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  1. A single Centenary Medal And a small 2 piece Baltic Cross I find it's rather hard to find those mini Baltic crosses - but maybe it's just me
  2. Hello all, got those Kriegsmarine Insignias. Maschinenwaffenschütze and a handsewn Funkmaat
  3. Thank you Paul. So far I have 7 badges. 1 Bootsmanns Laufbahn blue on white 1 Flak Maschinenwaffen Schütze Mannschaft Red on black 1 Flak Maschinenwaffen Schütze Unteroffizier Red on black 1 Unterpersonal des Stabes handstiched on black 1 Funkmaat handstiched on black 1 Funkmaat metal 1 Bootsmannsmaat on black If you want I can made a few pictures
  4. Hello all, I just want to show my small Deutscher Flottenverein collection so far. I would love to see some other pins / medals / insignia of this club. The German Navy League was formed in 1898 and existed till 1934. In 1919 the Flottenverein was renamed in Deutscher SeeVerein. Here an early badge Here the membership pin with Etui And a small medal. The medal is bigger than the membership bade.
  5. Hello all, today I found this Order of Labor Glory. But I doesn't know anything about Soviet Orders. (that's bad) Is it Original? Is it traceable? Is it a common award?
  6. Hello all, fund those portrait Photos. Na best guess is Hermann Göring Division. Kragenspiegel look white with dark piping. I hope that's right and my eyes don't play a trick on me.
  7. Hello all, I found this one interesting - maybe nothing special - but my first Sailor with a Kreta Cuff title
  8. Hello all. I just want to ask if this badge is a real one. It's pretty heavy.
  9. Hello all, Are the small enamel pin made in Germany? The pin style looks like it's occupation made.
  10. Hello all, Im looking for informations about this pin. I know that the pin is from the WWK Witwen und Weisenkasse. Since the Insurance company is still existing - although with a changed logo - is there a chance to estimate the age of that pin? A police star with black enamel on top blue background enamel. Very decent construction.
  11. Hello all, Grabbed this set today. The patch looks like 8th Armored Brigade. It's just printed on. 4 ribbons and 3 badges come with it. The small pin and the dogtag made a nice finish. I don't know if everything belongs together but it's quite hard to find something like that here.
  12. Just got one to. Looks like the early small version. With mini
  13. Really? I didn't know that. I try to find such an catalog. Thanks
  14. Hello all, I found a picture of Hermann. I saw a similar one online as well. Are those just 3rd Reich merchandise or are this Luftwaffe related?
  15. Hello all, Got this nice photo today. He's heavy armed. Maybe someone can identify his uniform.
  16. My newest Baltic cross. A nice 2 piece mini Looks like those mini Baltic crosses are rather hard to find.
  17. Hello all, Fond those Tinnies today. They were pinned on a small black white and red flag. They were in a bed condition but after cleaning they look much better now. Before cleaning After cleaning
  18. Hello all, Today I found this medal on a lokal fleamarked. Payed 3€ for it. But I can't find any informations about it. Maybe someone can help me here.
  19. Uffz. Rohleder

    Italian Medal - Roma 1933

    Thank you very much Paul
  20. Hello all, Finally I found a 1815 medal. I was looking for one since 20 years. I got that one for 13€. It's kinda hard to make a good photo since the medal is covered with a dark patina. Im so happy still can't believe it
  21. Got this beauty right from the family. The 1870/71 is a replacement since the medal is thin / no rim engraving and has an overall bad look. But it's an old piece and probably replaced by the vet himself
  22. Hard to tell. Looks like it's direktly printed on the wood.
  23. I found this neat single medal bar. Looks like it is for the Hohenzollern Denkmünze 1848.