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  1. Uffz. Rohleder

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Army vs Navy wide Wolf Brown Occupation made British made
  2. That's true. And it looks like the Chiffre was missing since long time I would go with Reichswehr story. I have a photo of my great great uncle Otto with this IOD. If you want I can post ist when I'm back home
  3. Thank you very much guys. Yeah looks like but I wonder why he choose silver instead of gold for the medal. We will never known
  4. Hello all, Here my great great grandpa's single 1870/71 medal with bars. I don't know why his medal is silver colored but it is indeed the combatant medal. Even with the rim engraving
  5. My only medal bar with an Bavarian award. Shame on me
  6. Thank you very much guys. How hard would it be to find such a piece?
  7. Hello all, This is an Infanterie Offiziers Degen from my Family. At some point in history someone took of a emblem frome the handle (I hope it's the right word) Does anyone know know what's missing there?
  8. Vernon Leroy Leonhard *1 Oct 1923 +16 Aug 2004 Fort Bliss National Cemetery El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, USA NTC Great Lakes, Ill. – Naval Training Center Great Lakes Illinois (Boot Camp) NAS Pensacola, Fla. – Naval Air Station Pensacola CASU 6 – Carrier Service Unit 6 CASU 4 0 – Carrier Service Unit 40 AROU Navy 140 – Aviation and Repair Overhaul Unit 140 CAC Navy 140 – Combat Air Crew 140 HEDRON 14-1, FAW14 – Headquarters Squadron 14-1, Fleet Air Wing 14 VF-11 – Attack/Fighter Squadron 14 CVG-11 – Carrier Air Group 11 STAFF FAW-4 – Staff Headquarter Squadron 4 USS BAIROKO CVE 115 – Commencement Bay Class Escort Carrier 115
  9. Uffz. Rohleder

    Tsar Nicholas I. Medal

    Thank you very much
  10. That's really cool because I was born in Blankenburg and I know Family Schrader from Rübeland. Small world
  11. Sorry for bringing back this old topic. But since I saw those sacrace mounted War merit medals i hoped I would ever find one of these to. And here is the one I found. The owner was a ww1 veteran and later Truck driver who delivered supplies for the Westwall. Later he got the War merit medal to. He died before the war was over as his civilian truck was straffed by ground attack planes. I also have a photo of him and his Truck. REST IN PEACE
  12. Hello all, I think it's time for me to part with this Besitz Zeugnis for the Schützenschnur. It's a very nice looking one. Awarded to an Oberfeldwebel of the Bomben Schützen Schule Bug. I have this nice piece since nearly 18 years in my collection. I think I never shared it before. So here it comes.
  13. So far I don't see any red flags here. If the price is right I would grab it.
  14. Thanks Nicolas. Also nice crown and swords on the bar in your profile photo
  15. Hello all, The company of Friedrich Allihn produced small Aluminium Model Planes during the period of the 3rd Reich and before. I have a Klemm L25. I would love to see others as well. My Klemm is slightly damaged as you can see that the Propeller is missing.