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  1. HasanRJ

    Pakistan ranks ID required thakyou .

    My apologies for not giving you guys some context. Unfortunately, I don't have much to give you. This is the serial number on my grandfather's Tamgha-e-Jang medals of 1965 and 1971(non-operational service). He was in the 602 EME Workshop of the Pakistan Army. The workshop at the time, apart from military vehicles, maintained the vehicles of the presidential convoy. I think he was part of the security detail of the compound.
  2. HasanRJ

    Pakistan ranks ID required thakyou .

    NT/5489 . Any idea what the NT means?
  3. HasanRJ

    Pakistan Army Service Medals

    Hey guys. Are service medals e.g. 10-year and 20-year ones, awarded to non-combatant or civilian personnel of the Pakistan Army?
  4. HasanRJ


    He did indeed. After partition of British India, he was served in the Pakistan Army till 1974. Could you please elaborate what you are saying.
  5. HasanRJ


    Person on Right: That can't be because he was born in 1927. The badge (under the ribbon bar) seems to be a crown on the top with two swords cutting across and in the center are two rifles cutting across. I've tried finding it but no luck as of yet. Person on Left: I honestly have no idea. Though, the insignia on his right shoulder seems to be of a private(newbie's observation).
  6. HasanRJ


    Hey guys. I need some help with this picture. I posted the same picture some time back(but of lower quality), which was of no help. What I Know: The man on the right is my grandfather. He enlisted in the British Indian Army in (late 1944?). He served in Rangoon(Burma) and may have been near the front lines. He survived the war. What I Want to Know: - Information about the coat of arms, shoulder marks and ribbon bar. Also his regiment and rank. - Other areas he may have served in. - Any other relevant info. I'll be forever grateful if any one can help me know more about my grandfather. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hi my grandfather served in the British Indian Army in Burma. He lived in Allahabad and from there volunteered to fight. Im trying to find out his unit. Can anyone tell me the name of the unit by looking at the badge......He's the one on the right. I know that the pic isnt very clear(sorry about that).........from what i could understand by looking at it under a magnyfing glass is that...there is a crown on top and two swords cut across...any ideas...it would mean a lot to me if anyone can help me out