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  1. perhaps I have the chance to purchase a H ritterkreuz with swords + case + outer carton. this last hard worn and not in the best condition but is there at least. which would be a honest price for the set??
  2. General der Infanterie Friedrich Mieth Born: 04.06.1888 in Eberswalde / Kreis Oberbarnim / Mark Brandenburg. Killed in Action: 02.09.1944 in Hussj near Jassy (Carpathians), Romania. DKiG + RK + EL
  3. hello want to show a bar in my collection for a long time ago. it's a rare one as it features ribbons for DANZIGER KREUZ 2.KLASSE and DIENSTAUSZEICHNUNG der NSDAP in bronze. My guess is that belonged to a young member of the nazi party in Danzig (possibly an SS) after that, WWII combatant.
  4. I've read something about this award and seems a very rare to find one. I've found one medal bar for sale including this award. I compared with some originals I found out there and IMO it's a fake. let me know your thoughts. best close up I got ...
  5. back is not hollow. to mee, details are not so good as others originals compared. also, main problem is the metal remaining between the eagle and the motto ring. sold at ebay for more than 700 euros
  6. hi there! as told previously I'm new in imperial collecting. reading a lot all around to learn as it seems to be a faked field as TR items are. looking around for a PLM award. I'm not interested in the more expensives ones, mainly because I can't afford them. but I read about 30's made replacement awards. they seem affordable to me but I'm aware of the large amount of copies. where can I get info about these last? what do you think about this one?? https://www.weitze.net/militaria/03/Preussen_Orden_Pour_le_M_eacute_rite__296303.html
  7. yes. I agree concerning weitze. I understand by you reply that weitze's one is a fake. not even a copy from the 30's for everyday use ... does these private purchase awards from the 30's exist??

    • FOR SALE

    For sale this amazing W-SS artillerie tunic from a StuG DKiG holder of the artillery regiment, Das Reich división. This tunic features very rare feldgrau collar and is tailor made from late war cloth. The tunic itself shows light use. Just one moth hole on runic patch. All insignia matches in condition and are FIRMLY and ORIGINAL WARTIME PLACED. This is a gem for the serious Waffen-SS or StuG collector. The tunic has a nice story behind. Owner’s tag is present, but as you can see, unfortunately, name has been cut-off. The date of issue of the tunic, the awards earned at that date, the red waffenfarbe and the number on the shoulder boards, everything points to a well known officer. But I had no evidence of his ownership. Finally, I was lucky and met the former owner (collector) who got, along preliminary and formal DKiG documents, this tunic and the StuG wrap. This last with owner’s tag in full. I didn’t know him. I purchased the tunic from another picker/collector years ago. He CONFIRMED my thoughts. This tunic belonged to SS-Obersturmführer RUDOLF GARSCHA. The tunic is GUARANTEE 100% late 1944 made and unaltered. Full refund less shipping if you’re not happy with. NO DISCUSSIONS. JUST SEND IT BACK in same exact condition ... But you won’t do it, for sure Price is 16500 euros including worldwide express registered delivery via UPS or the fastest postal service available. Layaway program available. We'll agree a down payment and a comfortable time frame to pay. I'm willing let some discount if you pay in full. Bank transfer and Paypal accepted (fees on your side). Extra pics available via email. Serious enquiries ONLY, please. creudeferro@yahoo.es


  9. IMHO is an original ribbon bar. but, following richard's thoughts about device's originality, perhaps its device was broken or lost and a previous collector added this one ...
  10. Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 Order of Hohenzollern, Knight's Cross with Swords Albert Order, Officer's Cross with Swords Friedrich Cross Hindenburg Cross for Combatants Order of the Crown, 4th Class Wilhelm I Centenary Medal 1797-1897 Military Long Service Cross for Twenty-Five Years Order of the White Elephant, 5th Class it seems a very nice one with an unusual (for a german officer) siam award .... I like what I see. but, do you think it's a good one? may somebody identify its owner?
  11. not yet, claudius. I hope will be soon. thanks for info, Komtur. good job.
  12. thank you for posting. as you say a good start. seems that some imperial awards have a large variety of classes and types. will have a lot of fun studying them.
  13. hello. I started recently to post in this forum as I think this is a good place to get info about imperial awards. I'm new in this collecting field. I have a doubt with the ribbon of this order. sometimes I see it with a gray-blue ribbon and others with a black&white (EK style) ribbon. surely this matter has been explained/discussed here but I can't find a thread where I may get clear of this. surely some of you can let all the info. also would like to know which device was placed on a ribbon bar. I mean, single swords, crown+swords for combatants? plain ribbon for non combatants??? advanced thanks for your cooperation.
  14. hello. I'm new in the forum. lately getting a lot of interest on both or mixed WWI-WWII german ribbon bars. at this moment I'm studying the imperial awards. enclosed come some ribbons I can't identify. can you help me?? regards josep the last one of this bar ....