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    Medal collector. Ex: Royal Naval Reserve. 2005 - present: German Red Cross (Lower Saxony)

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  1. That was a nice little brain teaser from you there @dond
  2. Didn't know this was a quiz but here we go: All the ships were involved in the Battle of Jutland as '1st Scouting Group'. With the exception of SMS Luetzow (Lützow), the other ships survived the encounter but were scuttled at Scapa Flow and later salvaged.
  3. See link: http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/germancolonialuniforms/militaria/navaluniforms.htm
  4. Not sure if Ribbon Bars and Miniature Medals were ever sactioned for the Bayerische Sport- Leistungs-Abzeichen. As the Badges are no longer awarded, I'm sure it is pretty academic. Here are a couple of examples that have been available on e-Bay Germany for a few years now:
  5. ÖSTA

    Idenification please

    5th picture shows an Austrian Police cap badge. Link here: http://www.germaniainternational.com/police3.html
  6. That is very nice Uwe. I much prefer the 'Traditional/formal' style award certificate to the 'Modern' type. Here's mine: (The Badges are shown above as 'The final version').
  7. Here are a couple more examples of the above. The mini is approx; 18x16mm. A later version.- 46x39mm. Mini: 18x16. Mini-mini: approx 12x10 The final version. Same size as above
  8. You could try sifting through this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Recipients_of_the_Gold_German_Cross I know it will be a bit time consuming. But could be worth the effort.
  9. If the the 'University of Wikipedia' is to be believed, the cross still seems to be awarded. Again according to the same source, this time in German; "In Deutschland dürfen Bundeswehrsoldaten seit 1955 das Jerusalem-Pilgerkreuz als Bandschnalle an der Uniform tragen.[2]" ( In Germany,since 1955, Bundeswehr soldiers may wear the Jerusalen Pilgrims Cross as a ribbon on uniform). The other two non-German medals on the bar are: Austrian Red Cross Service/Merit medal (silver) and the Dutch 4 Day March Medal (1st award)
  10. Nice little collection on e-bay at the moment: http://www.ebay.de/itm/BUNDESWEHR-BEHORDEN-ORDENSPANGE-SELTEN-/262664911761?hash=item3d280c7b91:g:7lIAAOSw9IpXxv1w
  11. Hi Paul,


    How's it going with your Masters?  Hope all is well.


  12. Hi, Can you post a picture of the reverse and also what is the exact size. The more info' the better!!
  13. Jock is absolutely right. Practically every week there is something to find in cardboard box outside. Simply says "Zu verschenken".
  14. Hallo Andreas, Could you please post a picture of the complete medal group. Might help with identification of the recipient. Tschüß Paul.