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  1. [attachmentid=56947]HI everyone,i'm new to the Forum and i thought i would share my small KM collectionwith you.I've been collecting on and off for many years from TR to British cap badges and back to TR.Years ago i decided to concentrate on Kriegsmarine badges only,mainly Schwerins.I really like the quality and design of the badges.I was never really that avid a collector,just a couple of pieces a year but now i have the "bug"and plan on adding to my collection.Following are some of my favorite badges,thanks for looking,Martin.First are a pair of Juncker Auxillary Cruisers.
  2. [attachmentid=57001]The reverse of the U-Boat badge.An unmarked Schwerin.
  3. [attachmentid=56994]The Fleet and Coastal Artillery badges.The Artillery badge has a period repair to the pin and catch.
  4. [attachmentid=56989]THe S-Boat badges.
  5. [attachmentid=56988]The Blockade Breakers.
  6. [attachmentid=56987]The Minesweeper badges.The Schwerin hes what appears to be a period repair to the catch,
  7. [attachmentid=56986]The Schwerin Destroyer badges.
  8. [attachmentid=56985]Here are the reverse pic's.First the Aux.Cruisers.
  9. Darrel,you are absolutely right.I will post the reverse pictures tomorrow,regards,Martin.
  10. [attachmentid=56956]This last badge is not KM as you can see but it is one of my Favorite badges.I really like this early Juncker,a little on the worn side but i keep it because of my lifelong fascination with the Battle of Britain.I hope you've enjoyed looking at my collection as much as i've enjoyed looking at some of yours over the past couple of days,warmest regards,Martin.
  11. [attachmentid=56955]A visitors day badge for the Kreuzer Karlsruhe.
  12. [attachmentid=56954]A mid to late war unmarked Auxillary Cruiser.probably Foerster & Barth.
  13. [attachmentid=56953]Two second pattern S-Boat badges.The one on the left is a Schwerin the other AS.
  14. [attachmentid=56952]Here's a Schwerin U-Boat badge and a pin for the 1st U-Flottile,Brest.
  15. [attachmentid=56951]Next up,Scwerin HSF and Coastal Artillery badges.
  16. [attachmentid=56950]Two Blockade Runners.The one on the left is unmarked the other is a Schwerin.
  17. [attachmentid=56949]Minesweeper badges,the one on the left is unmarked,the other a Schwerin.
  18. [attachmentid=56948]A pair of Schwerin Destroyer badges
  19. Dan,i forgot to mention that the base metal on this badge is a "white metal" and not tombak,regards,Martin.
  20. Hi Marc,beautiful set,is the AC a Schwerin or Juncker?Hard to tell in the group picture.I really like the "darkening"around the land areas,thanks,Martin.
  21. Hi John,the Juncker name does appear on their Coastal Artillery badges.I have not seen a marked AC badge.Has anyone seen a marked Juncker AC badge?,regards,Martin.