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  1. What a beauty, Congrats. Thanks for sharing them with us Christophe
  2. 7 officiers died during WW1 or just after. That's all I have for the moment
  3. Hi Harry von Kirchbach received the DKiG, Spange EK1, WHDA1 Here is another combo with same ribbons but 1914-1918 aera. For information 46 saxon officers received the combo SH3, SA3bX, EK, SMK. Regards Christophe
  4. He received the SHg as Vizefeldwebel and was commisionned in 1918. He received the SA3bX in the end of the war.
  5. Hi Here is the miniature chain from Leutnant Walther Dittrich. He received both Silver and Gold St Henry medals Christophe
  6. Hi, He received the HE3X on 17 March 1917 HHO3X, 10 September 1916 HH, 14 February 1918
  7. Hi Very interesting and thanks for sharing it with us Christophe
  8. Hi Charles It seems that the adjudant sash has been stopped with the new regulation in 1915-1916. to be sure it will interesting to read the Armee Veordnungsblatt from this aera. Christophe
  9. Hi Luftmensh just for information, there is no swords on the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz. I know you know it. Christophe
  10. Hi I have seen this order too and like you I have a doubt. After reading my book, nothing have been made like this before. Like N ew wolrd said this is probably a one set medal, a prototype and never been on the market. I have not enough Bulgarian books to be sure. Even if I will be interested to buy it, I'd prefer pass on it Christophe
  11. Hi In DOA from 1909 Christophe In the Geile's book, the HHO3X is awarded on 20 October 1917 Bischoff received the Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th class with swords and crown on 28 November 1915. It is strange that the crown not appeared here on the BVO ribbon and appeared on the HHO3X ribbon. That's all I can find for the moment