld all of the cabinets?
  13. Hello All, The about man was from Rutherford, NJ, USA and enlisted in the Canada Flying Corps during WWI. He transferred to the RAF and is listed in the British Book of Remembrance for WWI. Can anyone provide any additional info about him? What does P.P.C.L.I. stand for? Thanks.
  14. Yes, His name is listed on the WWI memorial in Rutherford, NJ.