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  1. Hello, I have a carte de visite of the Prussian general Malachowsky / Malachowski. I was looking for him on the Internet. There are a few Malachowsky generals but it doesn't fit. Can anyone help me?
  2. Transcription: v. Rüdgisch wird vor d[em] Volk z[um] Pascha proklamiert v. Rüdgisch is proclaimed Pascha before the people.
  3. The third is king Leopold I of Belgium. He was a born Saxon.
  4. I bought a CDV of the Prussian Crown Prince Frederik William in an uniform, which I never saw before. Is it a naval uniform? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have a curious picture of two very young men in uniform taken around 1900 in Bremen. Can anyone identify the uniforms? Thanks Hermann
  6. Thank you Glenn! And so quick, you are the best!
  7. Hermann

    Early Napoleonic "Reproductions"

    The inauguration of the Monument to the Battle of Nations (Völkerschlachtdenkmal) was a very big event. Here are some pictures and videos. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kaiserzelt_Einweihung_Voelkerschlachtdenkmal_Leipzig_1913.jpg http://stadt-leipzig.htwk-leipzig.de/voelkerschlachtdenkmal/index.php/Historie.html http://www.leipzig-lese.de/index.php?article_id=126 Video 1 http://footage.framepool.com/de/shot/472301700-ludwig-iii-von-bayern-voelkerschlachtdenkmal-wilhelm-ii-von-deutschland-deutsches-kaiserreich Video 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QciMiCA6dUQ
  8. a little correction: born in: Schwachhausen Verwaltungsbezirk: Bremen
  9. First letter is a "P", so could be read as "Pense" (Poensgen?).
  10. "prot." is actually correctly written, if a bit sloppy. Compare the "g" in "wegen", for example. Thank you Dave, Somtimes you don't see the wood for the trees. Hermann
  11. Thanks Chris, You must be familiar wirh the old German script (Sütterlin). May be 1-2 percent of Germans can read such a text. The particular problems are abbreviations. For example: Bez. A. for Bezirksamt, or 1.P.E.K. for a special military unit. I'm not a military epert. I'm a family researcher. And of course it's handwritten. You can't be sure about each individual letter.
  12. First document 1. #515 2. rang: Pionier Ersatz Reserve 3. Pensel, Gottlieb 4. confession: grot.? 5. place of birth: Helmbrechts. “Bez. A. “ Bezirksamt Münchberg –born: 7/27/1887 6. place of living: Helmbrechts, Hoferstreet 13 7. single 8. partents: father Christian Pensel, merchant, dead – mother: Anna Pensel born Simon 9. military unit: 1. P. E. K. 10. 11. orders: Iron cross, 2. class on 4/6/1917 12. taken part battles: “Stellungskämpfe in den mittleren Vogesen: 11/4/1916 – 11/15/1916. Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun: 11/26/1916 – 12/14/1916. Kämpfe bei Louvement and ?: 12/15/1916 and 12/16/1916 Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun: 12/17/1916 and 12/18/1916. Stellungskämpfe in den mittleren Vogesen: 1/1/1917 – 1/10/1918 Stellungskämpfe in den Vogesen: 1/11/1918 – 11/11/1918 11/6/1918 – 11/25/1918, 12/19/1918 – 12/31/1918: Mit der Kompanie in Ruhe 13: „Kommandos und besondere Dienstverhältnisse: Laut telefonischer Verfügung Pionier Batallion No. 23 on 9/9/1918. Batallionstab kommandiert. 9/25/1918 zur Kg gekommen. 14: notes: mit Gewehr 98 und als Pionier ausgebildet. Schießklasse 2. Additional notes: 7/27/1916 „wegen Krankheit dem Lazarett Leberan überwiesen. 8/3/1916 zur Kompanie zurück (Laut mündlicher Angabe Entfernung eines Ekzems am Geschlechtsteil). Ist über Verf. (?) – Ansprüche belehrt und erhebt solche vorerst nicht. Second document 1: #193 2: Gottlieb Pensel 3: born 7/27/1887 in Helbrechts near Münchberg 4: parents: father: dead, mother: Anna Simon, merchants widow – place of living before soldier: Helmbrechts, Hoferstreet 13 5. confession: grot?, single 6. profession: merchant 7. hight: 1,6m – hair: “dunkelblond” light brown? – beard: “Schnurze” mustache 8. enlisting: Helmbrechts, “Ersatzreserve” 9. date of entering military service: 2/1/1916 – date of swearing-in: 2/12/1916 10. service: 8/3/1914 – 12/30.1915 14. Armee, Batallion, 1. Company – on 4/1/1916 „zur 2. Ersatzreserve versetzt“ 13. behavior: very good Sorry for my incomplete and bad translation. I wonder what confession Pensel had. The abbreviation is grot. Never saw it before. greetings Hermann
  13. I bought this photo (carte de visite) on Ebay. I don't recognize the uniform and the medals. He isn’t a soldier. Is he an ambassador or diplomatic staff? Or is he a state official? Which medals is he wearing?
  14. The first one is Kirchbach. Robinson&Robinson, Handbook of Imperial Germany, p. 246
  15. There was a website, which has provided images and short bios of german WW I. generals. http://home.comcast.net/~jcviser/index.htm/page_4.htm This homepage is no longer on the internet. Does anyone know what happend?
  16. Hermann

    Unknown masonic? star

    Henk, you also find this image on the Wikipedia website of the GNML, that I have already posted. Tosun, if that's so, I'm out of the game.
  17. Hermann

    Unknown masonic? star

    I found the medal on the Homepage of a German trader und the heading: "Zu den drei Weltkugeln" Galerie d´Histoire, André Hüsken, Hamburg This is the oldest and biggest mansonic lodge in Germany Zu den drei Weltkugeln Hüsken offers the medal for 180 Euro. Did you make a good deal? groeten Hermann
  18. On the von Borcke family tree you will find Karl Otto Gotthard von Borcke (1847-1917). http://www.borcke.com/upload/dokumente/Stammtafel_Gesamt_05_06_04.pdf
  19. Otto Philipp is a younger brother of Heros. http://www.schlossarchiv.de/TNG//getperson.php?personID=I805531B&tree=tree1
  20. Last try. What about him? Max von Bock und Polach. He has the grand cross of the Saxe Ernestine House Order and the 1870 EK II. But he ist a Prussian field marshal. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_von_Bock_und_Polach
  21. I'm not a military expert. I just compare the images. Another try: Heinrich Leo von Treitschke https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Leo_von_Treitschke
  22. He must be one of the Edler von Planitz Generals, perhaps Paul Edler von Planitz, Saxon war minister. But I'm not sure.
  23. Thanks for the interesting information arb.