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  1. Lion Boss to the rear shouldn't be there, plate looks a different colour to the other metal parts it may be gilded so would be a SNCO,S if it gilded looks to be a nice cap
  2. Iam still looking for information as regard to the Officers 21st Sudan Plate made for the Officers but not issued to the other ranks. Dose anyone have any concrete information on its issue or perhaps a picture of the plate in wear. It is mentioned in David Rowes book I would like some more information on it if possible
  3. The Company is mentioned in Seamans book on Arm Badges they made the first bullion Mottos back in 1952 for 17th/21st Lancers. I was lucky enough to find one on an old Mess Dress. Its the first of the Bullion mottos in the attached picture Mac
  4. Really has an elegance to it a very smart indeed a nice addition to any cavalry collection Mac
  5. Thanks I know cleaning them is not to every ones taste but they do not stand the test of time well and need protecting. Also theres a lot of copies out there or doctored ones getting hard to find original stuff these days.l
  6. Its a separate piece of head gear, I think there are 3 or 4 variants depending on the style of Lance cap being worn at the time . Other ranks had a cover. I think someone at the Auction house saw the picture and assumed the plume fitted in a small hole. The whole point was to not let all the feathers and Melton get damaged in bad weather or battle and leave the parade one safe and sound in its tin. Which I also got named to Clerk..
  7. that's a very poor horrible copy of a fine bit of headgear heres a few pics of my 16th it was in poor shape when I got it but its been cleaned up had all the anti moth stuff put on given the one big clean and polish and now gets a wipe over once a year. Missing one corner flute
  8. your find theres actually quiet a few I am just about there on cloth and my metal and silver Arm mottos has had some updates
  9. Nice collection I was lucky enough to pick up Lt Clerks Czapka foul weather parade plume and pastel portrait he was signals officer and 2nd in command A sqn. Just a note on picture I was able to repair the damage were someone had added the plume to a foul weather cap
  10. The dark blue backed one was worn by 17th/21st only, the French grey one was worn by 17th/21st just before amalgamation and was worn on mess dress only with QRL until around 2000 when the new Arm motto came into wear.
  11. Timothy is quiet right about the Lance caps I was in the 17th/21st and QRL and had to repair them a few times. The later batch for the Lancers band actually had a plate which was a combo between a 17th and a 21st and had Lancers band on it. It could be 9th/12th had some plates made up but that Lance cap shown is a cobble up of different regiments. Which now that they are all one Regiment you might see more mixed up stuff. I actually have one of the 3 proof sample plates that were first made for the band. There are very few if any original 17th or 21st Lance caps left at Regiment. There are also two styles of fibre glass Lance cap a rather dumpy one and a slightly taller one. I also believe that the band of the 17th/21st were able to keep their caps on disbandment.
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