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  1. Even though the Met Museum has closed, does anyone known whether they still carry out research? Or is all that information just gathering dust? Re PC Fairhall, he certainly was a jammy guy, to only be in 10 days and get a gong!!!! Some Bobbies do their enter career and not get one!!!!!
  2. Interesting questions and to be honest I don`t know, have you tried the Met Museum? I take it he did serve in the Met. However, thinking about it I don`t think that this medal was issued on mass, I think it was a bit like the 1977 one, where on a few got it, but you never know PC Fairhall might have been one of the few.
  3. animal It might be of interest to know, that I`ve located an old fella who remembers the guy whose medal I`ve got, he`s in the process of trying to find out more about him for me, also to see if a picture exists, if he has any luck I`ll post my findings.
  4. bigjarofwasps

    The Purple Heart

    Basically, its the same as the army one, except its to the police, the only differance is that its got a sheriffs star instead of George Washington. To win it the Officer has to be injuried whilst upholding law and order, and has to have medical treatment, i.e stitches, or broken bone, etc, etc. I think its the Califonia Sheriffs Dept, that issue it. I`ve never seen one, come up for sale. I`ll see if I can dig a picture out and a bit more info.
  5. Has anyone ever come across any of the medals to the officers in this picture?
  6. bigjarofwasps


    animal The new Operation Service Medal, same medal as for Seirre Lionne (sorry can`t spell it). But it has a differance ribbon. A nice medal, similar, to the old GSM, but it has no bars, and the back is differant.
  7. bigjarofwasps

    The Purple Heart

    animal It maybe of interest to know, that there is a Purple Heart, availalbe to Police Officers was well. If your interested, I`ll dig out the Criteria for it?
  8. animal All the Officers on this picture are either Insp 0r Chief Insp, but all the ones in the fron row, are S.D Insp, and have stars on there collars. Can anyone tell me what a S.D Insp is?
  9. :violent-smiley-017: After much messing about, I`ve now managed to gain access, and I must say once you`ve got it to work its very very good. Whilst trying to research a guy whose medal I have, I discovered that he`d served in J Div during the Ripper Events!!!!! So I was well chuffed!!!! wub.gif
  10. flame Hi, Is anyone a member of the above website, I`ve tried and tried to register, have been given a userID and password, waited the 24 hour period requested!!TWICE flame flame flame , and still it won`t let me log on. Can I ask if anyone is a member, if I give you a few names will you check them out for me? :food-smiley-004: Kind regards, Gordon Caldecott
  11. Check out the website Casebook Jack the Ripper, its got everything you could possibley want to know!!!! jumping
  12. Hi, I`d very much like to hear from anyone who has an interest in the Ripper case, of particular interest to me is the street bobbies roll in the case. Can anyone tell me which Divisions supplied extra bobbies to go into Whitechapel to help out. I believe that A Div sent some (PC Long), who found the writng on the wall, and L Div had a CID Officer dressed as a women. Surely the immidiate surrounding Div`s would also have sent guys, ie K Div,G Div? Has anyone got any thoughts or evidence that might be of help, if so I`d very much like to hear from you. Gordon.
  13. and her she is........
  14. animal One, Catherine Eddowes, in Mitre Square. On the night of the double event.
  15. Dear All, I recently picked up this picture from ebay, and am curious to find out more or indeed anything about this man. On the rear of the picture (which I will attempt to post below), it says `Portrait of a Special Constable - (a word I can`t distinguish) attended by his Staff January 1868`. Has anyone any idea who this guy was? Did Hull Police have Special Constables in 1868? Why would a Special Constable, be attended by his Staff? I did think that maybe he was the Chief Constable at that time, but this is not the case. Another thought was maybe a Special Constable, might have been written by a sweet heart or something, as regards, a special person? Who knows. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please, do drop me a line. I intend to consult a census for as near 1868 as I can, to see if there are any John Gough`s living in Hull in 1868. Having problems posting the pictures, will try below.
  16. Thanks that is interesting, just out of further interest, if a Bobby had been sent to Whitechapel, would that information appear on his service papers, (which can be obtained from Ray Seal at the Met Museum?)
  17. Hi, I`m curious to know, if A Div of the Met Police, covers the same area as A Div of the City Police? Can anyone shine any light on this for me? Cheers.
  18. bigjarofwasps

    A Division

    Any ideas as to which Div of the City Police covers Mitre Square, of Ripper fame?
  19. bigjarofwasps

    A Division

    City of London A Div, for 1910-14? Any ideas?
  20. bigjarofwasps

    Best modern Assault Rifle?

    Yes I think your just about hit the nail on the head, with all you comments there!! wub.gif :violent-smiley-007: :violent-smiley-017: