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  1. Don't know anything about the medal, but the ribbon strongly resembles the Crimea Medals of 1855(?).
  2. Nothing seems to elude you for very long! Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  3. Without the benefit of a cup of coffee, a clear head, or any knowledge whatsoever, I'd have to guess that it is an unofficial representation of "Hermes'" wings. Maybe to commemorate service on the aircraft carrier?
  4. Riviting story of a young man's heroic sacrifice, gleaned from the edge of a quite common medal. Thanks to the Olde family of Cornwall, and thanks to you for sharing the story. The memorial is breath-taking. I've never seen it before.
  5. I'm sure that Mrs. Beevor undoubtedly reminded him, whenever the occasion allowed, that she had told him to slow down!
  6. That's not very encouraging news for a first-time poster. Can you be even more specific?
  7. Can you please elaborate for us non-experts?
  8. I've followed this thread from the start and have enjoyed the journey from beginning to end. Very enlightening and interesting. Thanks. I don't know how eager I would be to wear such a hat into battle, though.
  9. Holy cow!! What a great story to read and see. Thanks for sharing.
  10. May we see them?
  11. Igor, If you have time, please give us some basis for your conclusions. Just a word or two for the sake of rank amateurs / students like myself. Thanks, Mike.
  12. You've given us a valuable lesson in restoration of artifacts bordering on the 'priceless' range. Very informative. Thank you for sharing. Mike.
  13. What great reading! Constable Lodge should have received a medal for finding Christopher's hat under the stolen goods. Pretty convincing evidence, I'd say. Not guilty? That was a bit of a surprise. Sgt. Walsh's misadventure with the little girl, the butter thieves, and the dog hanging on to his trousers would make a great scene. I can almost hear the banjos. Anyway, a great bit of research. Thanks for sharing it. Mike.
  14. All things considered, it is a beautiful and important historical artifact. It is certain to be the center-piece to any collection. Mike
  15. Asking for advice prior to having such a rare artifact restored may have inspired more candid opinions. There are those who feel that any restoration to such a piece would be anathema to its integrity. It would be similar to re-blueing an antique gun or repainting an old faded truncheon. Feelings on either side of the argument would be passionate and both sides would have some merit. Asking for opinions after the work is done may stifle the argument. It would, after all, be a moot point, and, being gentlemen, we might be inclined to keep our opinions to ourselves. Cheers, Mike.