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  1. Hello all, I got this nice EK2. It's marked with "We"
  2. Uffz. Rohleder

    Please for proper German and English name

    It's the Ehrenkreuz 2.Klasse des Preußischen Landes-Kriegerverbandes / Cross of Honor 2nd class of the Prussian Landes-Kriegerverband On wrong ribbon
  3. Hello all, I got a nice photo. It's showing a wehrmacht Heer officer who was a former ww1 pilot. Can someone maybe ID him? His decorations are: Iron Cross 2nd class / Hamburg Hanseatic Cross / Brunswick MVK 2nd class / Mecklenburg MVK 2nd class / FEK / Hungarian WW1 Medal Iron Cross 1st class / Mecklenburg MVK 1st class / Pilot Badge
  4. Thank you so much for your fantastic research. It's nice to put a name to this photograph
  5. Hello all, Got this nice photo of a young Leutnant. His name was Willi (Wilhelm?) Heldt. Can someone tell me in which unit he was in? Greetings Stefan
  6. Uffz. Rohleder

    Unknown ribbon

    Could it be the Westwall ribbon?
  7. Uffz. Rohleder


    I know your feelings very well. I got bitten by that bug to. From pearl harbor to torpedo bomber rear gunner on an air craft carrier... All are researched.
  8. I don't know why but it's my first one. After all those years of cleaning out houses it's the first time I found this nice little fellow.
  9. It's always hard. Are the photos glued on? If it's sometimes hard to take them out. But I think in this case or other similar cases it's ok. I have done it before with a Don kossac reiterregiment album.
  10. The Pegasus shield with the bomb belongs to the 449th bomb group usaf. https://449th.com/books-about-449th/
  11. Wow very nice 😍 Thanks for showing them 🤩
  12. Uffz. Rohleder

    EK2 1914 - maker We?

    Thanks Alex. I didn't had one of those "We" crosses so it's ok
  13. Uffz. Rohleder

    EK2 1914 - maker We?

    After a closer look it looks more like "We"
  14. Uffz. Rohleder

    EK2 1914 - maker We?

  15. Hello all, I didn't found many 57er Stick pins around here. I would love to see some - looks like the quality of those are very good. Here my only one so far. Came together with his big old brother, ww2 photos and ww2 paperwork of the Sailor. Got it direct from the family.
  16. Uffz. Rohleder

    EKII Wiederholungsspange

    And another - a 9mm Spange I tryed with a magnifying glass
  17. Hello all, I have this eagle since long time. Does anybody know if those insignia were produced before 1938 or after 1951? It's the large badge not the small collar type.
  18. Uffz. Rohleder

    Deutscher Schützenbund - Badges

    I know that's why I asked 😁 OK thank you.
  19. Hello all, Fond those Tinnies today. They were pinned on a small black white and red flag. They were in a bed condition but after cleaning they look much better now. Before cleaning After cleaning
  20. Yes I coated them with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Dids this also with Zinc dog tags since years and I don't have any new corroded spots
  21. Uffz. Rohleder

    An absolute Missing Link...

    I have a Besitz Zeugnis dated 15. November 1916 the document was issued "im Felde". So I don't think that every unit was aware of the official order - or they ignored it. Sorry for the bad quality it's already dark here and the light isn't very helpful
  22. Uffz. Rohleder

    Miniature furniture

    That's quite impressing! That's what I call real craftsmanship! Wow Outstanding piece.
  23. Hello all, years ago I got this skull. It was part of a larger ww1 related group.