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  1. Hello all, Today I got my first finish medal. It's a present for my dad. Is it a good one? Is it hard to find the ribbon? Was 30€ ok for it? I know I know to many questions but single my dad has cancer I'm happy about any piece I found for him. Have a nice one Stefan
  2. Hello all, I saw this badge recently and I wonder if it is a good one? I know the pics aren't the best but the details on the front are promising. anyway I never saw a real one in real life maybe someone can enlighten me.
  3. Weimar time medal bars

    A two placer and my one and only with a Weimar Award
  4. Hello all, this shooting medal is the only one I ever kept in my Collection. It's a very interesting one since it's awarded in San Francisco. Hope you like it as well as I do. Stefan
  5. Hello all, its the first time i saw a golden Crown with swords on this bulgarian Ribbon. but it's a nice little bling on that bar.
  6. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

  7. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    central Germany thats a very close Call. it fits from the size and the rivets. Even the small attached metal plate is visible. 10,5cm Leichtgeschütz 42
  8. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    here a (bad) drawing of what the shield looks like unbendet. I tried to draw all the rivets / rivetholes I found the red lines are where the shield is ripped off.
  9. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    Thanks Bayern, but it's more like a gun plate from an at gun or an artillery. We found an untouched battlefield / gun position. Looks like the position was heavy shelled. Found even parts of an halftrack. You don't have to dig because everything scattered around
  10. Hello all, today i found this heavy armor plate. It got a hit and was teared apart. It has a distinct pattern like the shield of the german LeIG 18. but it isnt. I saw such a shield before but I can't remember were
  11. its a gothic "S" Could be Gebirgstruppenschule 112
  12. Hello guys, who can tell me the meaning of the "S"
  13. Single piece EK

    Hi Stormrider. thats what early happend to this One to. I just jumped in an tooked it for low money.
  14. EK 2 1914 - Maker "G"

    Nice set Graf. The EK1 is a real Beauty