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  1. Hi Christer Very nice cross, thanks for sharing it with us Christophe
  2. Hi After the 15 september 1915, the order is not returned to the Order Chancellerie afther the dead of the owner. And before this date yes the order of St Henry should be returned. Officially, the Court Jeweler is Scharffenberg, but Roesner dit it too. Here is the hallmark of one of my SH3 Christophe In 1915, the Jeweller Osang made some knight cross of St Henry. Here is one more photo of the St Henry. Both are made from Scharffenberg but you can clearly see the difference.
  3. Hi Chris Very nice display. Congrats Christophe
  4. Thanks for your reply. S is for Scharffenberg. your knight cross 2nd class seems to be from Scharffenberg too. Here is a photo of mine with their original box. All of m ine are from Scharffenberg congrats for your purchase Christophe
  5. Hi Very nice saxon medals. Can you tell me which hallmarks they have please. Thanks. Christophe
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks a lot for showing this nice photo. Christophe
  7. Thanks Charles, amazing collection. Congrats Christophe
  8. Hi I am impressed by the quality of your collection. Congrats. When I've begun to collect Militaria, the first book I have bought is the von Salomon's Freikorps book from 1938. At that time I'd loved to collect freecorps medals but I have never found one in militaria show. Later I have found some dealers who sold some but there is a lot of fake. So I have chosen to collect Imperial medals. Thanks for sharing your collection with us. Christophe
  9. Charles, Very nice uniform. Congrats. Is there a name inside your uniform ? Christophe
  10. Hi I've always heard that EK2 1914 was awarded more than 5 miilions time. The Voll's book is very complete and you can find it probably on amazon or directly through the DGO. About the O'Connor's book, it is true that the 2 first volumes are very rare now. I am lucky enought to have the complete collection. I remember that Pal Chepurko plans to scan those books. I have no idea about that now. Christophe
  11. Hi, In Roth's book we can find some informations about the Saxon Friedrich August medal - FAMs : 56597 till end of 1917 - FAMb : 195800 tll end of 1917 Christophe In the Voll's book, some more informations can be found - Anhalt Friedrich Kreuz am Kriegsband : 18 to 20.000 - Mecklemburg Scwherin : MVK1 : 3570 - Mecklemburg Scwherin : MVK : 74.875 Christophe
  12. Hi Roman, your cross is incredible. The box too. Congrats @Charles, nice cross you have there. Can you show us the photo of the uniform please. thanks again Christophe
  13. Hi But you can find a lot of awards in the Reichswehr Rangliste? the first wtih awards appears is from 1924. Christophe