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  1. I believe the reversed metals are for OR's. Andy
  2. Guardsman, Lance Corporal, Lance Sergeant, Sergeant, Colour Sergeant, Company Sergeant Major, Regimental Sergeant Major. Andy
  3. grenadierguardsman

    Coldstream Guards tunic.

    The 1st Tunic is Canadian, Governors General Foot Guards i believe. Or something like that. Andy
  4. I would say £5000.00 at least. From what i have seen on the internet over the years. I do check daily for Guards items to buy. I would say if they went missing how much would that lot cost to buy nowadays. ? Outstanding collection just a shame its to the Coldstream Guards ! Andy Pat, could i be cheeky and ask that if you remove the items from the frame. Would it be possible for me to have some images of the items front and back. Andy
  5. I agree with Jerry on the Crown, post 1953. Andy
  6. grenadierguardsman

    1970s RSM Guards

    Ha, nice one. Second to none. Andy
  7. grenadierguardsman

    1970s RSM Guards

    Imagine if it was a Coldstream Guards WO1's..........it would be worth considerably less. Andy
  8. grenadierguardsman

    Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Ha.....cheers Simon. Andy
  9. grenadierguardsman

    Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Just cleaned them up. Andy
  10. grenadierguardsman

    Cloak/Cape Fittings

    I have to say that i do believe they are British made. The chain and hook are identical to the Cloak/Cape fittings i have of another Regiment. Thanks again for replying to this Thread. Andy
  11. grenadierguardsman

    Cloak/Cape Fittings

    Thank you to you both. Andy
  12. Hi, I've received these off another Forum member ( off another Forum ). I don't know what Regiment or Corps they belong too,and was wondering if anyone can help identify them. Many Thanks. Andy
  13. grenadierguardsman

    Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    Yes i see about the RA badges. I forgot about them. Andy
  14. grenadierguardsman

    Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    Grenadier Guards musicians have the cypher struck on the ball, the grenade you show is just a variant. I believe it would be hard to date to be honest. Andy Ive just realised, if that grenade has a slider ( i believe it has ) it will date from around 1903-6 onwards. Andy
  15. grenadierguardsman

    Grenadier Guards Insignia.

    I think you'll find that Musicians wear the Grenade with the cypher struck on the ball of the grenade and not a plain grenade. Also the grenade as a cap badge was or has been worn from about the 1830-40's. Andy