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  1. French Mini medal bar

    thats scary. Thanks for the informations. Was my first time that I saw a bar like this. Maybe that's why I took it
  2. looks really nice! try to get a ribbon bar with two long service awards but no ww1 awards.
  3. Hello all, fund those portrait Photos. Na best guess is Hermann Göring Division. Kragenspiegel look white with dark piping. I hope that's right and my eyes don't play a trick on me.
  4. Hello all, I just want to sell this framed photo of the Admiral Graf Spee. It has a original Widmung from Ober Bootsmannsmaat Karl Schenk - he was a pow in Montevideo. His signature is from Christmas 1938 what do you think about this and what could be a good price for it?
  5. wow very nice Sets guys! I just have this small Ribbon on my pre 1936 volunteer firemans Musician tunic. Kriegsverdienstkreuz ohne Schwerter / Hinterbliebenen Kreuz / Feuerwehr Ehrenzeichen
  6. Hello Gerard, I would definitely change the ribbon bar. Since your man already has the Iron Cross 1939 2nd class he can't have the Iron Cross 1914 2nd class.
  7. Hello all, A friend of me found this Flag in his Grandpas belongings. He know that his Grandpa was in the Scouts / Pfadfinder. But we looking for any info about this Flag.
  8. my new baby I hope it's ok to bring this topic back
  9. Hello all, I have this piece since long time. but I never figured out what it realy is - looks like a civilian "Reservisten Pfeife" any other ideas?
  10. Hello all. I found a Long Service Medal and compared it to an other LS Medal. They are not just different size they also has a slightly different design. Are those maker differences? I can't believe that something like that was ok at the time. Note the the size difference (ca. 3mm) and the letters here the IX and the rim
  11. My first Weimar Medal Bar

    thank you very much guys! The bar came with a couple other medals (long service etc) . got the whole set for 76€ but i sold the rest for 40€. Just kept the Bar and a aditional ribbon for the Kriegsehrenkreuz. here the ribbon. looks like this piece was the issued ribbon.
  12. Hello all. Today i got this nice Medal bar. Payed 35€ for it. Kriegsehrenkreuz mit Schwertern und Dienstauszeichnung