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  1. It was solid gold ikom or just 1st class ikom ???
  2. You can find this store on ebay with another name "emonlaib"
  3. Absolutely a rare piece. Very nice variant with rare pin.
  4. Medalja e trimerise ne foto eshte prodhim Prawema dhe nuk i korespondon vitit 1952. Duhet ta kishe vendosur model me te vjeter, prodhim Ikom Zagreb. Te pershendes.
  5. I received today from an Israel seller. Bought it for 90$. As you see it is in mint new condition. Order of Skanderbeg 2 class 1945 Ikom Zagreb 950 solid silver Was a gift from my wife Enjoy.
  6. I collect Albania militaria. Your item is not from Albania. Also know the seller personally. It is just a holster. Regards. I am Albanian. Albanian communist officer uniforms and their accessories are very very rare to find this days. And if you see something on eBay now in this moment, you will see only some soldier accessories of 70'-80' that are easy to find.
  7. Yes. It is the first version of bravery medal. It is made in Goznak, Soviet Union. Regards That medal has 6 versions. Goznak Ikom 1 Ikom 2 Prawema 1 Prawema 2 Prawema 3 (without star after 1991) This is mine. Enjoy.
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