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    Tsar Nicholas I. Medal

    Hello all, Today I got this medal. It's my first Tsarist medal ever. So I'm quite excited. But I'm curious what the award conditions are and if there is any chance of a matching ribbon. The yellow spots are play dough. Looks like some kids used the medal as stamp of some kind
  2. Uffz. Rohleder

    Tsar Nicholas I. Medal

    Thank you very much
  3. That's really cool because I was born in Blankenburg and I know Family Schrader from Rübeland. Small world
  4. Sorry for bringing back this old topic. But since I saw those sacrace mounted War merit medals i hoped I would ever find one of these to. And here is the one I found. The owner was a ww1 veteran and later Truck driver who delivered supplies for the Westwall. Later he got the War merit medal to. He died before the war was over as his civilian truck was straffed by ground attack planes. I also have a photo of him and his Truck. REST IN PEACE
  5. Hello all, I think it's time for me to part with this Besitz Zeugnis for the Schützenschnur. It's a very nice looking one. Awarded to an Oberfeldwebel of the Bomben Schützen Schule Bug. I have this nice piece since nearly 18 years in my collection. I think I never shared it before. So here it comes.
  6. So far I don't see any red flags here. If the price is right I would grab it.
  7. Hello all, its the first time i saw a golden Crown with swords on this bulgarian Ribbon. but it's a nice little bling on that bar.
  8. Thanks Nicolas. Also nice crown and swords on the bar in your profile photo
  9. Hello all, The company of Friedrich Allihn produced small Aluminium Model Planes during the period of the 3rd Reich and before. I have a Klemm L25. I would love to see others as well. My Klemm is slightly damaged as you can see that the Propeller is missing.
  10. Hello all, got this nice piece yesterday. It was cheap so I grabbed it. It's a very stunning piece of history. A lot of color is still on it. hope you like it as well as I do
  11. Hello all, I also got this strange one a couple days ago. Its the same size as an regular EK. but what did I have here?
  12. Thanks Monster. I like the Merit Medal they are not that common when mounted on a bar
  13. Just a Trucker... This guy was a truck driver and a ww1 veteran. as far as i know he made some surplus diverys to the Westwall as civilian worker and got the Westwall medal. Later the War Merit medal.
  14. Hello all, Today I got my first finish medal. It's a present for my dad. Is it a good one? Is it hard to find the ribbon? Was 30€ ok for it? I know I know to many questions but single my dad has cancer I'm happy about any piece I found for him. Have a nice one Stefan
  15. Hello all, I saw this badge recently and I wonder if it is a good one? I know the pics aren't the best but the details on the front are promising. anyway I never saw a real one in real life maybe someone can enlighten me.
  16. Finally... Finally after all those years I got a Anschluss ribbon with mini. Ok it's not a pretty good strike - it seems to be double striked. But hey I'm happy with it. It doesn't looks like someone messed around with it. The device is super tight. And best of all - it looks super cool with my cased Anschluss medal.
  17. Uffz. Rohleder

    Weimar time medal bars

    A two placer and my one and only with a Weimar Award
  18. Hello all, this shooting medal is the only one I ever kept in my Collection. It's a very interesting one since it's awarded in San Francisco. Hope you like it as well as I do. Stefan
  19. Hello all, today i found this heavy armor plate. It got a hit and was teared apart. It has a distinct pattern like the shield of the german LeIG 18. but it isnt. I saw such a shield before but I can't remember were
  20. Uffz. Rohleder

    Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

  21. Uffz. Rohleder

    Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    central Germany thats a very close Call. it fits from the size and the rivets. Even the small attached metal plate is visible. 10,5cm Leichtgeschütz 42
  22. Uffz. Rohleder

    Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    here a (bad) drawing of what the shield looks like unbendet. I tried to draw all the rivets / rivetholes I found the red lines are where the shield is ripped off.
  23. Uffz. Rohleder

    Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    Thanks Bayern, but it's more like a gun plate from an at gun or an artillery. We found an untouched battlefield / gun position. Looks like the position was heavy shelled. Found even parts of an halftrack. You don't have to dig because everything scattered around
  24. Hello guys, who can tell me the meaning of the "S"