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  1. Rick64

    Voznesensky Czapka

    No visable markings inside or makers label , stitched in velour interior . Not sure if interior is original or later . Cheers Rick
  2. Rick64

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Can send more pics to you but having trouble uploading here , sorry for late reply I don’t come here often .
  3. No nothing , box looks almost new but picture looks period with shadows etc .
  4. Rick64

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Thanks Anton / Peter Any idea of value , paid £75 . Or date of helmet ? Cheers Rick
  5. Can anyone help me with identification of this SS Officer please , been searching for ages . No luck . Sorry poor images . Thanks Rick
  6. Rick64

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Hi , Picked this up a few days ago and was looking for a few opinions , looks period to me circa 1880 1900 possibly Voznesensky Uhlan Regiment . The chin strap is stamped BM ! no other makers stamp anywhere . Looks too good to be a copy , brass helmet plate worn but with fine detail , leather has some crazing indicating age . Anyone has any idea regarding the brass plate dated 1831 ? Many Thanks Rick
  7. Rick64

    I found two crossbelt plates :-)

    Hi the MLV plate is 75mm x 54mm . The M&RO Vols is 81mm x 58mm . cheers Rick
  8. Rick64

    I found two crossbelt plates :-)

    Thanks for the comments guys , shall stuff them away for retirement I think , my once in a lifetime stroke of luck , probably won't get this lucky again but that won't stop me looking . Not a lot of info out there on the Morfe Loyal Vols or the Morfe & Royal Oak Vols but found this link here : https://janealisonsmithdaily.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/volunteer-buttons/ Happy hunting :-)
  9. Sometime ago at auction I came across a locked Georgian celleret which rattled a bit when moved indicating something inside , intrigued I purchased the item , upon unlocking the celleret at home inside was a bunch of items . Pick of the crop was a George III pattern gorget in pristine condition and two crossbelt plates . One to the Morfe Loyal Volunteers and the other to Morfe & Royal Oak Volunteers . Thought I'd share them on here if only to inspire others to never give up dreaming of finding such treasures . Cheers Rick
  10. Rick64

    Joseph Manton - Dueling Pistol

    Here's my pair complete with belt clips , I've heard them described as Scottish Officers Pistols as well as target pistols . They are indeed nickel silver . I have also seen a pair of similar pistols with a cleaning kit fitted in the butt , had a look in mine but it's not fitted out for a cleaning kit . Cheers Rick
  11. Mervyn , it,s the side pieces that holds the chin strap in place . cheers Rick
  12. Thanks Mervyn , I have been scouring the Internet to no avail . I'll keep the fingers crossed .
  13. Anybody knows where I can source helmet rosettes to fit a circa 1905 Norfolk Yeomanry helmet ? Cheers Rick