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  1. bigjarofwasps

    George Cross

    Has anyone ever won them both?
  2. There's two reverses for the RUC/PNSI Special Constabulary Medal if that counts?
  3. bigjarofwasps

    George Cross

    Yes it comes after the VC. Although it's an equal medal, I suspect it comes second because it's a newer award.
  4. On the 23rd of March in 1895, there is an article in the newspapers of an extraordinary explosion that took place at Fenchurch Street Railway Station where an elderly man was literally blown to pieces. He was a gardener to a Plaistow doctor and had been sent to a Fleet Street opticians to collect some sides and an oxygen cylinder for a magic show that was being put on. Whilst sitting on a seat, on the platform, he accidentally dropped the oxygen cylinder and the resulting explosion was so powerful that people thought that a railway locomotive engine boiler had exploded. Chief Inspector Izzard took charge of the incident and body parts were placed in a couple of hampers, until a shell from the local City Mortuary arrived. Thanks again Alan, for a most interesting read!!!!! One cannot imagine what the scene that presented itself to the Insp Izzard must have been like!!!
  5. Four City of London Police medals just popped up on EBay, if your still looking?
  6. Pretty much ANYBODY who joins up today could be the next contender!!!!!!
  7. How times of changed. No body armour, baton or even cuffs!!!!!!
  8. There's always G4S, I suppose.......................................
  9. Chris, did you ever get to the bottom of this?
  10. I can't help but think, that in the future we'll see less and less people staying for the 20 years qualification period for the LSGC. Despite the potential for people being able to to do 40+ years with the latest pension scheme, thus qualifying for any bar that maybe awarded in the future. I believe that it'll just be something that people do for a few years in order to put onto their CV's. Especially once having to have a degree to join in the first place takes effect. Whose going to want to work for a degree to earn as a top wack PC 36K a year on shifts when they could earn potentially double that in the private sector working sociable hours, having done a few years in the police?