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  1. Hi I am writing this from the reading room at TNA where, amongst other things, today i have been trying to find out what crime one of my ancestors committed. He was found guilty at a court martial. His army record says it was a Garrison Court Martial in May 1828. I have been looking all day in various records relating to courts martial but have not found him. He was sentenced to 12 days imprisonment and most of the records i have been seeing are for deportation (or worse!) with a lot getting 500 or 600 lashes, 6 months imprisonment. This makes me think that i am probably looking at the wrong records and there was a separate court for, what i presume is a a lesser offence. I have looked at the regiment pay rolls and these confirm that the date is correct as he was not paid for those 12 days. Any suggestions on where to look next? thanks Dave