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  1. $3-6k USD. You may lose some value off the high end because all of it needs to be restored, however As it is named, so it could add value off the mid-end
  2. Truely wonder. You are blessed to have all of that
  3. There were a series of APB's awarded mainly to the 24th WSS Kartsjager Division. I dont have my book in front of me, but the numbers were really low. 8x Gold (and special variations), and a couple thousand in Silver and Bronze. Most APB's that you find now are fakes. If you find an authentic one you are looking between $2500 USD and up. I will never trash another man's treasure, but just from the picture that I see, having a Gold CCC (very rare) is something that I question, especially with that patina (looks too new). You really need to look at the liner, cuff title, and other things. There is a specific stitch patter to the cuff titles, but a big indicator that doesn't take long to establish is hitting it with a black light. If the white glows it is a repro. Hope this helps brother.
  4. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks again for your reply, but check this link out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_French_Foreign_Legion
  5. beautiful uniform. Is this something that you put together or is there a story behind it?
  6. Every has some great groups but I am always partial to the Badeners
  7. What document do you want and what for.
  8. Looks like like 3D US Army, WWI Era
  9. M-1 Carbine. I just don't know what manufacturer. Another interesting fact, is that the Brits and Aussies also used M-1 Carbines in Korea I believe. An of course I love this picture...
  10. This is true, however, Campaign and Service Medals will always have a small Bronze Service Star Device (ie: National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals) no matter what service. As for Joint Awards, like the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Commendation Medal, etc, will always use a Oakleaf Cluter no matter what service. This is one of the nicest Vietnam Era Ribbons bars that I have seen. Only thing missing from it is on the last Ribbon (1960 Streamer). This is normally the case, however, this is definitely a clerical error. It would rate a Bronze Service Star, however, if you would build or aquire a ribbon bar with his exact awards, I would put a OLC as his records states.
  11. I have not posted all of my stuff, but believe me, I won't do much now. Also, as I do with my guns/firearms, my collection room will be off limits besides only to a trusted few when they come over and doors shut and locks lock when maintenance people come over.
  12. This almost makes you want to not show your friends your collection. I hope you get it all back some day.
  13. I am thinking it is a M-1 Carbine Mag. Are there any markings on it? Check this link out. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/3-pk-15-rd-m1-carbine-magazines?a=556322
  14. Use Pecards leather dressing. Use light coats and rub with finger in small areas. After each coat let sit for 24 hours. After it starts getting glossy let it sit for a week or so and let the leather suck all of it up. Boom it's done. Do not add polish or anything else. i just did this to a pair of mine. I was even able to save the original laces using this method. Also take a tooth brush with the pecards and get in the creases of the boots. Also do the inside of the boots. Finally put pecards in the soles to stop the hobnails from continuing to rust. Trust me this works and is the best method!!!