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  1. Am curious to know whether it's possible to put a name to either of these chaps?
  2. Ladies/Gents, Can anyone shine any light on the role of a Metropolitan police reserve officer in Edwardian period? Where they like a modern day special constable? I know the chap I'm interested in joined up in 1890 (would he have joined as a reserve?), certainly by 1906 he was listed as a reserve, finally retiring in 1917.
  3. Many thanks. I remember the Police Orders website, such a shame they took it off line.
  4. Many thanks Odin. How easy is this information to obtain, does it require a trip to Kew?
  5. Thanks Tom (re reserves). With regards to war reserves, would they revert back to the rank of constable or would an inspector remain as such? Am I right in thinking that they'd just be posted to which ever division needed them, or would they go back to their old division?
  6. Thanks Odin, that's very interesting. I wonder why they bothered having them and not just have them as a normal officer? Just out of further curiosity how did they progress during WW2? If an officer had retired with the rank of Insp, would they have served as an Insp (reserve) during WW2? Would they have gone back to their old division? Is there any records for reserve officer postings during the war?
  7. Nice that the "gap" in the information about J HUGHES can be beyond reasonable doubt ascertained as this chap. I would further offer that I have the entire nominal roll for Caernarfon Constabulary in September 1950. J HUGHES appears in the list of names under Supt O G EAMES and Insps I EVANS & Ll ROBERTS (assume this to be Llewelyn). If any of these senior Officers can be narrowed down to a particular area or even station this will give us an idea as to which station John HUGHES was based at.............?
  8. Can anyone tell me what permitted to resign means?
  9. The chap I'm looking at was allowed to resign in 1893 from C Division (Met).
  10. Thanks guys. I had a suspicion that this might be the case. I'd be curious to know of any examples that research has uncovered with regards to police officers being allowed to resign. I would have thought that most cases would be pretty straight forward like being drunk on duty for instance.
  11. Anyone help me out with this one? Can't find seem to find him... 1897 Jubilee medal to PC J.GARIN E.DIVISION.
  12. Has anyone ever come across an example of a medal named to an none H Division officer, but who was involved in an incident whereby he gave evidence with his parent Divisional details at court for an incident that took place within H Division, so it can be assumed that he must have been drafted into H Division for the anti-Jack patrols. I don't know if such an example exists, but surely with the "hundreds" of officers drafted in (PC Frederick WENSLEY L Division is an example), surely one of them must have made an arrest for something that ended up in a court hearing? I have been searching for sometime now but haven't turned anything up yet. I am mainly basing my search on Old Bailey trials. But perhaps the press reports on local court hearings might also be a source? Has anyone ever come across an example or have one in their collections perhaps, I would very much like to hear from anyone who can offer an example.
  13. Ladies/Gents, I was pondering the concept of why Welsh forces can't have Cwnst instead of Const for example on the rim of their LSGC's. Surely this would be covered by the Welsh language act? I wonder why it has been approached before, maybe it has? Anyone got any thoughts or opinions they'd like the share on the matter? From a collector researching aspect, if would certainly narrow down the field significantly wouldn't it? Welsh Ranks Constable - Cwnstabl Sergeant - Rhingyll Inspector - Arolygydd Chief Inspector - Prif Arolygydd Superintendent - Uwcharolygydd Chief Superintendent - Prif Uwcharolygydd Chief Constable - Prif Cwnstabl
  14. Dave, that's interesting so Mr ROWLEY was awarded his LSGC as the Chief of Surrey. Going back to Welsh examples, I will keep ob's and see what the highest rank in Welsh naming I can find. If anyone else can assist, I for one would be very interested.
  15. Here is an example of a RHINGYLL (Sgt), you will note that the style of naming was stamp engraved as apposed to laser engraved. Which would suggest that this example was issued sometime ago? So it would appear that perhaps Welsh named medals have in fact been around for sometime.....
  16. General Service Medal 2008?

    Where is Op LEEWAY?
  17. General Service Medal 2008?

    First 46 2008 GSM's issued............... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-secretary-awards-new-medal-to-46-troops I assume this will go along with the previous GSM, whereby one with medal multiple clasps as apposed to the OSM whereby multiple medals awarded, to a single serviceman/women.
  18. Dave, mission accomplished! Here we have it.............
  19. I recently bought on ebay, a group of documents relating to a Bobby from Durham Constabulary. In these documents was two of his PNB`s one of which gives details of the murder of an Officer from Burton on Trent, murdered by an Amercian Service man. I think this may have been PC Brinley Booth, who was blungeoned to death, whilst affecting an arrest, can anyone confirm this for me, and supply me any additional information?
  20. Kevin, unfortunately I don't have these pocket notes books any more. I can't even remember what I did with them (it was 12 years ago). I must have swapped them for something else, am really sorry I can't shine any more light on this for you .
  21. I have spoken with someone within HR and was informed that you can have your medal engraved in Welsh and it seems that loads of officers have chosen to have their medals engraved with such, so it appears there are examples out there, keep your eyes peeled!!!!
  22. Nice group!!! Nice price as well mind ....
  23. What a cracking group!!!!!! This group is a particular favourite of mine. No idea whether it still exists, but the fact that it did at one time, I think is brilliant.