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  1. Hi Chris Very nice display. Congrats Christophe
  2. Thanks for your reply. S is for Scharffenberg. your knight cross 2nd class seems to be from Scharffenberg too. Here is a photo of mine with their original box. All of m ine are from Scharffenberg congrats for your purchase Christophe
  3. Hi Very nice saxon medals. Can you tell me which hallmarks they have please. Thanks. Christophe
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks a lot for showing this nice photo. Christophe
  5. Thanks Charles, amazing collection. Congrats Christophe
  6. Hi I am impressed by the quality of your collection. Congrats. When I've begun to collect Militaria, the first book I have bought is the von Salomon's Freikorps book from 1938. At that time I'd loved to collect freecorps medals but I have never found one in militaria show. Later I have found some dealers who sold some but there is a lot of fake. So I have chosen to collect Imperial medals. Thanks for sharing your collection with us. Christophe
  7. Charles, Very nice uniform. Congrats. Is there a name inside your uniform ? Christophe
  8. Hi I've always heard that EK2 1914 was awarded more than 5 miilions time. The Voll's book is very complete and you can find it probably on amazon or directly through the DGO. About the O'Connor's book, it is true that the 2 first volumes are very rare now. I am lucky enought to have the complete collection. I remember that Pal Chepurko plans to scan those books. I have no idea about that now. Christophe
  9. Hi, In Roth's book we can find some informations about the Saxon Friedrich August medal - FAMs : 56597 till end of 1917 - FAMb : 195800 tll end of 1917 Christophe In the Voll's book, some more informations can be found - Anhalt Friedrich Kreuz am Kriegsband : 18 to 20.000 - Mecklemburg Scwherin : MVK1 : 3570 - Mecklemburg Scwherin : MVK : 74.875 Christophe
  10. Hi Roman, your cross is incredible. The box too. Congrats @Charles, nice cross you have there. Can you show us the photo of the uniform please. thanks again Christophe
  11. Hi But you can find a lot of awards in the Reichswehr Rangliste? the first wtih awards appears is from 1924. Christophe
  12. Hi, Nice cross Charles, I hope you can have it. Here I show you some of my Lippe Detmold medals. I have already shown them. Christophe
  13. Hi, This is the Order of the Crown which is the first order of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg Christophe