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  1. I see, after re-reading this post, that a fairly lengthy paragraph disappeared. The call to arms was in response to the unpleasantness at Clerkenwell Prison, resulting in a dozen deaths and many dozens of injuries. Thousands of Specials were recruited to bolster security at the prisons, the Central Criminal Courts, and the City of London in general. Like the disturbance twenty years prior, the Fenian riots illustrated how crucial the Special Constabulary is in a time of turmoil.
  2. I'm resurrecting this thread, rather than begin a new one, because I miss, very much, the debates that Mervyn inspired on a myriad range of topics, and the valuable information he patiently bequeathed to the rest of us. I have, in my collection, a truncheon quite similar to the one that he displayed above. They share some of the same elements, but I have reached a somewhat different conclusion about mine. There is no maker's stamp and it clearly is a one-off created by a fairly skillful artisan commemorating a gentleman's participation an a Special Constable, as well as, what I believe was, an earlier career as a Policeman with the Metropolitan Police. Thousands responded to provided much needed security for the prison system, the criminal courts, and the City of London in general. I've seen quite a few truncheons commemorating the events of 1868, but this one (and Mervyn's) are especially cool. Along with the London Arms and the Royal Coat of Arms with the garter, they both have a Shield displaying a Portcullis, which in addition to being a symbol of the Houses of Parliament as Mervyn pointed out, is also a symbol of the City of Westminster. Before the Metropolitan Police was formally granted its own coat of arms, it routinely used the Portcullis of Westminster argent on azure bound with a double Tressure flory and crested with a sheaf of 3 arrows (from the Peel family arms) and riband (See cup & saucer liberated from the Hendon mess hall). The Portcullis is bordered by M P which I feel confident represents the Metropolitan Police. The inclusion of the London Arms amidst an S C strongly suggests that the owner, after a career as a copper in the Met, answered the call for Specials to, once again, do his duty, and perhaps give one of those rapscallions from the Emerald Isle a good drubbing, should the need arise! As always, alternative hypotheses are more than welcome. After almost 50 years of unholy matrimony, I've become accustomed to being "proven" wrong. Cheers, Mike. By the way, it's -33F outside at the moment.
  3. A fake is meant to deceive someone in terms of value, age, or historical significance. Your badge is a skillfully made, probably private-purchase, device meant to adorn an officers hat. Whether it, or a companion piece, was ever worn on duty is anybody's guess. But, it is not a fake. Beautiful badge. My two cents worth.
  4. Very nice, and much, much more scarce than those of the "other" London agency.
  5. Yes, he would have liked it. He could be counted on to add an informative anecdote or two, as well. It's been a full year since he left.
  6. The knowledgeable folks had to leave. I'm the only one here, and my vote is: "Gordian Knot". The knowledgesble folks should be back today sometime!
  7. Nice. It resembles the South African helmet plates displayed by our late friend, Mervyn Mitton, in a thread I started a while ago. Very nice.
  8. Use the Search button at the top of the page. That should direct you to posts that might be of interest. Bye the way, welcome aboard. How about showing us what kinds of things that you've collected so far? You can start your own thread or hop aboard one that piques your intrrest. Mike.
  9. Hi HMPbadges. You can revive this thread or create a new thread if you'd like a fresh start. Among the members, there are several who possess an astonishing amount of pertinent knowledge. I'm not one of them, but I've spent 25 years as a prison officer in Fairbanks Alaska and consider myself a avid student of HMP related things. Post some pictures, ask some questions, and share what you know. There are HMP related threads that are within reach. Use the search thingy at the top of the page to find them. Welcome aboard. Mike.
  10. Don't mean to eavesdrop, but what is a dangle?
  11. Very nice on several levels Not only historically significant, but a beautiful example of some of the finest cursive handwriting that I've ever seen! And the photo; did they make the tall gent stand by himself, off to one side, so as not to dwarf the others, edpecailly the CO?
  12. Great bit of research. Thanks for posting it. This is why I log onto this site every morning. Thanks again. Mike
  13. With the chain surround, I'm leaning toward something something club. If nobody can identify it with any degree of certainty, I suggest you make up something. The more outlandish, the better! If nobody challenges your assertions, your heirs might find themselves in possession of a national treasure. It's been done before. Remember, with history, whoever writes it the loudest, WINS!
  14. I can see from here, that his sox don't match!