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  1. Thanks service pub, that's a nice one. Andy
  2. ​Stuart, was the Pagri intended to come off the hat ? Sorry if silly question. Andy
  3. ​Thank you Stuart. Andy
  4. ​Stuart, could you tell me if the cap star is lugged or has it a slider. Would it be possible to have a close up picture of the front and rear if possible. Many thanks Andy
  5. ​Hi, would it be possible to have a copy of the top picture please. Andy
  6. Thanks Mervyn. I'll have to see if i can upload an image.
  7. Leigh, i'm new to this forum. my main interest are collecting badge's ( grenade ) to the Grenadier Guards. I am and have been now for many years trying to find out when the Grenade ( metal ) was first worn as a cap badge. I know Kipling and King say from 1898, i believe this to be wrong. The Grenade was worn during the Crimea, on the albert cap/bonnet, however this may not have been metal. There are loads of photographs out there of Grenadiers wearing the Grenade and indeed the Pagri badge. Many of these photo's predate 1898. When i can i'll start posting some photo's. Cheers Andy