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  1. Here is another one named grouping to Pionier Hauptmann d.R with DKiG. Also has a NSDAP Golden Party Badge.
  2. Not Heer, but here is one of my most prized tunics... WSS Gebirgs-Pionier Nord Division in the rank of Scharfuhrer.
  3. Brad, thanks for starting this thread. My first one is from the same battalion as my late great uncle. M36 Oberfeldwebel Pionier BN Nr 22, 22d Luftlande Division. The only not original to the tunic is the breast eagle which I believe was added postwar. It was sewn through the liner and is definitely a midwar Eagle, however being the only ever tunic I have seen from this particular battalion I bought it anyways. These pics are all coming off my phone. I will post some more soon.
  4. You need to get the officer’s braid for the collar. You would have had better luck making an NCO or EM out of him, but if you do that you would need the waffenfarbe trim. Your breast eagle is an enlisted one, not officer one either. Did you see it through the liner because that is not correct? Did you blacklight and burn test the buttonhole EK ribbon? It looks a little crisp and new; may be postwar added. I am not an expert with Luftwaffe stuff, but I would suggest that you get some reference books on the subject. Look at these pictures. You are going all wrong with your impression. Look up the website therupturedduck.
  5. Searching for tank metal figurines

    Ebay or amazon. Look up forces of valor or dragon
  6. Yes I am not disagreeing with you just responding to a question
  7. Fabricating uniforms. I personally know someone who used to do the work for him. For example, taking a plain tunic, then adding badge loops, and throwing a fancy cufftitle on it to pull in more of a profit. In the Third Reich area adding GD and Feldhernhalle cufftitle s and calling them original. Nothing special tunic pulling in $1000 USD to adding loops and cufftitle increasing value to $3500 USD. Get the point? I will never buy anything from him. A few years ago I bought a 40’s made copy for $900 USD. He is way overpriced.
  8. My advice is to not settle. Get a piece that u can look at for years and be proud of then something you will get rid of. Also, buy books or check the forums on how to identify the award you are searching for. Also, to clarify there is a difference between a replica and Wearer’s Copy and original issued piece (so good ones on emedals). Finally my last advice is to start with some more common things or focus on an area like a specific province of awards. Most common thing to get smart on were EK’s. Coming from personal experience you will save a lot of heartache if you research your interests before just buying. BTW, Weitze is known for splitting groups, fabricating things, and having high prices. Best of luck.
  9. Well I am wondering since this is the first edition of the book and it’s serialized (#26) as well as it being autographed by the author; was a deal Skorzeny did in 1969. (Btw sorry if these pics are sideways but that is how they uploaded from my phone)
  10. Hello, I recently inherited a volume of books in a will from a avid WSS collector and one of the books was a prized signature for Otto Skorzeny in a 1st Edition Book. I was wondering what the community’s expertise has to say about it? I was also wondering if authenticated, what the standing value is? See attached. The original signature is in “blue ink.” thanks
  11. Very nice photos; what would be a great follow on thread would be all of the collectors on here who actually own a number cover. I have not seen need many of them out there in collections.
  12. Brad, first off I read my posting and realized I had some spelling errors; must have been fat fingers while using my phone to post. Second I have not found a thread on Heer/WSS Pioniers so go ahead and start one one and we can both post. I am still trying to find me my dream Heer Pionier tunic from Pionier Battalion Nr. 22, which a relative served in.
  13. I really like this one. I love the EK sponges. Wonder what this guy in WWI? Surprising no wound Badge. I don’t do Luftwaffe, but my favorite type of tunic that I collect are Heer Engineers. Is there a thread started on GMIC for that?
  14. Love the Jäger stuff and AlpineKorps stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  15. SS DAGGERS !

    Yeah I have seen you on there.