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  1. just read my copy, very good. My compliments for the nice job!
  2. Here you go Paul. Tunic no longer in my collection!
  3. hi paul, I once had a white km summer tunic with medical shoulderboards, don't have it anymore though
  4. So that's why i can't find any polish stuff Fantastic collection Greg!
  5. Very nice Eduardo, lovely set. I think that's one of the best and nicest things to do with a collani. Is there anyone that has period photo's of the blue km reiter hoses in wear?
  6. Ah, ok, so with device colours, you mean those eichels, i know what you mean know. About the different types, could the following been worn by kusten units? - Rifle and machine guns, would be obvious that they are for kusten units to. - Light AA
  7. Thank you for the reply Eduardo, but i don't really understand all of it. What do you mean with "it doesn't have any device"? Do you mean that the km schnur was used for several parts of the kriegsmarine? The same cord for flak personnel, artillerie personnel etc.? Is this what you mean?
  8. This question is for the coastal artillerie interested. I'm looking for books about the coastal artillery/flak units, regiments etc. Been searching the web for books about this, but couldn't find a lot of books. Some books that know of: - Das Buch der deutschen Kriegsmarine 1935-1945 - Geschichte,Organisation,Schiffe from Mallmann - Der Atlantikwall - Die Bauten der deutschen K?stenbefestigung 1940-1945 from Rudi Rolf The books have to deal with Holland and the coastal defence there. Hope some of you can list some titles.
  9. Eduardo, that schutzensnur of yours, it is the 4e stufe, right and also the highest one if i'm correct?
  10. Thank you Hank, this is what i'm looking for, not the unit i'm in search for, but now i know how they wrote down the units. Very nice wp Hank!
  11. hello Simon, Thank you for your reply. I've also seen a lot of awards for Marine Flak units and there the unit is listed the way i thought they would. But still wondering about wp's. If you think about it, they list the unit on awards, then they would probably also list it on the unit entries in the wp. What's your opinion? Still strange that these wp's are so rare to find..