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  1. THANKS GreyC, I appreciate the input. Some of what you just posted appears to be a bit more detailed than what I already have. I have some additional data I'd like to post here, but I'm on my way out at the moment. I'll be back tomorrow, so stay tuned, Best, Dom
  2. Good Morning Gentlemen, I have the pleasure to report of my recent success in researching the EK.2 I inquired about here on the Forum. It appears as if the handwritten ( in pencil ) ship number that's noted on the upper left corner of the document is indeed correct. ( THANKS again to 'Hucks216' for pointing that ever so important notation out to me ! ) Although I'm still waiting for WASt to reply with the detailed service data I recently requested, they ( WASt ) did contact the recipient's Daughter for me, & just last night she responded via E-mail. It wasn't the detailed service information I would have preferred, but, it did confirm for me that his Schnellboot number was S-188, as we had surmised. She didn't state the actual number, but by her description of two particular events her Father mentioned, I'm pretty certain that he was aboard S-188 when he earned his EK.2. I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions as to if I'm right or wrong in this assumption, & will truly appreciate any additional input. In closing, his Daughter said that if I wished any additional information, I should ask & she would try to answer them. I was kind of hoping that I'd get the type of reply I myself would provide, but I guess not everyone's a collector / researcher type like us. When I do send her another set of questions, I think I may be better off having it composed in German, as I feel that my reply would be much more precise. Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone to compile a few questions for me in German, at a decent price. The Daughter may not even know, or recall a great deal of the Father's Kriegsmarine service, particually the details I'm seeking, Flottila assignment(s), service dates, other awards, etc. Just maybe she will manage to dig up a copy of his WW2 service file, or discharge papers, but I'm proably asking for a bit too much here. As always, I'll keep everyone updated as to my progress in this matter. Honestly, I really never thought I'd get as far as I have already ! THANKS AGAIN Best, Dom Pastore Jr. ( dpast32@aol.com ) >>> Please see below for the Daughter's E-Mail; ( NOTE that this E-Mail has been posted exacly as I received it, without any corrections, etc. ) From: 'Herbert Gobel's Daughter' To: dpast32@aol.com Subject: Germany ( Herbert GOBEL, S-188 WW2 ) Date: Monday, 27 February 2017 / 4:02 pm Hallo good evening in USA, We get a letter with the information that you are interested to hear any about my father Herber Göbel.I'm the dougther. My father did in 1993. Later the war he was police till he finished working.I'm the only child of him.We live in the same town where he lost his live. His time in the German Marin was hard. Two twice his boot was perished and he must swim in the canal between France and England long times without secure anybody will catch off him. With many luck two twice German ships found him. He comes at home later war and start his particular life.So I think you have a little information of him. If you like more information let have mi your questions. Regards, Heidrun Rudolph borned Göbel Von meinem iPhone gesendet
  3. Hello Guy's, Just a brief update of my progress here. I was advised by WASt just the other day that this EK.2 recipient & his wife have both passed away, although the daughter is still alive, & has been provided with my contact data in the event she wishes to contact me. Although I'm elated to have recieved any reply from WASt, & especially one so promptly, it wasn't the reply I was anticipating. I most of my dealings with them, they usually at the very least provided the person's unit(s) assignments, & sometimes the person's date of death, if applicable. I surmise that the manner in which I formed my query to them may have been the reason why I was given an answer that was more focused on contacting him or his family, as opposed to just seeking military data. I initially thought that perhaps there was a time period restriction regarding the release of personal information, but after reviewing some of my other files, I noted that the time factor probably wasn't the reason. ( RE: In 2004, I received a reply from WASt with military service data pertaining to a man who had passed away in 1986. ) So, what I decided to do was this; I compiled ALL the relevant data I had available on my search subject, & E-Mailed my contact person at WASt with what facts I knew. I advised that I would be happy to make contact with the family if they so desired, & mentioned to them (WASt) that perhaps the family might be interested in the information from the E-Mail too. I requested WASt to provide me with whatever data they had, or would, & at the very least would the please just confirm the information I had provided them. Well, that's where it stands at the moment. Perhaps I'll get a nice detailed reply, or maybe they will just choose to confirm or correct the data I forwarded ? Anyway it goes, at least will be more than I know right now. As usual, I'll keep everyone updated. THANKS Best, dpast32
