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  1. Hi, This looks like a nice, genuinely worn Gold grade to me - a nice addition to any collection. Regards Mike
  2. Mike K

    First or second class?

    The cross on the right is definitely 2nd Class. You can just make out the ribbon loop. I'm not sure about the medals - ?Baden? Regards Mike
  3. I can't figure out how to reply in the new classifieds section, but the Braunschweig KVK1 imo needs to be discussed; http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/classifieds/item/9-braunnscweig-war-service-cross-1st-class/ Regards Mike
  4. I can only agree with Glenn, a very nice example indeed. Regards Mike
  5. Hi Vic, Sorry, but for me this is a cast repro (as evidenced by the pock-marking, strange raised lumps on the lower reverse and weak maker mark) with incorrect hardware. Imo more likely 1980s. Regards Mike
  6. Mike K

    Strange clamshell.....

    I have the same hardware on an Imperial Black WB that I am not overly fond of (I put it in my suspect category). I believe the screwdisk and badge belong together though. As such, Micha, I think the black painted screwdsik does not belong on this cross. Regards Mike
  7. Mike K

    EK1 1914, maker?

    Imo a generic "slant W" core used my many makers. Imo the main pin is not by Meybauer. An honest worn cross but imo the maker will remain unknown - unless someone does a serious frame beading study. Regards Mike
  8. Well that's pretty interesting! A maker mark I don't recall hearing about before let alone seeing - thanks for sharing! Is the maker definite or only speculative based on the letters? How does an Austrian maker work in with the Zimmermann relationship though? I can't make out the first letter. Is it definitely a H and could an alternate maker be a Wagner variation? Regards Mike
  9. Mike K

    EK1 1914 - good or bad?

    An exceptionally nice original. Regards, Mike
  10. Mike K

    EK 1 1914

    Yes, definitely a fake - this marking is a fantasy. Regards Mike
  11. I agree. It's the brooch style that's the main indicator of period. Regards Mike
  12. Mike K

    US Captains bars

    Very nice Chris, from two highly sought after makers, thanks for sharing! Regards Mike
  13. My example is one-piece. It's also only vaulted around the vertical axis (ie, only 2-way vault, not the typical 4-way vault). Nice to know there's more that one of this type! Regards Mike
  14. Mike K

    Who the hell.......

    The frames look like a total mismatch. I'd suggest, without seeing some edge shots, a put-together from original components. Regards Mike
  15. Hi, Based on the not so great pics, I tend to agree. The reverse looks soft and there appears to be a strange feature on the reverse lower starburst arm (as pictured, reverse left if oriented normally). The rivets and hinge/pin don't look right, nor does the glitzy gold finish on the reverse. Better pics may tell a different story though. Regards Mike