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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for posting.
  2. Bringing History to life...

    Thank you Sir. I have one other of my Grandpa and his cousin, but completely understand if you can't. The two that I sent you of my relatives will be awesome to share with my family.
  3. Bringing History to life...

    If I️ sent you two photos could your program do it?
  4. Huck, thanks for the help. I have a buddy in DC who may be able to help with the NARA. Yes my scans do not show full detail, but Josef is wearing a Panzer wrapper, but it seems to be grey. Not black, so I was guessing Either Assault gunner or Panzerjager. PJ may make more since because the piping (waffenfarbe) on his shoulder boards in the death photo look lighter than period photos of Artillery guys that I have seen in the past. Either way, this is a fun project.
  5. I am looking for Waffen SS casualty lists for Enlisted Soldiers for either 1st LAH, 2nd DF, or 12 HJ Panzer Divisions in 1945 (these are my best guess on units from photos). Yes I know this is a big request, however, I think that I can help narrow it down if you just stay with me. So recently, after spending last weekend with my extended family looking at photos, I was given a death card and a photo of my great grandmother's sister's kid. I am just trying to find out anymore information. Information that I know: Name: Joseph Becker Born: 28 March 1924 Died: 29 July 1945 Photo (i know these are hard to tell, but the Death Card looks like Josef has Slip-on LAH cyphers, however, they could also be Der Fuhrer. These are the best scans that I could get) Dort is mein Bruder Josef (there is my brother Joseph) It's very hard to read the rest but I think it says something about meeting in Bonn near the Rhein River on 12 January 1945. possibly when he was home on leave? Death Card Ich habe keinen anderen Wunsch mehr, als dass ihr fur mich betet I have no other desire, than that you all pray for me (either this is from a scripture, or a request from the mother. Monika?) zum frommen Andenken an den Gefreiter Josef Becker In pious remembrance of the Corporal Joseph Becker (the first part is hard to translate directly, but sort of like "in loving memory of") Born on 28 March 1924 Died on 29 July 1945 an den folgen einer schweren Schuss-verletzung im Lazarett zu Schaerding am Inn As a result of a serious gunshot injury in the Hospital at Schaerding am Inn (Shaerding am Inn is a small town in Austria about 10km south of Passau Bavaria. The Inn river is the boundary between Austria and Bavaria, and Schaerding sits on the Austrian side of the river, hence the name "on the river Inn" in the title). Am 2 August 1945 wurde er auf dem Friedhof in Schaerding beigesetzt On 2 August 1945 he was buried at the cemetery in Schaerding If anyone could help with narrowing down unit, date of enlistement, awards, action of death, etc., it would be appreciated. Die schwergepruefte Mutter und die trauernden Geschwister bitten um ein Gebet fuer ihren lieben Toten The grieving mother and the mourning siblings ask for a prayer for their dear deceased Herr, gib ihm die ewige Ruhe Lord, give him eternal rest Thanks in advanced.

    • FOR SALE

    15 document grouping for a Sergeant from Baden Life Grenadier Regiment Nr. 109. Alfred Lutterbach. Has award documents for EKII and Baden Silver Verdienst Medal shows promotions from Unteroffizier to Sergeant during awarding of medals, and post-War documents with Nazi stamps. It also comes with his ribbon bar and I got this direct from the family. Price is negotiable. I take PayPal either a gift or you pay an extra 4% for PayPal fees and you cover shipping if you want anything else but standard service (i.e.: air, next day, etc. I will use UPS, FedEx, or UPS.). Shipping is paid for by Buyer. PM me for specifics


  7. I honestly don't even get this post? He is asking on every forum out there. what I am going to do, walk around the MAX with a sign saying I have named ribbon groups for sale for the random person who has been asking on every forum out there? Then see if he walks up to me?
  8. Well your first bar looks like a Prussian Red Eagle order with Crown, Prussian Crown Order, Long Service Medal, ?, Kaiser Centennial Medal. In the first bar first picture also has a EkII. More to follow later

    If it was anything higher than a BSM it would be easier to research. One thing you might try is to look up the name on "find a grave". It is not likely the man is living. Most of the vets are in their 90s
  10. Beautiful display. Very nice
  11. Oh interesting story. I wish I could be there and find some stuff.
  12. Was there a body or anything found. If not, maybe Einecke buried the stuff himself. Either way It is such an amazing find.