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  1. Could someone identify the 3 Latvian gov't military badges shown & possibly value. 


    1. bigjarofwasps


      I suggest you post your request on the Baltic States thread page.

  2. Hi there, Old news I know but I read in a posting that you bought off ebay a coronation medal for a casualty of HMS Hogue. Do you have the name or any details of who the medal was for?




    Martin Lepley



    1. bigjarofwasps


      Hi Martin, my word that is a blast from the past. It's a medal I sold (and have regretted in later years). From what I recall he was a City of London bobby. I feel sure I would have threaded something about him on here. Leave it with me I'll have a look through my old threads and see if I can find him. Regards, Gordon.

      Hi Martin, hope this helps.............

      Able Seaman William Drayner, he was K.I.A in Sept 1914, when HMS Hogue was sunk in the North Sea. He was a reserve sailor, who had joined in about 1899, and left in 1910, to join the City of London Police, I know he is entitled to the 1911 Coronation medal. He was then recalled to the colours, in 1914, having been a Bobby for 4 years.