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  1. Found this one today. To bad it's missing the ribbon bar.
  2. Navy Cap Badge - early?

    Thank you very much Gordon.
  3. Hello all. Got this cab badge from an ex member of Z1. (D 170) His widdow told me he was in the Bundesmarine from 1958 till 1961. But the son was also in the Bundesmarine. So she didn't know if this cap badge belongs to her husband or her son. Maybe you guys can enlighten me. It's pretty heavy and gilded. Much higher quality than when I was in. Maker mark looks like AR in an oval
  4. Thanks guys! Found some buttons and small parts. But so far nothing more.
  5. Got some nice Ribbon bars today. Hope you like them to. No.1 a 11 placer No. 2 a 7 Placer. I always have a bad feelings on those. Also the EK ribbon is a bit loose. What do you think. No. 3 a 5 placer No. 4 last but not least another 5 placer
  6. German Made Combat Infanteryman's Badge

    @Stormrider59 That's a very good point. I looked since long time for the maker of those CIB's. The Weidmann hinge looks realy the same.
  7. Thanks Wild Card. In his old years he has cancer. So I just will made him happy. And for my wife it's also ok. - since she always look on the financial part -
  8. French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Oh boy.... is there any cure?
  9. French Croix de Guerre WWI

    My - so far - one and only Croix de guerre. It's the 1940-1918 version with one star. I needed one for an exhibition in an Lokal museum. I gave them - just for this exhibition- the Croix de guerre and the ww1 battle damaged untouched Adrian Helmet. But... now... I have a big problem... I... probably was bitten by the Croix de Guerre bug to. They are cheap, good looking and they look good next to my ww1 iron crosses. Ok ok here is the photo. Croix de Guerre with the Adrian Helmet. You can see the shrapnel dents on the helmet. He had much luck - not a single one break thru even when the metal is cracked.
  10. Hey all. Found this in my garden. Is it what I think it is?
  11. My newest addition. A nice lady's bow. I gave it my dad as a present.
  12. Thanks Andreas, it's always good to hear it from other persons. Do you think he was retired from the army / navy during ww1 and got his Kreuz für Kriegshilfsdienst as Civilian? I just try to understand this ribbon bar a little.
  13. Thanks Heiko. Sorry for my late reply. No those aren't holes for clasps. The bar had a bad home before. ----------------------------------------------------- After a little research I found some ncos and officers with similar bars (more or less medals). Could the second ribbon - we identifyed it as War aid cross - maybe a crown order with Geneva cross? Those special order had the same ribbon as the war aid cross. Just find the war aid cross a little misplaced with all those colonial and pre war stuff.
  14. I have this pin since years. Found it today in my parts box. I still didn't know what it is. Just a town crest? Or something military or civilian related?