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  1. Am curious to know if a US service person, was awarded a British medal (say a Military Cross), what would the order of wear be? Would it be worn before US campaign medals but after US gallantry medals or worn after all US medals?
  2. Gallantry Awards naming....?

    Interesting. So by that rational would an off duty police constable's George Medal be named to PC **** Met Police?
  3. Ladies/Gents, Can anyone confirm for me which numbered Divisions equate to which area? I believe that the numbered Divisions are related to the various London docks, but which is which?
  4. Thanks Dave, that's really interesting & sad at the same time. Especially with regards to PC Rowlands. I'd be interested to know more about the incident, where did it occur. With the subsequent amalgamations does this mean that NWP can claim his George Medal? I seem to recall seeing a KPM (gallantry) in a display case in Wrexham station years ago. Not sure whose it was or what the circumstances of it where either? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/arthur-rowlands-policeman-who-was-awarded-the-george-medal-8468693.html This newspaper report suggests that "He and the three colleagues who arrested his assailant were awarded the George Medal." Are the other two Officers known? Here's a photograph of the names on the rear of this picture. You can just make out a few of the names, some of them are really difficult to make out when your looking at it directly. But I'll try and copy them out, from the original when I get a minute.
  5. Cheers Tom makes perfect sense now!!!! Can you or anyone else answer my other question? "Due to the fact that these Divisions came under Metropolitan Police, is the research potential for their officers the same for them as regards, service papers, etc. Where all the officers trained in London and then posted to these divisions or where they trained locally"?
  6. Thanks Dave, that is very interesting. Curious how the docks within the Met area weren't covered by the Met but ones as a far a field as Wales were?
  7. Due to the fact that these Divisions came under Metropolitan Police, is the research potential for their officers the same for them as regards, service papers, etc. Where all the officers trained in London and then posted to these divisions or where they trained locally. Why did the East End docks not have their own number force?
  8. Has anyone got any experience of researching officers disciplinary offences, who could offer me some advice? What type of information would be contained, if I can find his entry? The officer in question is PC William Arthur WHIFFEN - Disciplinary Offence as 250H in Jan 1900 while he was serving in H Div.
  9. Many thanks Odin, that all makes very interesting reading and I know we should condone such outrageous behaviour but it did bring a smile to my face. Of course the next question is were can I find the relevant police orders? Will this require a visit to Kew? Anyone going to Kew?
  10. Many thanks Odin. Am I understanding this correctly then that the 1918 strike resulted in no sackings (but if there was, the men were reinstated?). It was the "Dessent" chaps of 1919 that all got sacked and never served again? Interestingly I have come across several examples of medals to sacked chaps recently don't know if that's just been my good fortune or if they appear regularly. I assume the N division one command a premium?
  11. I hope so, I'll keep the thread updated with any developments.
  12. Metropolitan Police. Is there a list of officers that went on strike, but weren't sacked? (in 1918 & 1919). I have a trio to an officer who didn't retire until October 1919, I'd be curious to know if he striked or not, being so close to drawing his pension. He was in S Division at the time, in Chistlehurst. Which division(s) had the most sacked officers? I wonder how many officers striked in 1918 but were not sacked , but where then sacked for striking again in 1919.
  13. There is a consensus that perhaps all the Bobbies in this picture weren't all stationed at Corwen, but had been drafted in just for the Eisteddfod. I'm not sure myself, they all seem to have C on their collars, which I assume is for Corwen? If you break them down into rotas (excluding the senior officers), 7 on a rota perhaps 3 rotas, seems to be 3 Sgt's in their and a couple of Lance Jack's. Not entirely sure what they are, senior Bobbies I assume?
  14. What a great story. I wonder how it came to end up in the garden. Why don't I ever find things like that .
  15. Not a good day to ring in sick then ..... Dave, Just out of interest, did any of the North Wales forces go on strike?
  16. Dave that's great and in far better condition than the one at the station. The names are written on the back in pen as if someone knew who they all were. It's been sent off to be framed, before I could copy out the names, so standby on that...............
  17. Dave, that is certainly very interesting. I will attempt to ascertain the names of all the Officers, which is on the back on the one in the nick, if you'd be interested? As I've mentioned above there all called Jones and the like so researching them would be like a needle in a hay stake I imagine!!! I would be interested to learn whether their medals were named?
  18. I was going to say it wasn't just the Met that went on strike, although they do appear to have drawn most of the lime light. There's a book called `The Night the Police went on strike` by Gerald W Reynolds & Anthony Judge, that is well worth a read.
  19. Here is a copy of the photograph of the Officers from Corwen, North Wales in 1919. You can just make out that most of them have the 1911 Coronation medal, several of the men on the back row appear to have 3 and 4 medals, which I assume are WW1 or Boer War medals?
  20. Is this roll by name or force? Did you ever get round to going to Kew? I'd be interesting in knowing how many medals were awarded to Denbighshire Constabulary. There's an old photo in Corwen Station dated 1919 and most of the bobbies on there appear to have the 1911 medal, think there must be about 20 or so of them, there all named as well, but there all Jones, Evans, etc as you can imagine, but a couple of them you can just make out their collar numbers. I'll see if I can get a copy of it and post it on the site.
  21. So that's a no from Craig then. Tongue in cheek as it might be, I think you might be right, as time goes by policing will become just something people do for a few years, just to put onto their CV's .
  22. 10 tours!! What is this place?

    Was surfing the net when I came across two medal groups, with a particular medal that had been awarded 10 times in one group and 6 in the other. I've tried to identify it, but have been unable to so, can anyone identify it?