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  1. WPS2018

    Authentic? WW2 French Ribbon Bar

    Thank you!
  2. WPS2018

    1er REC Colonial Medal w/ docs

    Holy smokes! Fantastic group!
  3. WPS2018

    Authentic? WW2 French Ribbon Bar

    Hello, I bought this bar solely for the Syria ribbon, however, I have questions about its authenticity. The recipient received the Royal Order of Cambodia, but there is no other indication as to whether or not the recipient served in Indochina. Shouldn't there be an "Extreme Orient" clasp on the Commemorative medal or Colonial Medal with the clasp if the recipient served in that theater? Or is it possible that they never put the clasp on? All thoughts welcome! Thanks! Oh, and I'm unsure of the order of precedence in the French military, is the order correct?
  4. WPS2018

    Pakistani Medal Bars- Real?

    I haven't gotten pictures of the back yet, the seller is out of town and said he'll get back to me ASAP. I'm kind of 50/50 on adding them to my collection, but these are the only ones I can find on a militaria site.
  5. WPS2018

    Pakistani Medal Bars- Real?

    The first group is indeed named. As for the second one I don't think it is as it isn't provided. Will ask for closer pictures of the front and back. I also agree with you in the sense that there isn't really a big incentive to fake Pakistani groups, but with my limited experience I wanted to be sure. My only Pakistani medals are singles and I've been trying to hunt down some Pakistani bars for a solid few months. Also, what would the going price be for these? Thanks, - Nick
  6. Found these two good looking bars. From my perspective they seem legit, as far as I know all the medals are within an appropriate time-span. However, before I purchase them I'd like second opinions. Thoughts? Note: These are the only pictures on the website. Thanks, - Nick
  7. WPS2018

    French Medals for Operations in North Africa

    That's what I figured. Is the medal its self legit?
  8. WPS2018

    French Medals for Operations in North Africa

    All I'm waiting for now is one with a Tunisia and Mauritania bar. I might have the possibility to obtain a medal with Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco bars, however, I'll post pictures if I do decide to purchase it. I am also interested in obtaining medal bars with this medal on it, however, the opportunity hasn't surfaced. I'll be focusing on North Africa for awhile. I hope to complete a collection of these medals (meaning 4 medals with individual clasps, multi-bar medals, and a few mounted medal bar examples) and then move on to the 1909 commemorative medal for Morocco, the Spanish medalsl for the Rif War and Morocco, and then seek out Colonial medals with Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia clasps.
  9. WPS2018

    Question: Overseas Medal Clasp

    I have a question regarding the clasp "Détroit d'Ormuz". I'm aware of it being the strait of Hormuz however, I'm curious as to the nature of the operations and time frame. Thanks, Nick
  10. Hey guys! As you may know I collect militaria pertained to the Middle East and North Africa, whether that be from countries in the Middle East or elsewhere. For some reason I've been on a roll this past week with French medals. Basically jumpstarted a collection. I'm focusing on North Africa Security and Order Operations Commemorative Medals (Médaille Commémorative des Opérations de Sécurité et de Maintien de l'Ordre en Afrique du Nord) along with related medal bars and other medals. I took the liberty of posting the seller's pictures as I am away for college and it will be some time before I can go back home to take pictures. - Nick First one: North Africa and Order Operations medal with a clasp for Algeria which includes the ribbon bar. Second: Same medal but with a clasp for Morocco Third: Another medal with a clasp for Algeria The National Federation for Combatant Prisoners of War and Combatants of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco Medal I believe this is the French North Africa Medal with a clasp for Tunisia. Although, I am curious to know if there were any clasps authorized for this medal.
  11. WOW! Fantastic groups Gunner! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi guys! I'm starting to collect British General Service Medals that have clasps pertaining to operations in the Middle East and S.E Asia. I made my first purchase (which I will post on this forum upon its arrival!), however, I am curious to know the rarity of these clasps and the amount that were awarded (if applicable) - Persian Gulf 1909-1914 - N.W Persia - S Persia - Kurdistan - N Kurdistan - Iraq - Southern Desert Iraq - South Arabia/Arabian Peninsula - Rafdan - Dhofar And feel free to fill in on other claps as well
  13. Okay, so what about the occupation of Iran during WW2, is there anything for that service?
  14. Wow, only 7 thousand were awarded? Is it a rare medal?
  15. Hi! I have a question in regards to service in or around Persia in 1908-1911. For the sake of background I'll explain in the shortest possible way I can. Some of you may be aware of the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 and in its simplest form divided Persia into spheres of influence between Tsarist Russia and Britain to ease tensions between the empires and of course in response to the constitutional government rising in Persia. This treaty gave Russia influence and control over the northern part of the country, and Britain got the southern and eastern part of Persia that bordered British India. So, my question is are there any clasps for any of the general service medals that was for service in Persia in and around this time? I'm aware of the Naval General Service Medal in which there is a clasp for the Persian Gulf 1908-1911 but, is there a clasp for any other medals? Say, for land forces? Thanks! - Nick