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  1. Hello, thank you very much, I´m Wehrmacht collector not SS, any idea where I could offer those type of tunics? all the best
  2. Hello and happy easter , very fresh attic found, manufractured in Belgium with owners Name and tailor tag, can someone guess the worth ? thanks and cheers
  3. Hello, on the handle is engraved A&SH ( Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) and the number 4910, the knife is made by Josph Allen & Son Sheffield, thats all what I can say about it! thanks for the reply!! Slainte
  4. from the 1950´s silver pleated, with blade markings ! Argyll & Sutherland Officers / Pipemajors Regimental Dirk.
  5. Hello, many thanks! This is a scots guard regimental pipers dirk, still in service! Price, new 600 GBP I´m scottish military collector & bagpiper :-) all the best
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