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    Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg Waterloo Medal

    Hello! This medal was issued on october 28 1816 to commemorate the campaigns of 1814 and 1815; the name Waterloo Medal is improper and only used by english dealers and collectors.
  2. Thank you very much, Peter. This helps me.
  3. Hello! I'm loocking for all informations about Isabel Constance Vesey, Voluntary Aid Organisation, officer of the Order of the British Empire (1 january 1920), commandant in Empress Eugenie's Hospital for officers in Farnborough during WW1. Thanks. Augustin1813.
  4. Hi Jaybo, All surviving récipients of the 1813, 1814 and 1815 campaign medals for combattants and not-combattants were eligible for this medall. They had to show the award document for the campaign medal to claim this 1863 commemorative medal. Approximately 60.000 were given. [Dietmar Raksch: Preussen Verleihungsurkunden und Besitzzeugnisse 1793 - 1972.]
  5. Jaybo, No difference between the medals issued to officers and other ranks. They are in bronze. Those for civilian are in black cast iron and those for the ladies of the Order of Louise, in sparkling steel. The colours of the ribbons are also différents.
  6. augustin1813

    belgian Order of Leopold l

    Hello! Are you sure it is bronze gilt? This modell is habitually in gold.
  7. augustin1813

    Order of the Crown of Westphalia.


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    Knight cross 2d class by Biennais.


  8. augustin1813

    Légion d'honneur

    There are lilies on the crown, so "Restauration".
  9. augustin1813

    Légion d'honneur

    In the 19th century, due to frequent political changes, the centers were replaced according with the new statuts. So one can find stars "1st Empire" with centers "Restauration" or "Monarchie de Juillet", stars "Restauration" with centers "Monarchie de Juillet" or "2d Empire", and so on... All combinations are possible.
  10. augustin1813

    Légion d'honneur

    Hello! Crown and star: Restauration. Centers: Monarchie de Juillet. Have a nice day. Augustin1813.
  11. Hello! Who can find for me the recipient of the St George Cross for Prussians (Kulm) n° 2476? This cross can be seen here: http://gen.declercq.free.fr/phaleristique/new pages/RUSSIE.htm Many thanks.
  12. augustin1813

    Iron Crown. First Empire.

    Created by Napoleon as King of Italy (1805). Knight. Second type. Another one:
  13. augustin1813

    Iron Crown. First Empire.

    Legion of Honor and Iron Crown, half size:
  14. augustin1813

    Iron Crown. First Empire.

  15. augustin1813

    Iron Crown. First Empire.

    The "Ordre de Remplacement": Commander:
  16. augustin1813

    Iron Crown. First Empire.

    So it it beter!
  17. Thank you Ulsterman. I am very proud that I had the chance to find this medal with this document! I am for the moment wrighting a book about the westphalian honours under king Jérôme.
  18. I think it is a belgian unofficial medal of an association of "vétérans du roi Albert".
  19. augustin1813

    Masonic medal

    It's a masonic Royal Arch medal. Best regards. JD
  20. A nice document for the knight cross of the Virtuti Militari for major Dautencourt of d'Autencourt (1er chevau-légers-lanciers de la Garde Impériale), november 26 1810, signed by Joseph Poniatowsky.
  21. augustin1813

    1st Empire Legion D`Honneur

    I agree, Peter. Third type hallmarked with the Lictor's fasces. (Silver 1809-1819).
  22. augustin1813

    The Phaleristic Collection

    Hi! First restauration: crown on the back central medallion Second restauration: only the lilies