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  1. I saw the one you mention for sale which got me to thinking. I still have no idea what mine is actually for, but it was sewn onto something. Definitely good information here.
  2. So I was digging through some of the items I have about and came across this. It appears to be a 1. Garde zu Fuss crest with a couple of attachment points. Could it be a an officer's pickelhaube emblem?
  3. Finally located his 1914 EK1 in the most unlikely location. Found this one to be somewhat unique with the concave shape. A young Schön
  4. I managed to acquire a fair amount of items from a family estate. Thought I would share one of the items from the group. I have seen them before but not sure what they are called. A silver Grenadiermütze for the departure, most likely transfer, of Oberstlieutenant Graf zu Rantzau from the Garde Regiment.
  5. That would be your favorite Chris, the 1. Garde Regiment zu Fuss.. Dated 1883
  6. Very much a beginner when it comes to this kind of research. I was looking to find more information on the 1. Garde - Regiment zu Fuss after the start of WW1. I was hoping that someone could point me in a direction that might lead me to some more information or literature. I really have no idea where to start looking for this kind of stuff.
  7. Thank you for the directions, I will follow and see where they lead me.
  8. EK1 Schön

    Yes, I have his full medal bar and documents for most of the decorations. What I had been missing was the physical EK1, which I finally located. I believe I have a couple of picture from East Africa as well. Will have to dig them up and scan them.
  9. Esteemed colleagues, I have been looking for an 1870 EK2 to add to my collection for a while. As I do not see them often, I came across this piece and was looking for opinions on authenticity prior to purchasing. To me it appears a little to crisp and the numerals don't look quite right. Granted, my knowledge level is pretty low. Any help appreciated.
  10. 1870 EK2 Opinions please

    Danke, that's what I thought.
  11. Still doing my research, but I am a little stuck with this one. I am trying to identify the circled award which is listed as a MWK3 per the ranklist. Which award is it? I suspect Knight or a merit cross, but to new to know. Thank you for any assistance. Order of the Wendish Crown is listed has having four classes: Grand Cross Grand Commander Commander Knight It can also be awarded in gold or silver merit crosses.
  12. Thank you Dave for the clarification, that is what I suspected. Cheers!
  13. I posted the other day about researching a family member from Prussia. I finally found him in the lists as the Kmdt of Koblenz u. Ehrenbreitstein in 1891. I can translate most of the words, but could some please decipher the awards for me? They make no sense to me at all.
  14. I just came into a couple of family medal bars that wanted to share. I am new to the collecting memorabilia, so these were a pleasant surprise when I was given these by my mother. Now to research the original bearers and the decorations themselves. She even had all the documentation for the first set, so I am rather excited.
  15. Thanks everyone. I have thanked my mother for everything she has found in some old boxes. I keep wondering what else she may run across next.
  16. I tied to PM you Glenn but the system says you cannot receive messages.
  17. The first set appears to have belonged to Maj Ernst von Schon des Kaiser Schultztruppe fur Deutsch-Ost-Afrika. I still need to confirm the original owner of the second.
  18. Many thanks Glenn! Is there a way I could get a decent copy of that picture for myself? It will be a shock to reveal to my mother that she has had an incorrect photo on her desk for decades.
  19. I thought I had found a photo of my late ancestor but have since realized that the decorations do not match the Prussian army list. Not to mention one award was introduced after his death. Here is the photo of a currently unidentified Prussian officer.
  20. Perhaps this would help, I love how organized the Germans were. Here are the descriptions from the lists. I could not identify the MGrO2b. Gen Lt Decorations.docx
  21. There seems to be no official new user forum to direct my questions, so I thought I would start here. I am trying to research information on a family member and get some of his military history in the Prussian army. I know a lot of information was destroyed in WWII but there seems to me a vast bit of knowledge here. Where or what forum would be the best to post questions? I also have his collection of medals and orders that I am trying to identify which I see a forum to post questions. I would love to find some pictures or service history. Another question is there a list of abbreviations posted somewhere that lists the different decorations and orders? Having a difficult time deciphering some of the posts. Thanks