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  1. Hi all; I was hoping that someone can give me an informed analysis of the two piece iron spear... Thanks! Gary
  2. I'll drink to that Jerry! Well done... :-) Gary
  3. Thanks for sharing Jerry. Just glad mine wasn't stuffed into a carry on lol. I am not sure of the value of my throwing spear, but I would guess the signed photo with witnesses might help establish its' provenance.
  4. Thanks for the history on such shields! Just sold it to a chap in GB for US 250.
  5. Sorry about the photos. Will try to edit their location. It's for sale currently but I doubt it will sell here in the US. Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121859118847&alt=web Thanks for chiming in! Ulsterman, what is the NAM? An acronym for a war relic reference book? Thanks. Gary
  6. Yes Peter the added work is quite poor. My roommate is a fashion designer here in Manhattan, and he was kind of offended lol.
  7. Indeed Chris--the former owner had a major gallery in his home devoted to the Zulu wars...unfortunately the letters of authenticity on many of the pieces were stolen at the estate sale. The owner passed away in 2007, but I believe the tunic to be from 1903, the date on the tag, with all the alterations made for reenactment or just for display. Thanks Chris!
  8. Hello Peter; Thanks for your input here. It is sad that Milton cannot weigh in on another artifact. I appreciate the need for caution when dealing with the provenance of such an item. One must be careful! Thanks again and happy holidays Gary