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  1. Though it has been a while since you posted your thread I just discovered it. I wouldn't buy into he idea that the RAF wings have some long and winded story. They are most likely incorrect to the uniform. Secondly the ribbons are pretty much completely wrong. He's not on the SA roll for the 1935 Jubilee medal nor the 1937 Coronation medal. If he received the Africa Service Medal he would have had to have been awarded the War Medal. He's also not on any South African roll for WWII for an MBE, OBE or CBE and there isn't anyone with this name for WWII in the Air Force for any decoration (book Honour the Air Force). Search his name in the London Gazette and you'll probably not find anything. You could request His service card, but without a service number it could be a long shot and a lot of effort for nothing. The number in the uniform, 1033, would have been used for a man serviing with the 1st Natal Mounted Rifles, not the SAAF. Perhaps it is the same. I guess it's worth a check. That being said, I have a set of medals to a enlisted man who was in North Africa with the Tank Corps who later served as a Pilot in Italy. So it's technically possible, it's just the ribbons and wings are not authentic to the uniform. Uniforms are very tricky and unless they are coming from a VERY reliable source I'd be very suspect. Sorry to be the bearer of such news. Jeff PS: Nothing on Ancestry, The National Archives (UK) or nothing that seems to be relevant in the London Gazette from 1920-1980