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  1. Just stumbled over this topic. I have a couple things from Herman Lohbeck - got it from his nice as I remember correctly. Anyway here is a photo of him in his SA uniform. And with a nicer ribbon bar.
  2. Here my - so far - one and only mini medals from the pre Hindenburgkreuz period
  3. Vielen Dank! Finaly i got a nice 3 piece eisernes Kreuz. Now it looks much better!
  4. I found this nice little bar a couple months ago. Now I'm searching for a matching ribbon bar. Hope you like it as well. Stefan
  5. Saw this one to. But it doesn't look good to me. The seller has also some curious ribbon bars marked as "100% original"
  6. Got my first button hole minis. To bad someone swapped the EK2 against this Kriegshilfsdienstkreuz. If someone has a mini Ek2.... you know... Christmas is not to far away
  7. That's the medal I'm talking about. I ask because the seller called me that he found the Verdienstkreuz. He also showed me a period photo of his grandfather - with a 3 place medal bar. Showing a dark Verdienstkreuz, iron cross and a silverish round medal on the last place. The ribbon on the photo appeared as the same as on the bar above. Beamtenband - iron cross - and the last was dark with light edges.
  8. Couldn't be the red / green ribbon the Golden Wedding Medal? It has the same ribbon and was awarded in 1918
  9. I dont know why i didnt post this litte beauty here - but here it comes. My all time favorit in my collection It comes right from a old lady - she was for long time my neighbor - till she died. This bar was her mothers. Sorrry for the bad pics - just had my mobile phone.
  10. Thank you very much guys. It looks like there were eagles on the ribbons. Thats why im though those were Wehrmachts Dienstauszeichnungen. Its a shame that the bar was stripped - i realy dont understand those guys
  11. Hello all, Im looking for some help. I try to restore this medal bar. 1: Eisernes Kreuz 2: MVK am Beamtenband (which class?) 3: Hindenburg Kreuz 4: Jubiläumsmedalle für die Armee 1905 5: Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung (which one?) 6: Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung (which one?)
  12. Wow thank you Tony . I tried the site to but wasn't able to make a research due connection problems.
  13. Thanks again Paul. Now I will make a display for James. Is there any chance to find out the date of him becoming PoW? Would his 1914-15 Star and the war medal also engraved? Is it possible to buy unnamed medals as filler ?
  14. No I tried to add two more photos but my phone crashed .