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  1. The L/11 wound Badge is good; have one myself. Check each of the medals and rings all over for some type of mark (to be sure) and black light the ribbons for extra assurance, however, as previously said, they all look good; check the East Front Medal
  2. A friend of mine has this in a his family records. It is a postcard. Could someone translate it? Thank you.
  3. Yesterday, I was looking in some local antique shops and found what I believe to be a Aerial Reconnaissance Camera. It has everything but the lens and carrying case, however, it is in immaculate condition. I know that it is manufactured by Fairchild due to a identification plate, however, no other identification markings. Even the leveling bubbles worked. It weighs about 40 pounds. the only other identification was a SN plate on the inside of 840 M. It came with some extras in a bag (see photo) and there is a date written on a plate of 25 June 1944. If any of you could let me know what it is and the value, it would be appreciated. The only thing that I found similar to what it could be is a Fairchild Model K-17. Thanks
  4. ostprussenmann_new

    WSS Medical Document_WSS-Funschutze Abteilung Brunn

    Time Left: 17 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Very Rare Medical Document for a WSS Rottenfuhrer from the WSS-Funkschutze Abteilung Brunn Unit. These units guarded the WSS HQ Radio Stations and wore White waffenfarbe like WSS-Infantry and WSS-Panzer Grenadiers. The entire medical file consists of: 1) Cover Letter of File 2) a half meter long EKG 3) Doctor's notes and medical administered. *note: The soldier was admitted due to respiratory issues. If you like medical history and the WSS, this is a wonderful document. I will ship international and CONUS and will except paypal only for international; Locations in the US I will except USPS Money Order. If you do not want to pay the extra 4% that paypal charges me on top of the asking price, gift option is available. Shipping is determined by you and buyer pays for it (we can discuss via PM)


  5. Time Left: 2 days and 15 hours

    • WANTED

    Looking for some straight WWII Croatian ribbonbars and Combination WWII German Heer or WSS and Croatian Ribbon bars Can only do Paypal international transfers- can pay in Euros or GBP or USD. Will do Money Order or PayPal for US offers.


  6. Thank you; I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on this.
  7. I definitely agree. I have seen some Luftwaffe Engineers (Black Waffenfarbe) with Fallschirmjagers, but never Red. Great input.
  8. It is coming around, however, you have put NCO tresse on the collar lapels. Look at the photo I previously added. The officer braid is a twisted cord. Your cufftitle needs to be on the other sleve. Depending on the impression for your ribbon bar, you still have a WWI fledspangen; it would look more accurate with a WWI/WWII combo bar, or straight WWII bar.
  9. can anyone identify this general’s signature? please help!
  10. ostprussenmann_new

    US Marine Corp service dress jacket

    Nice Uniform
  11. Brad, another fine tunic to the collection. Btw I finally posted to your Heer forum.
  12. Here is another one named grouping to Pionier Hauptmann d.R with DKiG. Also has a NSDAP Golden Party Badge.
  13. Not Heer, but here is one of my most prized tunics... WSS Gebirgs-Pionier Nord Division in the rank of Scharfuhrer.
  14. Brad, thanks for starting this thread. My first one is from the same battalion as my late great uncle. M36 Oberfeldwebel Pionier BN Nr 22, 22d Luftlande Division. The only not original to the tunic is the breast eagle which I believe was added postwar. It was sewn through the liner and is definitely a midwar Eagle, however being the only ever tunic I have seen from this particular battalion I bought it anyways. These pics are all coming off my phone. I will post some more soon.