  4. Ok, I should have realized that fact ! We too have a similar rule in place here in the US at our primary US military records repository, The NPRC, in St. Louis, Missouri. Since Gobel's only been dead less than 23 or so years, you are probably correct in that assumption. Oh well, it seems like I'm always waiting for data from somewhere !! I guess it really can't hurt to ask for some specific data ? If I send them the info I already have, perhaps they might at least confirm my info ? ( Svc. #, branch, ship #, etc. ) I'm somewhat curious as to if he had a middle name, and or preferred to be referred to by then name Paul ? On all 3 of the Prinz Eugen photos, the reverse captions are all signed off by 'Paul' ? I was advised by the seller that the photos came with the group, & indeed belonged to the EK.2 recipient. But, the name 'Paul' on the reverse of the 3 photos is a bit disturbing to me. Again, only further research will solve that riddle. As with all of my groups, I would truly love to fully document this unusual little group. From what I've been able to discern, there don't appear to be an overabundance of EK awards to Schellboot crewmen, so this particular award just may be one of a limited number ? Stay tuned Folks, Best, Dom
  5. THANK YOU Gentlemen for all your continued interest, it's most appreciated. 1st, I thought too thatit was a bit unusual WASt replied so quickly, & they also neglected to include any military service information. That may have been due to the manner of my query, which primarily asked if he ( Gobel ) had survived the war, & if he was still alive, as I had a few 'items' named / identified to him. ( Yes I know, a somewhat bad approach on my part. ) I did however also ask if the had any military service data available, & I would be interested in whatever they may have available. ( I 'might' have made their search a bit easier by providing them with full name, service branch, service number, & ship served on. ) In all of my past contact with WASt, they always provided whatever service data available, no matter how trivial it might be. Why the didn't this time, who can really say ? I am E-Mailing my contact person again today, & specifically ask for any / all military data they may have. As for Gobel's daughter or family requesting return of the items I mentioned, I didn't actually mention anything specific. Unfortunately, I can't locate a copy of my initial query to them, but if I mentioned anything from the Gobel group, it would have been the EK.2 & perhaps the May 1941 photographs of Gobel aboard the Kriegsmarine Heavy Cruiser 'Prinz Eugen'. As far as any family member asking for anything to be returned, sure, I will be happy to forward a quality, color photocopy of his EK.2 document, along with quality reprints of the 3 Prinz Eugen photos. After being a collector & researcher for a great many years, I've encountered this scenario a few times before. I AM ALWAYS happy to provide the family with whatever data I can, barring of course the actual return of any valuable original item. I'm afraid that I keep collecting German documents, I'll have to really brush up on my German, & or perhaps there's a translation program that's set up primarily for people like us, German military & polizei collector / researchers ? Well, shortly I'll send off that E-Mail to WASt asking for any & all data pertaining to Goblel, & of course to thank them for their work on my behalf. ( This is the time where I really wish I could write German ! ) THANKS AGAIN Guys, at least I'm making some progress ! I do recall that this particular group was purchased off a German antique dealer, in Germany, back in 2015 or so. Please stay tuned for further updates, Best, Dom
  6. I THANK YOU yet again GreyC, I truly appreciate your continued assistance ! Just maybe Gobel's daughter will decide to contact me & I may be able to learn some details as to his EK.2 award ? I'll keep you posted. Best, Dom
  7. Hello GreyC, Believe it not, I just received a reply to the WASt query you so kindly translated for me yesterday. If you would be so kind to translate this new reply for me, I'd be again, most deeply appreciative ! THANK YOU Best, Dom Pastore Jr. ( dpast32@aol.com ) RE: >>> SUBJECT: Anfrage nach einem ehemaligen Angehörigen der Kriegsmarine; Vorg. II D 30 - 17/5 FROM: gerhardt, elvira elvira.gerhardt@dd-wast.de DATE: 16 February 2017 Sehr geehrter Herr Pastore, im Nachgang zu meiner E-Mail vom 15.02.2017 kann ich Ihnen bereits heute mitteilen, dass ich die Tochter des ehemaligen Angehörigen der Kriegsmarine Herbert Göbel ermitteln konnte, der ich mit heutiger Post den Sachverhalt schildere und ihr für eine mögliche Kontaktaufnahme mit Ihnen Ihre Anschrift und E-Mail-Adresse angebe. Herbert Göbel überlebte den Krieg und verstarb im Jahr 1993, seine Ehefrau im Jahr 2002. Ich hoffe, Ihnen behilflich gewesen zu sein. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Im Auftrag Elvira Gerhardt Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) II D 30 - Frau Gerhardt Eichborndamm 179 13403 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 41904-242 Fax: +49 30 41904-100 Kein Empfang elektronisch signierter E-Mails! @ >>> END of Message
  8. THANK YOU GreyC, I really do appreciate your kind assistance. Hey, you never know, just maybe the'll dig something up ? I'll report the results, if & when they arrive. Best, dpast32
