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  1. Ladies/Gents, I was pondering the concept of why Welsh forces can't have Cwnst instead of Const for example on the rim of their LSGC's. Surely this would be covered by the Welsh language act? I wonder why it has been approached before, maybe it has? Anyone got any thoughts or opinions they'd like the share on the matter? From a collector researching aspect, if would certainly narrow down the field significantly wouldn't it? Welsh Ranks Constable - Cwnstabl Sergeant - Rhingyll Inspector - Arolygydd Chief Inspector - Prif Arolygydd Superintendent - Uwcharolygydd Chief Superintendent - Prif Uwcharolygydd Chief Constable - Prif Cwnstabl
  2. Here is an example of a RHINGYLL (Sgt), you will note that the style of naming was stamp engraved as apposed to laser engraved. Which would suggest that this example was issued sometime ago? So it would appear that perhaps Welsh named medals have in fact been around for sometime.....
  3. bigjarofwasps

    General Service Medal 2008?

    Where is Op LEEWAY?
  4. bigjarofwasps

    General Service Medal 2008?

    First 46 2008 GSM's issued............... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-secretary-awards-new-medal-to-46-troops I assume this will go along with the previous GSM, whereby one with medal multiple clasps as apposed to the OSM whereby multiple medals awarded, to a single serviceman/women.
  5. Dave, mission accomplished! Here we have it.............
  6. Kevin, unfortunately I don't have these pocket notes books any more. I can't even remember what I did with them (it was 12 years ago). I must have swapped them for something else, am really sorry I can't shine any more light on this for you .
  7. I recently bought on ebay, a group of documents relating to a Bobby from Durham Constabulary. In these documents was two of his PNB`s one of which gives details of the murder of an Officer from Burton on Trent, murdered by an Amercian Service man. I think this may have been PC Brinley Booth, who was blungeoned to death, whilst affecting an arrest, can anyone confirm this for me, and supply me any additional information?
  8. I have spoken with someone within HR and was informed that you can have your medal engraved in Welsh and it seems that loads of officers have chosen to have their medals engraved with such, so it appears there are examples out there, keep your eyes peeled!!!!
  9. Nice group!!! Nice price as well mind ....
  10. What a cracking group!!!!!! This group is a particular favourite of mine. No idea whether it still exists, but the fact that it did at one time, I think is brilliant.
  11. Have you by chance got the son's medals or know what he was entitled to? I'm looking to try and ascertain medal groups to bobbies that had the 1911 coronation medal and the WW2 defence medal (for police service). Particularly pairs like Percy may have had, whereby he had unbroken police service from being awarded the 1911 medal and being awarded the defence medal.
  12. The more I look into this the more I'm inclined to agree with you Paul. I think there's more chance of a bobby having the 1911 medal and a WW2 defence medal, than a Crimea & 1887 medal.
  13. Would be interesting if such a group could be identified. I was thinking perhaps of a chap who was a drummer boy aged 15 or so, leaves the army aged 20 or so in 1860, 27 years later (he's still only in his late 40's) gets the 1887 medal?
  14. Has anyone got a photograph of a H Division helmet plate that they could share with me? I've scoured the internet and can seem to find an example from every division, except H!!!
  15. That I suppose would mean designing & minting an entirely new medal, I can't see them doing that, although it is an interesting concept. But I assume just changing the ranking would be pretty straight forward?
  16. Paul, duly noted. HOWEVER how many of these other locations have an act of parliament which makes it law to have things bilingually? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Language_Act_1993
  17. I was researching something else when I cam across this.. I'm curious to know whether the medal would be awarded to Capt Gold RAMC or just Mark Gold? As I'm assuming he was home of leave at the time (and off duty?) Assuming it's named to Capt Gold RAMC would the same be true if he'd been a Constable or Firefighter who was off duty?
  18. Just out of interest how easy is it to research City of London Police Officers, who were awarded the 1887 & 1897 Jubilee Medals?
  19. The names of the officers in the photo have been written on the back of the photo, at some point. *** denote were the print was so worn it can't be made out. italics denote were the text was very poor condition and I've made an educated guess as to what I think it could be. Sadly some of officers we'll never know what their names are (from this source anyway) as the text is totally worn out. Back Row Left to Right PC A H WILLIAMS PC David THOMAS PC Griffith WILLIAMS PC Morgan DAVIES PC Jesse ROBERTS PS Grigg DAVIES Insp O C Davies Second Row Left to Right PS David ROBERTS Insp W D WILLIAMS ***** JONES PC Maybury MO***** (MORRIS) Insp D L DAVIES PC Owen JONES PC John JONES ** R D ROBERTS *** J J GRIFFITHS ** E ******** Front Row Left to Right PC J M JONES PC Morgan JONES PS J MORGAN JONES SUPT D T ********* Chief Constable Richard JONES SUPT J F EVANS PS J BERNARD PS John LLOYD PC Evan DAVIES
  20. This medal and accompanying letter sold recently on Ebay for £82.39. Bit pricey I thought, but there can't be many examples of the letter in existence?
  21. Am curious to know if a US service person, was awarded a British medal (say a Military Cross), what would the order of wear be? Would it be worn before US campaign medals but after US gallantry medals or worn after all US medals?
  22. bigjarofwasps

    Gallantry Awards naming....?

    Interesting. So by that rational would an off duty police constable's George Medal be named to PC **** Met Police?
  23. Ladies/Gents, Can anyone confirm for me which numbered Divisions equate to which area? I believe that the numbered Divisions are related to the various London docks, but which is which?