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  1. I have this pin since years. Found it today in my parts box. I still didn't know what it is. Just a town crest? Or something military or civilian related?
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Hello all, Today I got this Eisernes Kreuz from an nice old lady. I know her since years and got an nice Simson made Bajonett from her. Today she gave me her father's EK1 and singer EK2 Ribbon. I don't know anything about this EK1 typ. Looks like a Single Piece one - but maybe someone made a new paint job. I would be happy for some comments on this EK.
  4. Thank you very much guys. All in a it's a nice bar and the first of that kind for my collection
  5. Hello all. I assume that this a ribbon bar of a French ww2 veteran. Croix de guerre 1939 and the Médaille des blessés de guerre Is this a legit one? It's for a small display and I want to be shure to show a correct one.
  6. Thanks Andreas. Yeah sometimes I'm to euphoric. I realy like this bar and find it very special. So it's a navy bar?
  7. Hello Guy's, I'm back from a small ribbon bar haul. Got this pretty nice 8 Placer! Fltr: EK2 / Kriegshilfsdienst / Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen / Kronenorden (?) / Dienstauszeichnung XXV (?) / Kolonial Denkmünze / China Denkmünze / Centenarmedaille Is there any chance to identify the owner? Or maybe anyone can tell the story about this bar?
  8. Lucky me... got an other nice single ribbon for my Anschluss medal. This time without mini device. Hope that I have enough luck to find a nice Etui to...
  9. Welcome aboard Pete. We would be happy to see some of your stuff! Stefan
  10. Got this German Italian Campaign Medal. It's the first one I found. Payed 30€ for it. It's a Type II medal. I'm happy that the medal still have the original ribbon.
  11. Hey guys. Got those two medals yesterday. I think they are commemorative medals. I put this one on a empty ribbon bar.
  12. Want to show a rare CIB here. It's an early german occupation made pin back CIB which uses german hardware. I would be happy if you show your german made CIB'S as well.
  13. Thank you very much Chris Stefan
  14. Today I will show you my Grandpa's Close Combat Clasp in Silver. It's not a spectacular one but it's my Grandpa's - and of course priceless Often I was told that this one is a bronze CCC - but the silverish finish is still visible on the front. Hope you like it as I do.
  15. Haha yes it was real beginners luck. I sold the other two Victory Medals for 30€. So technically I got this one for 10€.