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  1. SA-Wehrabzeichen = SA Sports Badge, in Bronze. Proficiency book with award citation
  2. Paul von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg Generalfeldmarschall and Superme Army Commander in WW1 Reichspräsident 1925-1934 Image: handwritten signature as President of Germany, on a congratulatory certificate, 1929
  3. Yes, so called Zweitstücke (private purchased second pieces) without inscription are known. They were used for medal bars or as replacement for lost or damaged medal. regards Tomasz
  4. Here please two examples of the rim inscription greetings Tomasz
  5. General der Panzertruppe Gustav von Vaerst Born: 19.4.1894 Died: 10.10.1975 Highest rank reached: General der Panzertruppe Kdr. 15. Panzer-Division Führer 5. Panzerarmee Ritterkreuz: 30.7.1940 Image: EK2 citation of 26.4.1942
  6. Generalmajor Albrecht Wüstenhagen Born: 19.10.1892 Died: 26.04.1944 (killed in action at the Ostfront) Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Führer 110. Infanterie-Division Kommandeur 256. Infanterie-Division DKiG: 7.03.1942 Ritterkreuz 2.12.1942 Image: EK2 citation, as Kommandeur 256. Infanterie-Division
  7. tompress

    Hitler, Adolf

    Promotion document, 1938
  8. Another form, without depiction of the badge in background.
  9. Scarce type, printed form dedicated to the 3. Sicherungs-Division
  10. Also the Silver FAM (Friedrich August Medal) of Saxony was awarded to ranks from the segreant (Feldwebel) down.
  11. Another type, with "DER FÜHRER / ADOLF HITLER" printed below, blind stamp, but no other signatures. Curiosilty: issued on 20. April 1945, Hitlers last birthday.
  12. EK2 citation, scarce early form, with printed location and year: Im Westen, den ..... 1940
  13. Generalmajor Otto von Knobelsdorff Born: 31.03.1886 Died: 21.10.1966 Highest rank reached: General der Panzertruppe Kdr. 19. Infanterie-Division Kdr. 19. Panzer-Division Führer X. Armeekorps Kommandierender General II. Armeekorps Führer XXXXVIII. Panzerkorps Kommandierender General XXXX. Panzerkorps DKiG: 16.02.1943 Ritterkreuz 17.09.1941 Eichenlaub (322.) 12.11.1943 Schwerter (100.) 21.09.1944 Image: EK2 citation from 30.07.1940 as Kdr. 19. Division (fascimile signature)
  14. Generalmajor Eduard Muhr Born: 5.08.1893 Died: 27.12.1944 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kdr. 15. Flak-Division DKiG: 6.03.1944 Image: Flakkampabzeichen citation, as Kommandeur 15. Flak-Division
  15. Another type, issued 21.12.1943 for a lieutenant in Flakregiment 24. Original handwritten signature of Eduard Muhr, Generalmajor u. Divisionskommandeur (15. Flak-Division)
  16. Hi, so looks an awarded original. regards Tomasz
  17. Kapitän zur See Anselm Lautenschlager Born: 10.3.1888 Died: 18.3.1958 Führer 18. Minensuchflottille 2. Führer Minensuchboote-Westfrankreich Führer 4. Sicherungs-Division Inspekteur Minenräumdienst Donau DKiG: 12.2.1942 Image: Minesweeper Badge citation from 1.10.1942 as Führer der 4. Sicherungsdivision
  18. A different type, with Original handwritten signature: Anselm Lautenschlager, Kapitän zur See und Führer der 4. Sicherungsdivision
  19. Generalmajor Hans-Joachim Baurmeister Born: 28.10.1898 Died: 13.02.1950 Kdr. Grenadier-Regiment 1. Kdr. 1. Infanterie-Division Kdr. 371. Infanterie-Division Kdr. 290. Infanterie-Division DKiG: 21.10.1943 Image: EK2 citation from 1.01.1945 as Kdr. 290. Infanterie-Division
  20. Oberst Karl von Graffen Born: 6.06.1893 Died: 1.11.1964 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kdr. 58. Infanterie-Division Kdr. LXXVI. Panzerkorps DKiG: 24.12.1941 RK: 13.08.1942 Image: EK2 award document from 25.06.1942 as Oberst & Kommander 58. ID
  21. Generaloberst Richard Ruoff Born: 18.08.1883 Died: 30.03.1967 Kommandierender General V. Armeekorps Befehlshaber Wehrkreis V. Oberbefehlshaber 4. Panzerarmee Oberbefehlshaber 17. Armee RK: 30.06.1941 Image: EK2 award document of 10. Septmeber 1942 as 17th Army chief commander
  22. Admiral Hubert Schmundt Born: 19.09.1888 Died: 17.10.1984 Befehlshaber der Kreuzer Admiral Nordmeer Oberbefehlshaber des Marineoberkommandos Ostsee RK: 14.06.1940 Image: KVK2 award document from 1.09.1943
  23. Generalleutnant Edgar Theissen Highest rank reached: General der Artillerie Born: 14.02.1890 Died: 20.06.1968 Kdr. 262. Infanterie-Division Kommandierende General LXI. Reservekorps DKiG: 11.01.1942 After the war he has studied theology and became Catholic priest 1952, Monsignore 1958. Image: award document to Ostmedaille, 15.08.1942, as Kdr 262. ID