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  1. Congratulations on the excellent work done and the detailed information and photographic evidence included in this new book on the Ottoman orders of Medjidie and Osmanie. I feel that soon the book will turn "collectable" itself! Nikos
  2. laskaris1254

    US NAVY pre WW1 and WW1 medal group

    Many thanks Claudius for your response! As proposed, I'll try to get a ribbon for the New York medal and keep enjoying this unique group! I add two photos of the inscriptions on the back of the clasps...
  3. Hi, Although a Greek medals and decorations collector, I recently acquired a group of US Navy medals attributed to the same person (obviously an American of Greek origin!). The medals are: Good conduct medal (with Nebraska, Nevada and Navy Yard N.Y. clasps), Mexican service medal, WW1 victory medal with Grand Fleet clasp and State of New York WW1 medal. All medals are numbered and named. I would be happy to have your comments on this group i.e manufacturers, varieties and an estimation on their market value. How would be possible to get more information for the person decorated by the US Navy records? Thanks, Nikos More photos...