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  1. Thanks, The ribbons look very small. Maybe for a miniature medal or could he have worn the full size medal as well?
  2. Thank you very much. Here is the photo. Looks like he was very proud of his Ford Modell AA (?). Never saw a civilian one with a Notek light.
  3. Reverse Pic. Maybe of interest it's the simple DRGM marked one
  4. I found this neat single medal bar. Looks like it is for the Hohenzollern Denkmünze 1848.
  5. Uffz. Rohleder

    Large framed Picture - British?

    Thanks. The link about those blockhouses are very interesting. Never heard or seen them before.
  6. Found another example online. But... You know... I can't say anything about the price
  7. Uffz. Rohleder

    Large framed Picture - British?

    Thanks all! Next time I should take a look at the reverse. There you can read "De Wet's breakthrough through the blockhouse line" Was there a particular battle? I added a few more pics for you. Again thank you very much guys
  8. Hello all, First - sorry if this is the wrong section to post this picture. I found it during a house cleaning. It is originally framed. It looks like the soldiers are wearing British helmets. Of course I can be totally wrong here. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this one. It's a big picture and it's definitely older. Again if those are not British I am sorry. Best Stefan
  9. Hello all, I found a picture of Hermann. I saw a similar one online as well. Are those just 3rd Reich merchandise or are this Luftwaffe related?
  10. Hello all, Im looking for informations about this pin. I know that the pin is from the WWK Witwen und Weisenkasse. Since the Insurance company is still existing - although with a changed logo - is there a chance to estimate the age of that pin? A police star with black enamel on top blue background enamel. Very decent construction.
  11. Uffz. Rohleder

    Legion of merit for Korea

    Nice one. I really like the design on that medal. Also those LoM's are way to underrated. Very nice one thanks for showing
  12. Hello all, this Tinnie was the very first I ever got. I got it at my 8th birthday from my old neighbor. He know a was a huge VW Beetle fan. The pin was already broken off as I got it. If the pin were not broken of I might have worn it in school. Recently I heard that those badge are heavily faked. What do you think about this one?
  13. Hello all, I recently gut a Marine (Kaiserliche and Kriegsmarine) lot from a family. This pin was between some personal stuff. It reminds me of Deutscher Marine Bund but this one has no letters. Maybe one of you can help me identify this one
  14. Hello all, Here a red cross pin with Personalausweis.