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  1. general uniform

    Thanks anyway, but what you said was very elucidator. Thank you again!
  2. general uniform

    Thank you for the information. But, in this condicions, how much it costs this uniform?
  3. general uniform

    HELLO,WHAT MODEL IS THIS UNIFORM? HE IS REAL OR FAKE? WHE HAS A STICKER OF A JAPANESE MANUFACTURER THAT ME SEEMS STRANGE, HOW TO EXPLAIN? LINKS FOR IMAGES http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/farda-general-americano-217201-MLB20300473679_052015-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/farda-general-americano-127201-MLB20300473345_052015-F.webp?square=false
  4. General gear

    Unfortunately , I can not get a better picture because the uniform is not in my hands at the moment.
  5. General gear

    what do you think?
  6. General gear

    Hello guys, what do you think about this uniform? i need information about it. It has an inscription in Japanese and one date of 31 may 1949. farda-general-americano-127201-MLB20300473345_052015-F (1).webp farda-general-americano-957201-MLB20300473257_052015-F.webp farda-general-americano-217201-MLB20300473679_052015-F.webp
  7. Hello guys, im need help. whats about this eki version 1957? fake or real?
  8. hello, i am a brazilian collector and i need help. This ww1 iron cross is real or fake?