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  1. Thank you Ulsterman. I am very proud that I had the chance to find this medal with this document! I am for the moment wrighting a book about the westphalian honours under king Jérôme.
  2. I think it is a belgian unofficial medal of an association of "vétérans du roi Albert".
  3. It's a masonic Royal Arch medal. Best regards. JD
  4. A nice document for the knight cross of the Virtuti Militari for major Dautencourt of d'Autencourt (1er chevau-légers-lanciers de la Garde Impériale), november 26 1810, signed by Joseph Poniatowsky.
  5. I agree, Peter. Third type hallmarked with the Lictor's fasces. (Silver 1809-1819).
  6. Hi! First restauration: crown on the back central medallion Second restauration: only the lilies
  7. A full size from my collection: and a reduced size:
  8. Dear Mr. Augustin1813; 

    My name is Emilio and I am a spanish military medals for the last 25 years. 

    I have a large colection of spanish independence war (1808-1814) and can provide you some information about some of your medals.

    If you are interested fell free to contact me this way or to my mail

    Have a nice day and thank you very much. 

    Emilio Montiel   

  9. Does somebody know what kind of bestowal document was given with the westphalian order of the Crown (1809 – 1813): a letter like for the Légion d’Honneur or a diploma like the dutch “ordre de l’Union”? Where could I find a photo of such a document?
  10. Yes indeed, your website is a "good cause"!!! No problem! J. Declercq. Belgium.
  11. Of course Megan you may use my images if it's for a "good cause"...
  12. The number of the Scheltens's brevet is 1.505. Henri-Chrétien Scheltens (Brussel 1787 - Brussel 1880) served in the french army during the napoleonic wars. In 1814 he was "sergent au 2° grenadiers de la garde". He entered then the dutch army and fought at Waterloo. In 1829, captain in the king's guard. He leaves the dutch service in 1830 and come back to Belgium where he becames "colonel commandant de la place d'Ostende" (1846). Retired in 1848. He was knight (1814) and officer (1847) of the Légion d'Honneur, knignt (1816) of the Netherlands MWO, knight (1833) and officer (1856) of the belgian Leopold's Order, knight of the spanish order of Villaviciosa; St-Helena's medal (1857) and Dutch Cross 1813-1815 (1865). Colonel Scheltens lefts interesting " Souvenirs d’un grognard belge. Les mémoires du Colonel Scheltens". In the first frame, it is the medal of the "Frères d'armes" of Mons. In the second one, it is a medal of an association of Brussel.
  13. Colonel Scheltens's brevets: A brevet with the medal and a medal of the "Association des Frères d'Armes de Mons": Association des Frères d'Armes de Bruxelles: