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  1. Since starting this thread, I have come aware that Thomas ARNOLD of H Division fame was a veteran of the Crimean War.. He joined B Division on 19 March 1855 and resigned on 20 September 1855 to fight in the Crimean War. At the end of hostilities he rejoined the Police on 29 September 1856, being attached to K Division. So he certainly would have had both medals. Would be interesting to know which clasps he qualified for and what if any previous military service he had?
  2. Ladies/Gents, Just out of interest does anyone know whether such a medal group exists?
  3. Stumbled across this, thought it might be of interest..... Man Discovers $2.4 Million in Gold in Ex-Army Tank...A tank collector in the United Kingdom was in for a surprise when he and his mechanic opened one of his tank's diesel fuel tanks. Inside were gold bars totaling approximately $2.4 million dollars. The tank came into possession of Nick Mead, a tank collector and owner of Tanks Alot, a company that offers tanks and other armored vehicles for driving classes, private events, and television and film appearances. Mead found the tank, an ex-Iraqi Army Type 69, on sale on eBay and traded it for an Abbot self-propelled howitzer and a British Army truck. Mead and his mechanic, Todd Chamberlain, were filming the opening of the fuel tank because they had already found machine gun ammunition in the armored vehicle and wanted video proof in case more ammunition was found. They pulled out five gold bars weighing about twelve pounds worth an estimated $2.4 million. The gold was handed over to authorities, and Mead has placed a receipt for the bars of bullion in a safe deposit box.
  4. I would assume Kilburn itself as Divisional Headquarters, as I imagine that would have been where Olive was stationed. Being the senior officer, I assume that the other officers would have come to him for the picture as apposed to him going to another station?
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me when Supt Olive was at X Div? Judging by his photo, I think it must have been early last century, can anyone shine any light on this for me. Also included in the photo are various Chief Insps and Insps.... Sygrove Collison Whittle Ball Dingle Douglas Baxter Reid Taylor Macer Ricketts Perry Instance Dauncey Sellors Cosgrove Morgan Barrett Parker Lvie Richards. All have at least two medals each. They are all wearing peaked caps, two of them are in civvies, which look late Victorian to Pre-WW1 style. If anyone has any thoughts I`d very much like to hear from you. Gordon.
  6. Despite what you might see on Facebook or up for auction on Ebay. Pound coins dated 2016 are NOT rare or worth thousands!!!!!!! Simply the Royal Mint started producing them last year ready for release, hence the 2016 date. I further fear that all this hype about flawed examples, will prove to be nothing exciting in the coin collecting world either. By all means sit on any examples you may have, as who knows, but don't rush out and spending your hard earned cash to buy everyone you find on Ebay, under the delusion that they'll be an investment.
  8. Cracked, warped and missing middles: thousands of new £1 coins 'have major production flaws'
  9. I've heard talk of a new GSM `08, which is supposed to run along side the OSM. It appears bars for the new GSM have already been authorised and yet I can find no information or pictures about this new medal on the internet (other than a New Zealand one). Has anyone else heard of this or is my information incorrect?
  10. Ladies/Gents, Has anyone got an interest in this unit? Can you tell me what if, any tanks the unit used? Where these tanks part of this division, or did they just support tanks from another division?
  11. Who are these then? I assume something different again and not to be confused with the 4th Polizei Division?
  12. Comes into circulation today.....................
  13. Found this book as well (again very expensive), but would appear to hold the key.....................
  14. To any experts on the subject who my be viewing my thread and pulling their hair out, please forgive my ignorance, but I believe that there was something also again called the Polizei Panzer Company and not to be confused with the 4th. They appear to have been along the same lines of the 4th i.e formed from en from Ordnungspolizei. They do appear to have been involved in combat as well as normal policing duties, but they also appear to have had heavier tanks, than their SS counterparts? No Tigers or Panthers granted (that I can find), but certainly captured Russian armour.
  15. Found these, which I assume to be early war uniform examples?
  16. Thanks again Spasm, such an interesting subject, what a shame there is virtually no books about them!!
  17. Looking a little more closely at it, I'm not sure just how authentic it is? Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the anti-partisan badge was never issued to anyone, other than the one Himmler awarded to himself for some reason. That being said what badges would the 4th have qualified for? Would they have qualified for the Kuban shoulder shield?
  18. Thanks Steve. No, just something I stumbled across whilst surfing the internet for more information on this unit.
  19. Thanks Steve!! Re number 1, sorry I meant the metal breast badge as apposed to the medal ribbon.
  20. Can anyone identify the numbered badges for me? I suspect that the Polizei Division (per say), ceased to exist in it's original form (i.e made up of Ordnungspolizei ), in August 1941, where the division saw action near Luga. During heavy fighting for the Luga bridgehead the division lost over 2,000 soldiers including the commander, Arthur Mülverstadt. Has anyone got any information on the Division involvement in this battle?
  21. Panzerspähwagen of the Polizei Division.
  22. Thanks again Spasm, Found this...... SS leader Heinrich Himmler had in 1936 the power of the German police and in October 1939 he transferred 15,000 from Ordnungspolizei to form a military division. The new police division was used in the fall and winter of 1939 for occupation duties in the newly conquered Poland . In February 1940 intensified military training, but compared to the other military SS troops at this time was the police division is not of the same caliber. Its soldiers were older, less trained and less ideologically inspired. In addition, the division is equipped with older and captured weapons. Would be interesting to know how many of the original Ordnungspolizei survived with the division during the entire war? I assume that casualty replacements would have been obtained from the general manpower reserves of Germany as apposed to a continual pool of Ordnungspolizei? Especially when you consider their loses on 27th June 1941(The division lost 2 000 men in the bloody frontal assault).
  23. Thanks Steve, that's very interesting!!!! With regards to... SS Polizei Panzer Battalion 4 (formed from SS Polizei Assault Gun Battalion 4 in July 1944) SS Polizei Armoured Recon Battalion 4 I assume the Panzer Battalion would have had STUG's and the like and the Recon would have had the Panzer IV and that sort of thing. Am I right in thinking that they wouldn't have had Tiger's and Panther's?
  24. There seems to be very little reading material on this division and that, that is available, costs a fortune, certainly more than I'd ever consider paying for a book!!!!
  25. The only pictures I can find are from the Russian front and feature captured Soviet armour (BT7 & T26C. I'm aware that at the start of the war they were issued with captured Czech equipment, don't know whether this included armour. Did they have any armour of their own (German)?