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  1. This was from an auction catalog. Indeed not perfect quality But as you can see also on the document shown dy Dansson, all forms for the German soldiers (and in German laguage) have the same date 3. July 1919. A document for Finnish citiziens looks different (the picture is slightly cut at the top an bottom due to scanners size) regards Tomasz
  2. I have also father of this beuaty The owner was Dr. Carl Wilhelm Rosenlew. greetings Tomasz
  3. Hi, here is my modest contribution to Finland Minis thread Please look at the perfect manufacturing, including clasps, devices, hallmarks and maker marks. regards Tomasz
  4. Sorry, I have no idea. Just read the description on But hopefully here is a Baden specialist on our forum, which could explain the mystery regards Tomasz
  5. Thank you. Yes, I know the Mondvor website. Will compare the marked details tomorrow at the daylight again. But I am still loking for other opinions regards Tomasz
  6. Not exactly. The medal was established in September 1918, awarded already since about mid-year 1919. Then 14 648 of the War of Liberty medal was sent by the Finnish Ministry of War to Germany, asking the German authorities to distribute them. Award documents for Germans are dated 3. July 1919, but the medals were distributed also in early 1920's.
  7. Great example. As you can see, there is Finnish medal of Liberation War 1918 as the last one. regards Tomasz
  8. Additional, better pictures of the second medal. Now all should be clear
  9. Thanks for confirmation. And this one? I suppose this is good 2nd type?
  10. As I have suspected. Thank you.
  11. Hi Gentlemen, this medal for Defence of Odessa has poor relief details, especially on the soldiers figures. Is this a worn original or a copy? What are you opinions? thank you Tomasz