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  1. I would say £5000.00 at least. From what i have seen on the internet over the years. I do check daily for Guards items to buy. I would say if they went missing how much would that lot cost to buy nowadays. ? Outstanding collection just a shame its to the Coldstream Guards ! Andy Pat, could i be cheeky and ask that if you remove the items from the frame. Would it be possible for me to have some images of the items front and back. Andy
  2. I agree with Jerry on the Crown, post 1953. Andy
  3. 1970s RSM Guards

    Ha, nice one. Second to none. Andy
  4. 1970s RSM Guards

    Imagine if it was a Coldstream Guards WO1's..........it would be worth considerably less. Andy
  5. Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Ha.....cheers Simon. Andy
  6. Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Just cleaned them up. Andy
  7. Cloak/Cape Fittings

    I have to say that i do believe they are British made. The chain and hook are identical to the Cloak/Cape fittings i have of another Regiment. Thanks again for replying to this Thread. Andy
  8. Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Thank you to you both. Andy
  9. Hi, I've received these off another Forum member ( off another Forum ). I don't know what Regiment or Corps they belong too,and was wondering if anyone can help identify them. Many Thanks. Andy
  10. Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    Yes i see about the RA badges. I forgot about them. Andy
  11. Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    Grenadier Guards musicians have the cypher struck on the ball, the grenade you show is just a variant. I believe it would be hard to date to be honest. Andy Ive just realised, if that grenade has a slider ( i believe it has ) it will date from around 1903-6 onwards. Andy
  12. Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    I think you'll find that Musicians wear the Grenade with the cypher struck on the ball of the grenade and not a plain grenade. Also the grenade as a cap badge was or has been worn from about the 1830-40's. Andy
  13. Thanks service pub, that's a nice one. Andy
  14. ​Stuart, was the Pagri intended to come off the hat ? Sorry if silly question. Andy
  15. ​Thank you Stuart. Andy