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  1. Well done! Successful research helps bring these things back to life. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hanseatic Campaign

    I wonder if the heavier or thicker font, as well as the pronounced third ring around the rim is due to cleaning or normal wear. The example with the red background looks untouched. The other looks almost mint. Otherwise, yours looks okay to my tired eyes.
  3. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Beautiful!! Do the sandbags provide enough ballast to mitigate the harm caused by a clumsy oaf reaching across his desk for his coffee cup? I speak only for myself, of course. Seriously, that is a beautiful piece of work. Mike.
  4. It’s awfully hard, even for the most clever among us, to improve upon perfection. The City Police insignia is, in my not-so-humble opinion, one of the most beautiful police badges in the world. Why change? Mike The RCMP is a very close second. We need a thread devoted to aesthetically beautiful police insignia. That should spark some fierce debates!
  5. Thanks Dave. Always helpful. So...from the Contemptables to the Beatles! Quite a span. Mike.
  6. What looks like a nest of slithering slimy creatures is actually a group of City of London Police helmet plates that arrived in yesterday's mail. I don't get many opportunities to add to my collection, so when these appeared on line, I resisted for as long as I could, but finally bit the rather costly bullet, and caved in. I'm sure that you all know the feeling! Since COL plates have evolved almost without change in the past 150 years, I really don't know how old these things are. The paint condition and bits of green mold suggest that they are quite old. Any guesses or other comments? Mike
  7. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. Mike.
  8. Well, Mister Weasel , thanks for breaking your silence! That display stand with your victory medals is a beautifully done piece of wood-working. Would love to see your entire display. Any more photos?
  9. Romanian WW2 era banknotes

    Bye the way, despite what I said about the beauty of the banknotes, which is undeniable, that is one sorry looking wolf. Mike (from wolf country)
  10. Romanian WW2 era banknotes

    Romulus & Remus! I never would have guessed. Thanks, New World, but that begs your question. What’s the connection?
  11. Romanian WW2 era banknotes

    Beautiful banknotes, especially the 5,000,000.00 note. What is the symbolism surrounding the people nursing at the sow? Also, on some of the notes, the round cartouche is blank ; on others, it contains a coat of arms, the couples’ profile, or the above-mentioned sow. Were these left blank at the press and meant to be finished by the bank? Stunning artwork. They just don’t print money anymore (anywhere!) with such quality.
  12. Fascinating display. Is there any program of recognition of professional achievement in place today? I don’t think our government experimented with non-military “attaboy” awards, but many private companies as well as endowment funds provided recognition of special achievement in various areas of industry and the arts. I suspect that many of the high-achievers of all of our countries took the position of: “Thanks, but if I’m that good, how about some extra money!”. That being said, these awards are a great reminder that everybody likes to hear the boss recognize an employee for a job well done.
  13. The divisional symbol, if I squint my eyes just right, somewhat resembles the fouled anchor of the Thames Division of The Metropolitan Police. On the other hand, it could be a stylized letter L or P or ?. The jubilee medal is lacking the 1897 clasp, so that’s no help in narrowing down the date. We’ll have to wait for Dave Wilkinson to climb aboard. He will have the definitive answer. Mike.
  14. WW1 advice needed

    Would these games be re-enactments of historical events, or re-grouping in hopes of a different outcome? Aren’t you running the risk of opening old wounds? It sounds like an ambitious venture. Good luck. Mike