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    Hilfskreuzer awards,docuuments and photographs,especially the HK's THOR and MICHEL.

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  1. Nice photo Morten.
  2. Nice to be able to pair the photo with the document. Cheers,Martin.
  3. Great photo. Good luck on completing the series of torpedoboot tallies. Cheers,Martin.
  4. Here is an extremely rare photo i recently obtained that shows the Japanese made Hilfskreuzer award in wear. Probably a crewman from the HK's THOR or MICHEL. What is nice is that it has the embossed studio stamp from a photographer in Yokohama. Thanks to Norm also for the compare image. Cheers,Martin.
  5. I have no intention of selling off what i have in my collection right now. I am a "Hilfskreuzer geek" I have a collection of over 40 plus Hilfskreuzer awards,some named from crewmen from the ATLANTIS and STIER. Plus, HK documents from many ships and HK albums from the THOR,STIER and the HANSA..I did sell my KOMET albums to a fellow collector who is writing a book on the subject. I will correct myself in saying that i have just become a little more selective in what i buy,and at this point it is a rare occurance. But i still enjoy this hobby,as mentioned. Cheers,Martin.
  6. I've been collecting since the 1960's. It went from anything TR,to just Kriegsmarine and then just Hilfskreuzer related stuff.Then that narrowed down to just items from the HK's Thor and Michel. Although,i did turn to collecting KM photo's of awards in wear and the cap tallies also. I love what i have amassed over the years,and enjoyed the history that came with it and learning from fellow collectors. I guess at some point i will have to part with all this stuff. Not too soon i hope. Cheers,Martin.
  7. That is a nice one. Cheers,Martin. I just want to let everyone know that i do not collect anymore..I'm in my 60's and i'm done with buying items. Having said that,my interest in the hobby has not waned and i will continue to comment and contribute when i can. Cheers,Martin.
  8. Nice photo's gents !! Cheers,Martin.
  9. Interesting. The "Rio Grande" was a blockade runner and the "Bogota" was a supply tanker,both operating in the Far-East. He probably would have been awarded the Blockadebrecher abz for serving on these ships. Many former Thor crewmen made it back to Germany on the blockade runners. Cheers,Martin.
  10. Sorry to hear that. What branch of the KM did he serve in after the Hilfskreuzers ? Cheers,Martin.
  11. Hi Fitzceraldo, I do not have much information on him other than that his name can be seen on the list of officers from my THOR crewlist. His rank was Leutnant zur See,as you mentioned. Interesting to find out how he made it back to Germany after the THOR was destroyed in Yokohama ? Cheers,Martin.
  12. Do you have his name and rank ?? I have a lot of information and photo's from the THOR's second cruise. Cheers,Martin.
  13. Hi Fitzceraldo, nice photo of the MS awards,and welcome to the forum here. Regards,Martin.