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  1. Finland medals

    The Suojeluskunta (Civil Guard) Merit corss was established in silver and iron grade (silver is scarce, ca. 500 only awarded). Two last shields are shooting awards of local SK detachments. This one in the pocket button hole is possibly Estonian Kaitselit (Defence League) member badge.
  2. Agreed. Same "award" was already discussed on WAF. This neither Hanseatic War Merit Cross, nor a Kriegerverein member corss. regards Tomasz
  3. Right, for sure not Emipre. Possibly between 1919 and 1935
  4. The best source for the Iron Crosses 1813, 1870 and 1914 is the book by Frank Wernitz (German & English issues available), published 2013 by Verlag Militaria in Vienna: https://www.militaria.at/Book.aspx?book=1008000&Language=de greetings Tomasz
  5. Hi, cross seems to be known variant with "V" manufacturer's mark (maker not identified), iron core type M. Characteristic for this version is 9 touching the following 1 in the date 1914. Ring is a reduced original. regards Tomasz
  6. Hi, let me show this bar: nothing very special, and well worn, but has his charm
  7. Here is one more Saxon bar. At the last place was probably a Saxon veterans associaton medal - and replaced by EKF after 1934. regards Tom
  8. EKI made with maker mark L59.

    Looks OK for me. There were a few versions of the pin-set and maker's mark. You can compare here: http://www.ek1-dna.de/l59-alois-rettenmaier,-schwaebisch-gmuend.html regards Tom
  9. A Bavarian bar, no combat awards, but interesting (I hope )
  10. Nice and very scarce box There is still the old name of decoration on its lid (on March 2nd 1918 the official name was changed from the Militär-Verdienst-Medaille (Military Merit Medal) to Tapferkeits-Medaille (Bravery Medal)
  11. As I have read on a Slovak forum, the type with incsription "Javorina Orava" was awarded to the members of foreign armies. In this case probably to a soldier of Wehrmacht units, which had invaded Poland from the Slovak territory (September 1939).
  12. Right, these Bavarians didn't have inscription, my mistake Congratuliations!
  13. Very good looking bar with scarce Bravery Medal (less than 3000 awarded only). Has the medal inscription on the edge?
  14. Especially the back differ form the awarded originals. But your type is for sure less common PS. Also the door is different. Interesting piece