  9. Hello Gentlemen, I just received an online reply from my query regarding Herbert Gobel, the WW2 Schnellboot crewman I initially inquired about here on the GMIC recently. From what little German I can understand, this E-mail appears to be a negative reply regarding information about Gobel. However, it anyone would be so kind as to PLEASE translate this for me I'd be most appreciative. We all know how it is when contacting the various branches of the German Archives. Sometimes you strike gold, but most times you strike out. As always though, I will attempt to continue the search ! The complete text of the E-mail is pated below, THANK YOU Best regards, dpast32 ( dpast32@aol.com ) >>> Anfrage nach einem ehemaligen Angehörigen der Kriegsmarine; Vorg. II D 30 - 17/5 Sehr geehrter Herr Pastore, Ihre Anfrage vom 12.11.2016 an den Suchdienst des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes in München wurde zuständigkeitshalber an die Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) weitergeleitet. Ich habe bereits Ermittlungen nach dem ehemaligen Angehörigen der Kriegsmarine Herbert Göbel und seinen Angehörigen aufgenommen, die aber auf Grund des hohen internen und externen Aufwandes längere Zeit in Anspruch nehmen werden. Sie erhalten dann unaufgefordert Nachricht von mir über das Ergebnis. Ich hoffe, Sie haben Verständnis dafür. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Im Auftrag Elvira Gerhardt Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) II D 30 - Frau Gerhardt Eichborndamm 179 13403 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 41904-242 Fax: +49 30 41904-100 Kein Empfang elektronisch signierter E-Mails! Sehr geehrter Herr Pastore,Ihre Anfrage vom 12.11.2016 an den Suchdienst des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes in München wurde zuständigkeitshalber an die Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) weitergeleitet.Ich habe bereits Ermittlungen nach dem ehemaligen Angehörigen der KriegsmarineHerbert Göbelund seinen Angehörigen aufgenommen, die aber auf Grund des hohen internen und externen Aufwandes längere Zeit in Anspruch nehmen werden.Sie erhalten dann unaufgefordert Nachricht von mir über das Ergebnis.Ich hoffe, Sie haben Verständnis dafür.Mit freundlichen GrüßenIm AuftragElvira GerhardtDeutsche Dienststelle (WASt)II D 30 - Frau GerhardtEichborndamm 17913403 BerlinTel.: +49 30 41904-242Fax: +49 30 41904-100Kein Empfang elektronisch signierter E-Mails! >>> END of Reply THANKS AGAIN, As always, I really do appreciate any & all replies to my queries !!
  10. Hello Folks, Not sure if any one's really interested in this, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. A few years ago I picked up a basic WW1 Cpgn "Trio", primarily because the recipent was a member of the 6th Bn. Cameron Highlanders who had been WIA at the battle for Hill 70 at Loos. ( Private Alan HOCKLY. He was later commissioned a Lieutenant in the 11th Yorks & Lancs, then the R.E. ) Upon a little research, I determined that the guy was a member of one of the founding families of South Africa. ( Or so I've been advised ) In fact, his isyounger brother Daniel wrote "The story of the South African settlers of 1820", or some similar title. If anyone wishes to comment on this unusual group, I would love to hear from them. THANK YOU Best, dpast32
  11. Yet again hucks216, I send you a great big THANK YOU for your continued assistance, I truly appreciate it ! Now that you've pointed out the pencil notation to me, I recall that I've come across this before with many U.S. WW2 era decorations. I assume this was done by the presenting Officer(s) to make sure that the right man received the correct award document. As I'm sure you know, once you determine the recipient's assigned unit or boat, it just becomes so much easier to track the guy down. I'm not too well versed with German unit histories, but a great many allied unit pub's tend to include personnel & decoration rosters within them. I do recall that you had stated earlier that Gobel's award was probably earned for an action or actions off of Normandy during June of 1944 ! It appears as if it's all starting to fall into place, well hopefully anyway ? I have encountered one sad fact though, it's that there don't appear to be many ( if any ? ) S-Boat history texts available in English. I did run across a Squadron - Signal edition on S-Boats, but you know how they usually are, heavy on photos & very limited in text. THANKS again hucks216, & PLEASE feel free to keep the data coming !! Best, Dom
  12. Good Morning Gentlemen, I neglected to post this the other day, but figured that perhaps I should just for future reference purposes. This is a scan of Kriegsmarine Sailor, Service # O.144661/41T, Maschinenobergefreiter Herbert GOBEL's Iron Cross, 2nd Class (EK.2) Certificate. Although I've managed to learn a few key facts concerning this award, I'm still going to continue along trying to determine the exact action for which he was decorated for. Hopefully, sooner or later I'll manage to narrow down the list of S-Boat units that he may have been assigned to within the specific time frame when the EK.2 document was dated. And BTW, I truly appreciate all the very kind assistance I've recieved to my queries. THANKS Best, Dom Pastore Jr. ( dpast32@aol.com )
  13. Hello Guys, I had mentioned the 9th Flotilla, because I recalled reading something about Petersen & the 9th, and thereby associated the two in my mind. The EK.2 recipient, Maschinenobergefreiter Herbert GOBEL, # O.144661/41T may or may not have ever been assigned to them. At this point, all I can deduce is that this award was 'probably' earned sometime between April & early June of 1944. If only the KM had followed the Heer format of listing the assigned unit on the certificate ! That's not the case here, so I just have to keep digging. Unless I get really lucky & turn up his name on an S-Boat personnel roster, or perhaps an awards list or some similar document, my chances or fully documenting this award is very slim indeed. I truly THANK everyone for their kind replies, as they were most appreciated. PLEASE don't hesitate to post if anyone thinks they may have some data that might assist me. Best, Dom Pastore Jr.
