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  1. I have this silver badge. Is it original or fake? Thanks! I am very sorry, but all photos here, in the first line - https://reibert.info/threads/serebrjanoe-ranenie-na-podlinnost.1032135/ - so big to upload here
  2. wow! WOW! nice collection! what do you mean "upgrade your insurance"? i am not very good in this idiom.
  3. may be, may be you are right, paul! as i saw russian offers in internet (ukraine, russia) it were from 100 USD sometimes to 200 and more EURO for 2nd class and 300 and more EURO for 1st class Ostvolks. is it ok?
  4. 100 USD!? USD? are you sure? this item is 250 euro now on sale from very reliable seller. i am very surprised.
  5. Thank you, Robin! And what will be approximate cost for it, you think?
  6. Ostvölker - Tapferkeitsauszeichnung 2. Klasse in Gold, mit Schwerten. No marks. Please, help me to identify: original or fake? cost? Thanks, Georgiy
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