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  1. Hi John, I agree with you completely as far as selling very many books to European collectors. The base price for the hardcover book is $84.95. The $44.00 difference between the $84.95 and the web store price of $128.95 is mostly the outrageous shipping cost charged by the US Postal Service from the US to Europe. The packaging costs added to the USPS postage cost is minimal. Shipping to the US is only $7.00 because the USPS offers Media Mail (book rate) within the country. We always figured International sales would be a problem. We looked into multiple shipping options and could not find anything cheaper. The base price of the Wire-O bound version is $74.95, but again the shipping costs to Europe are ridiculous. Sorry about that. Joe
  2. Hello Everyone, After two years of work, our latest book 'Third Reich Tinnie Collecting', is finally available. This is the third book in our series of "little" Third Reich collectables after "Winterhilfswerk Street/House Collections & More - A Collector's Guide', and 'Donation Badges, Pins & Pendants of the Third Reich'. The Tinnie book is 8.5 by 11 inches and has over 3,000 tinnies on 410 pages in 29 chapters sorted by organization or event. The photos of the tinnies are in color, perhaps making it the first large English language Tinnie book in color. Each Tinnie's photo is accompanied by a transcription of the text in German and the translation in English. Again, this also may be a first for a Tinnie book. Also included are values in US Dollars. The book comes in two versions, a Wire-O bound version available immediately, and a hard cover version available in about four weeks. The lengthy hard cover bookbinding process is the reason for the delayed release of that version. Please go to our web site at www.winterhilfswerk.com for details on pricing. We would like to give special thanks to those GMIC members who helped with the book by contributing photos from their collections. We could not have come up with such a successful book without your help. I've attached a few sample pages to whet your appetite. Thanks very much. The pages in the book are much clearer than shown below. :o) Joe
  3. Thanks! I won't include it in my and Chrys' new Tinnie Book. Joe
  4. This tinnie is Tieste 36-04. I'm not 100% sure if this one is real or fantasy. I'm thinking the International Olympic Committee may have frowned upon the combination of the Swastika and the Olympic Rings on an official tinnie. Could it be a non-sanctioned piece? Most tinnies with the Olympic rings don't seem to have Swastikas, though a few do. Thoughts on this one? Thanks. Joe
  5. Mondwagen parade. Joe Gau Baden Wood Spoon and Ashtray.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been sorting through my stickpins, randomly acquired over the years, usually mixed in with lots of WHWs or Tinnies. This DBV eagle stickpin has me stumped. Doing a Google search of DBV Eagle Germany gave me hits in six Organizations with DBV initials on the first page alone and none had an eagle as their symbol. It has 800 on the back. Deutsche Bauerverband - farmers Deutscher Bibliotheksverband - librarians Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein - building contractors Deutscher Burgerverein - castles Deutscher Bridge Verein - the game of Bridge Deutscher Baseball and Softball Verband - baseball & softball Anyone have any idea on this one? Thanks. Joe