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  1. Hello all. Today i got this nice Medal bar. Payed 35€ for it. Kriegsehrenkreuz mit Schwertern und Dienstauszeichnung
  2. Single piece EK

    Hallo all. got this nice EK today. It's a single piece one. It's has pretty sharp details. I have a good feeling with this one. but I never had one like this before. I would be very happy to hear some suggestions on this one.
  3. Hello all, here a nice SA Belt Buckle made by Overhoff & Cie Hope you like it as i do Greetings Stefan
  4. Venezuela - Cross of the Army

    thank you very much. Those informations a very very good. Today I took the cross. The Gold test was positive and it's the heaviest miniature medal I ever had. Otherwise it's pretty dirty - but you can rub It of with a finger. Here a uncleaned photo.
  5. Hello im looking for any informations about this award. But it seems kinda hard to find any informations about this medal. It was established in 1952 Maybe someone can enlighten me.
  6. Venezuela - Cross of the Army

    Thank you very much! i was offered a Miniature Cross made if 18k gold with red enamel. But I didn't know for what those crosses awarded for. I think if the price is right I will take it. If so I will post some pictures.
  7. New Ribbon Bar - looking for a medal

    Today arrived this small ribbon bar Order of the sacred treasure / Showa enthronement commemorative medal I would love to make a small display but I don't have a showa enthronement medal. Anyone knows dealers in Germany? Also what to pay for an medal without case?
  8. My newest one. I can't make out a maker mark since the cross is tightly sewn on. It hasa very nice chocolate like finish.
  9. Hey All, today i find my first Feuerwehr Ehrenzeichen. Its in a nice worn shape with original ribbon. hope you like it.
  10. Time for some new bars my friends. hope you will join this. This Hindenburg Cross are maybe nothing special. But I bet the wearer was very proud. I also like the tailors work - he even sewn the sword handles. The cross itself has a very nice chocolate finish
  11. nice medal bars guys! here is my small contribution. Got it a few days ago. looks like someone put lacquer on the medals.
  12. A Friend of me has this Medal bar. I'm not sure if I should grab this bar. All three medals are named to Dvr. E. Walker A.S.C. T-31999 another photo
  13. Unknown MG Badge - Spanish?

    Hello all. I found this MG badge. Saw a similar (different machine gun) one related to the Spanish civil war. But no informations - nothing. I would be very happy if someone could identify this badge.
  14. Unknown MG Badge - Spanish?

    Thank you very much.
  15. thank you very much. look like thats what they are for.
  16. Hello all, found in my "button box" those two buttons. For what are they used for?
  17. I have this pin since years. Found it today in my parts box. I still didn't know what it is. Just a town crest? Or something military or civilian related?
  18. A Buttonhole from Godet. With non combatant EK , Kriegshilfsdienst Cross and Bavarian King Ludwig Cross