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  1. Cheers Brian. Got its a family treasure after I googled the order. It's just the lodge medal I'm finding intriguing as I cant find any info on it. Might have to drop the grand lodge an e mail and see if I can find something out. Like I said we were all oblivious of him being a brother
  2. Hi all. First time poster but I'm baffled about one of my dad's raob medels. For starters I never realised he was in the order till after he died and I was sorting through his stuff. He has the Primo medal which I assume means he was 2nd tier. The one i'm baffled with is the Arabian (K) nights lodge 9546. Google turns up plenty on the former but nothing on the later. I'm going to assume it's a saudi lodge but any info would be greatly appreciated. I dont think its worth anything but do I need to get it valued for insurance. Many thanks for any info on this secret side of my dad. I have his membership papers and his primo passing paper as well as the club rule books. All in perfect condition which is amazing as they are from the early 70's Miles