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  1. Thank you Peter! It looks like both are repro. At least the lot was very cheap and I bought it really for the other patches.
  2. I bought this pair recently on ebay in a lot of other patches. What's your opinion on them? Real, reproduction? The look worn and removed from an uniform. Thank you.
  3. boonicootza

    North Korean Awards

    I just purchased this award document. Probably awarded to a Romanian. What is it exactly? Thanks
  4. I would like your opinon on this Italian "S" pilot wing (Brevetto da pilota della Regia Aeronautica con specializzazione alta quota). The "S" wing was awarded to Italian Pilots flying experimental flights in the stratosphere. I can't find much information on this rare badge. Thanks!
  5. Sa traiesti, colega! Te urmaresc de vreo 3 ani pe transylvanian forum, iti port un deosebit respect, si nu pot numara de cate mii de ori te-am invidiat ca un copil pentru colectiile tale, sau de cate ori mi-am imaginat ca putem vorbi live.:) Probabil voi reusi intr-o zi. Respect, UnkleTitus

  6. boonicootza

    JNA unit flags

    Thank you Emanuel. If anybody has other pictures of these flags in use please post them. Adrian
  7. boonicootza

    JNA unit flags

    I found the picture on the internet. As far as I know on one side the inscription is in Cyrillic, on the other side the flag has the same inscription, but in Latin. I believe that the unit is inscribed on the streamer that is attached to the flag, but I don't know this for sure. I could only found two pictures of unit flags in use. I think some JNA flags should be at the Belgrade Military Museum, but so far no luck in finding a picture, so, if you have some, please post it here.
  8. boonicootza

    JNA unit flags

    Hello, I'm interested in seeing some pictures of Yugoslav Military unit flags. If you have some, please share.
  9. His MV Order in the Military Museum
  10. boonicootza

    Romanian Military Academy Badge

    That's very interesting photo, I didn't noticed the badge until you mentioned it. It's the badge for the Nicolae Filipescu Military High school which was probably the most prestigious inter-war military high school. It's strange that he was wearing the badge with the Royal crown in the early 60's.
  11. boonicootza

    United Nations Police

    I have a few UN items but only one Civpol patch. CIVPOL Sarajevo
  12. boonicootza

    Romanian Meritorious Referee RPR

    The text reads Arbitru Emerit. Arbitru means referee.
  13. boonicootza

    Arab patches, need help

    Algeria has an "Ecole Militaire d'Education Physique et Sportive" but I can't find a picture of their badge. Looks like most of the patches are from Algeria. Thank you!! :cheers: