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  1. Good morning, I scanned a photo of my great-grandfather (grandfather of my father - maternal side). He was in the "kraljeva garda". I really like the uniform.
  2. Dear friends, dragi prijatelji, thank you for your replies and my apologies for my late response. I have been overworking lately. In some way I am happy to read that most low cost items probably are fake. Call it pride/ponos. On the other side, I might have to adjust my goals, and go for one dagger for my oldest son. He will pass on my slava (family saint's feast day), and hopefully our history and traditions. The last week of this year, I am taking some time off so I’ll dig into all the information I can find on this very fine forum. @ ЧЕТНИК: I’ll contact you right away!
  3. Hello, pomaže bog, First of all, I am pleasantly surprised to find this amount of information on the Cetnik movement.Thank you all. I come from a Cetnik family, as my grandfather was in the JVO.Unfortunately, he passed away in 1983 when I was still very young. So he was not able to pass on a lot of information to me. Which is too bad since we live in Belgium and Brussels was a little bit a Cetnik HQ in the '70's. My grandparents had very good and close contacts with Bora Blagojevic for example, or Miodrag Boskovic. (Off-topic: I am trying to reconstruct some of the events surrounding those people, since I read some contradictions on the internet on how they died. My grandmother is still alive, so I get useful information from her. All info is welcome, or I'm willing to share if interested.) Anyhow, I've been looking on e-bay at two daggers that are being sold for around 500 euro's. I would like to buy them so I can give them to my sons when it's time. Maybe you know the ones I am talking about. Would you recommend them? If this questions is already raised for the specific items in earlier posts, please just say so, I will find some time to check out all the hyperlinks in the posts. It's just a load of information :-) Kind regards!