  14. THANK YOU ever so much 'hucks216' !!! Your example is an exact duplicate of of mine. After checking around a bit, I kind of had an idea that it was Petersen's signature, but at least now I'm certain of of it. Now, I have to determine exactly what Petersen's duties were during the period of when the document was dated, which was 28 Juni 1944. IIRC, I think that I've read that Petersen was in command of the 9th Schnellboote Flottila around this time, but I still need to confirm this fact. If he was, perhaps there's a chance that this EK.2 might have been awarded for the Lyme Bay attack on 27 April 1944 ? Or, just maybe it had been awarded for an action on D-Day, or shortly thereafter ? In any event, it's starting to get a bit interesting. As I said before, German awards were never my specialty, but during my many years of collection medals & decorations, I just haven't come across a great many Kriegsmarine decorations, especially to Schnellbootte personnel. I THANK YOU again for your extremely helpful reply, & will keep everyone updated on my research progress. Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. ( dpast32@aol.com )
  15. Hello Folks, I've been attempting to learn a little about an EK.2 Award I've recently acquired, but it's proving to be a bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. What I'm looking for right now, is to determine just who authorized & signed the award certificate. I have an idea as to who it may be, but as German awards are not my true specialty, I'd really prefer to have some assistance from an area 'expert'. My current question is; Does anyone have a copy of Rudolf Jesper Petersen's circa 1944 signature ? ( RE: Kapitän zur See & FdS = Führer de Schnellbootflottille ) My EK.2's document has what I think may be Petersen's signature, but unless I obtain independent confirmation, I'll never really be sure. Also, I've pasted a copy of a query I recently posted to one of the Forums I belong to for all here to view. I should provide a brief overview of the EK.2 I'm trying to document. So, if anyone thinks they may be able to assist me in this matter, I will be most deeply appreciative. THANK YOU Best, dpast32 ( dpast32@aol.com ) @@ >>> Please see attached query; RE: Seeking Meaning of Possible Unit Designation on KM EK II Award Document Hello Folks, I can really use some help on this one !! I'm attempting to decipher the meaning of a term that's listed on an Iron Cross 2nd Class Award Document, but haven't been able make any sense of it ? Pretty much all of the EK Document's I've examined in the past tended to list the recipient's unit designation in normal German military terms & abbreviations. This particular example has all the normal information, but instead of a unit designation, it lists; " O.144661/41T ". I'm fairly certain that it refers to the man's former or present unit, but this is a new one for me ? Perhaps one of our Kriegsmarine scholars will be able to decipher this term for me ? The 'other' noted data includes; the recipient's name, rank, date of award, or date of act, & the authorizing authority. The data is as follows; Maschinenobergefreiter HEBERT GOBEL, 28 Juni 1944, Kapitän zur See, Führer der Schnellboote, along with a cursive signature. I'm sure that this EK II had an interesting story behind it, as we all know that the KM's E-Boats ( or S Boots ) were extremely active trying to disrupt the Allied Beachead operations during the post D-Day landings. But, for all I know at the moment, this man's unit may have been in the east, in the Baltic Sea area. Anyhow, it will be interesting to find out. I anyone thinks they may be able to assist me in decipher this unusual designation, I'll be deeply appreciative for their kind input. THANK YOU